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The International Brothers Gibb Website

Welcome to GSI
a website about The Bee Gees,
(Barry, Robin, Maurice Gibb) and Andy Gibb.

 "GSI Website 15th. Anniversary (1970 - 1999 - 2014)" 

I started doing fanwork for The Bee Gees in the very early seventies and I continued to be involved in fanwork for the Gibbs and still do today. After about 45 years it still is a joy to inform people about the Gibbs and their music. First I worked some time doing things on my own and then I became part of the Dutch based club BGI and lateron also worked for the US based BGFC, being the European leg and then in 1999 next to that started the GSI website. Last but not least the GSI Facebook group was born about 2 years ago in addition to the website. I reported through these years about many happy and sad events and still love to continue to share my love for the Gibb music with everyone who is interested. I however couldn't have done this all these years without the contact with The Gibb Family and people around them, as well as the continued support of so many loyal Gibb fans, therefore THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

WE ARE ONE!! Love Marion


Story about the "Diabetes Research Institute" an organization Barry, Linda and their family care about a lot. In the following reports more about the beautiful work of this institute Barry and Linda Gibb's Charity and What Bee Gees Fans Should Know

Click here to read the articles by Anne Jakowenko
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3


 Contact with Marion of GSI Facebook and Website
Please only contact me through my GSI email address: not through facebook messages!!! as I cannot read all facebook messages and postings 24/7 Also be patient with waiting for answers as I receive hundreds of emails from all over the world!, Thank you.

 Requests for signed photos/request for sending parcells to Gibbs
Etc. as there is no fan club nor special fan mail address for Barry Gibb and family, GSI cannot help fans getting signed items or forwarding letters or parcels, sorry. Postage would make this much too expensive.
Hope this will change in future again, we'll keep you posted!!

 "GSI, Brothers Gibb and Bee Gees info" 

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GSI, Brothers Gibb and Bee Gees info  

Here you can share posts, photos, videos etc.
To reach me and the GSI website for questions etc. you can always mail me at:
Greetings, Marion / GSI

 "Italian Bee Gees: Tribute To The Legend" 

Click for info Italian Bee Gees.

Latest News June 2014

Next Concerts Pdf  Last updated: December 6th. 2014

Dates you shouldn't forget concerning:
appearances, concerts, special events, releases etc.
More details: GSI News. (all details subject to change)


Radio / TV / Live

The Joy Of The Bee Gees,
December 19
BBC4 - 9pm. British Time

Bee Gees in Concert
Concert registration:
MGM Grand in
Las Vegas 1997
will be aired on Dutch TV: NPO2 (MAX) January 1st 2015 00.30 AM
(Local Dutch Time)

Latest / upcoming RELEASES

50 ST. Catherine`s

Robin Gibb - solo

Warner Bros
Years 1987-1991
(5 discs set) (2014)

re-release: Oct. 5th. 2012

The Titanic Requiem Robin Gibb and RJ Gibb
release date:
March 26th 2012.

Number Ones
Dec. 5th. 2011
with 'Man In The Middle', a tribute to Maurice Gibb and the original demo version of 'Immortality'

The Story Of
The Bee Gees

new DVD
October 24th. 2011

I've Gotta Get A Message To You
charity CD of The Soldiers with Robin Gibb
October 23rd. 2011

4 CD boxset
November 15th. 2010

"In Our Own Time"
DVD, 2 hours biography
November 15th. 2010

This site is dedicated to The Bee Gees also known as the Brothers Gibb: Barry Gibb, the late Maurice Gibb (1949 - 2003) and the late Robin Gibb (1949-2012). It brings you news, articles and lots of photos about their career and family life with their children, grandchildren and wives: Linda ,Yvonne and Dwina Gibb. The website continues to follow the career of Barry Gibb after the passing of his brothers and we hope this way to keep the Bee Gees music alive. Next to that Gibb Service International also maintains a special tribute section in dedication to youngest brother Andy Gibb (1958 - 1988).

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Solo album Robin Gibb

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