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Dear BG friends

One of the nicest things of being a fan of a pop group, and doing fan work for a group is the fact that you have a chance to get in touch and correspond with people from all over the world.
As you know I’ve been involved with BG fan work etc. since the early 70. and love all the contacts with the fans very much.
On this site we'd like to give everyone of you a chance to get in touch with all kinds of other BG fans around the world.
Would you like to have your name/address placed on our pen pals site for free??
Just send in your name/address and details to: marion@brothersgibb.org  mentioning: pen pals and we’ll put your name on the site for a while.
If you’d like to have it removed sooner, then please inform us.

Marion (GSI)

Pen Pals

I would love to be pen pals!
My info is:
Jo Anna Price
204 E. Walnut Street
Ozark, Missouri 65721, USA

I love this website!
I have learned so much about Bee Gees and they are my favorite band!
I'd like to connect with others who love animals nature and Bee Gees! I know all the brothers respected and loved animals.
Christina Ku

Glenda would like to find penpals:
My email is: wavez2000@gmail.com
I am 44 and remember the spirits tour I was 8 turning 9 in December at the time. I remember alot of the Bee Gee's songs and Andy Gibb's.

To all of you:
Maurice at Good Morning America April 23, 2001    © T. L. Bridge

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I am having a clear out of some of my Bee Gees music and as I don't have a record player, the vinyl has to go. I would love these treasured albums to go to real genuine Bee Gees fans who want the original issue vinyl LP records.
I have the 3 x Andy, the first 4 x Robin and both Barry's as well as a selection of all the other Bee Gees stuff including One Moment in Time - featuring "The Shape of Things to Come" and "Fight" by the Bunbury's as well the Contour Label albums etc. If any of our fans are interested they can contact me on my e-mail address simmo54@hotmail.com and we can come to some arrangement.

John Simcox


For sale: a number of special magazines and books about The Bee Gees, some rather unique. Also:

* Billboard The Bee Gees 35 Years of Music by Timothy White March 24, 2001
* Billboard Benelux 5 jan 1979
* Billboard Salutes The Bee Gees September 2, 1978
* A Tribute To The Bee Gees (Polygram)
* As well as 282 Bee Gees singles and other artists.

For more info mail: edvanbreda@hotmail.com

Hi - I'm looking for a copy of Barry's Bumrush DVD. Does anyone know where I can get one??? Missed out on it when Barry released it a few years ago. Emailed his website person but got no response.
Kay Robinson

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