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This time:
This time we have for you quite an interesting combination of artists, all singing and playing Bee Gees material. It includes pop and a more classical sound. Just listen and find out yourself.

Anastacia - "You Should Be Dancing", "Stayin' Alive"

Raised in New York City, Anastacia came from an entertainment-oriented family: her father was a singer, her mother an actress in musical theater on Broadway. Despite being diagnosed with the chronic intestinal illness Crohn's disease at age 13, she developed a career as a dancer, appearing on Club MTV and in such music videos as Salt-N-Pepa's "Everybody Get Up" and "Twist and Shout." In 1999, she was a finalist on the MTV talent contest show The Cut, which attracted the interest of record labels. She signed to the Daylight custom label of Sony Music's Epic Records and recorded her debut album, Not That Kind, which was released internationally in 2000. The result was massive success: The album reached the Top Ten in eight European and Far East countries, selling over two million copies. At home, the single "I'm Outta Love" became a dance hit, paving the way for the release of a revised version of Not That Kind in the U.S. in March 2001. A year later, she was creating a buzz in America. She joined Mary J. Blige, Cher, Shakira and others for VH1's fifth annual Divas Live showcase in May 2002. She made her proper American debut with Freak of Nature in June. ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide

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Soundclips:  'You Should Be Dancing' ,  'Stayin' Alive' 

Sojiro - "Melody Fair"

Sojiro is one of the premier artists of the Ocarina, or ceramic flute. He was born in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, JAPAN. In his younger days, Sojiro was fascinated by the tune and sound of the Ocarina. He heard it for the first time at the home of his brother's friend, whose family manufactured the Ocarina by hand. In 1975, SOJIRO began making his own Ocarina to pursue his own original sound. In a ten-year period, he made close to ten thousand Ocarina flutes. Out of these, he selected ten or so as his masterpieces, which he still performs with today. Sojiro's debut album was released in 1985. The following year he composed and performed music for the NHK-TV special documentary program "DAIKOHGA (Yellow River)", which showcased his talents and established his position as a true artist. To date, SOJIRO has participated in many events and concert tours as well as releasing many original albums. In 1993, he released a three-part album titled "KIDOU", "FUUTO", "SUISHIN" - an album which had "nature" as its sole theme. For this work he was awarded the "Best Plan" (Project) Award at that year's Japan Music Awards. To fulfill his will to communicate with Nature and Mother Earth, he currently lives and farms with his dog and four cats in Ibaraki prefecture, a rural area not far from Tokyo. Sojiro's Ocarina, which strongly takes root in nature, is something special that people of all generations and ethnicity can truly enjoy.

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Soundclip:  'Melody Fair' 

Georgie Fame - "Words"

Info: Born Clive Powell on June 26, 1943 in the English industrial town of Leigh, Lancashire, Georgie Fame's interest in music initially grew out of his family entertaining in the home and musical evenings in the church hall across the street, where his father also played in an amateur dance band. Although young Clive began piano lessons at age seven, he didn't stick too long with the formal training. But when rock and roll started to be broadcast on the radio during the mid-fifties, a then-teenage Clive began to take the piano more seriously. Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard were among his idols and that was the basis of his earliest "professional" style. Upon leaving school, shortly after his 15th birthday, he followed the family tradition and took a job as an apprentice cotton weaver in one of the many local mills, but his leisure time was spent playing piano in various pubs and with a local group, "The Dominoes". In July 1959, at a summer holiday camp, Clive was spotted by Rory Blackwell, the resident rock and roll bandleader. Blackwell offered the young singer/pianist a full time job and the teenager happily left his job at the weaving mill. Rory and the Blackjacks departed for London, their hometown, when the summer season ended prematurely and Clive went with them.

left: Georgie Fame 1966     right:Georgie Fame 2000

The promise of lucrative work in the music business didn't materialize, however, and the band broke up. The determined young man from Leigh opted to stay on in London, but for a time it proved rough going. He tried unsuccessfully to make his way back home, and eventually he had the good fortune of finding "lodging" at The Essex Arms pub in London's Dockland, where the kindly landlord provided him a room where he could sleep. From 1970 to 1973, Georgie Fame worked almost exclusively in a partnership with fellow musician Alan Price (former keyboard player for The Animals). The duo were featured in their own television series "The Price of Fame," guested on countless others, and produced the hit single Rosetta. Their partnership came to a close several years later, but the television exposure had made Georgie Fame a household name in Britain. In 1974, Georgie reformed the Blue Flames and they continue working with him (in one form or another) to this day. At that time, Georgie also began to regularly step away from the keyboards to sing with Europe's finest orchestras and big bands, a musical tradition he still currently pursues. During the seventies, he also wrote "jingles" for several UK radio and TV commercials and composed the music for the feature films Entertaining Mr. Sloane and The Garnett Saga.

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Soundclip:  'Words' 

Masterboy - "Nights On Broadway"

Tommy Schleh (31), Enrico Zabler (34) and Trixi Delgado (30) are on the top, desired by fans, managers, and ... competition! From their headquarters in Walldorf near Heidelberg (Germany) they travel to Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Athens, London. Because of countless interviews, live performances, TV shows, and new recording sessions it is hard for them to find a free time for private life. When recording their hit "Generation of Love" finally they did find some to do shopping in London. Actually, this city has a special meaning for Enrico and Tommy, two guys who established the group.

They met in London in 1989 attending a party. Enrico says: "To be here is like returning to the roots". That recording session in London was actually quite hectic. They have arrived to London from Frankfurt (Germany) after two hours delay. They went for shopping spree to exclusive Carnaby Street. In "Flashpoint" they were entertained as old friends by Chinese manager. Tommy went to male department that was selling velvet jackets, cotton shirts and pants. In "Quarzo" Enrico was astonished by scottish chequered cloth. What Trixi was doing? She was spending all her money buying gourmet tea in "Wittards". The competition who is going to spend most money in shortest time won Tommy. He spent 800 pounds in 1 hour (I think we could do better than that, in even shorter time).

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Soundclip:  'Nights On Broadway' 

Tihm - "Quella Notte" (Everybody Clap)

This seems to be a rare soundclip of an Italian group probably from the sixties. The song Everybody Clap was originally a hit from Lulu and is from Maurice Gbb and Billy Lawrie (Lulu's brother). This is a cover version from the Italian group: TIHM and in Italian it's titled: "Quella Notte"

Soundclip:  'Quella Notte'  (Everybody Clap)

The Italian Bee Gees - "Stayin' Alive"

Info: Who are the Italian Bee Gees:

I'm Pasquale (one of the "Italian Bee Gees") This is our story in a few words "We are three Italian brothers and we were all born in Paola, a little town of Calabria, south of Italy. Our names are: Walter (born 20.05.1969), Davide (born 10.11.1974) and Pasquale (born 14.07.1977) singing and playing like Barry, Robin and Maurice. Our surname is Egiziano. We loved the Bee Gees since we can remember also we are singing together as the Bee Gees since past four years. As we said we've been in England to represent Italy in the show called Stars in Their Eyes European Championship 2002, hosted by Matthew Kelly. On August 2002 The producers assistant of ITV 1 Granada (the English network who shows the program) saw us on Italian television (canale 5) in a program called 'Momenti di Gloria' hosted by Mike Bongiorno. From this program (Momenti di Gloria) we have been choosen to represent Italy among ten European Nations ( UK, Netherland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Germany, Ireland and Portugal) and we reached the 2nd. place singing 'Stayin' Alive' with 81 points of 90.

It was a fantastic adventure and in the same week we went (always with our friend-interpreter Giovanni Perrotta) to see the house where the Bee Gees lived in Keppel Road Chorlton, Manchester, and we played so many songs of them on front of their old house. It was such a dream came true. Also we took a piece of old window as a souvenir and Robin, guest in a program hosted by Frank Skinner, saw our performance in 'Stars in Their Eyes' and he was so happily impressed and he joked about our 2nd. place and the way we'd stolen a piece of his old house. We don't just love their music but we love them, their way of life, their way of seeing people and things, we love the brothers Gibb as we are three brothers as well. When we sing their songs our feeling is like they are always with us, like they guide us. They are our guardian angels! We were so sorry when Maurice died, it was like we have lost a brother"
- You can use, with our happiness, all our material you need on GSI. - !!

In this Italian Bee Gees page of Enzo there's more news, pics and info about them.

Soundclip:  'Stayin' Alive' 

Until next time, take care

Covers & Rarities (8)
This time:
We go back in time with some old covers and other rarities performed by: three Tony's as well as a Joe, Bill and Allison Learn more about them and what they have to do with The Bee Gees in this edition of Covers And Rarities. Have fun while listening!

Tony Bonner - "Wine And Women"

For quite some time already Gerry knew that one Tony Bonner from Australia once had covered the Bee Gees tune: "Wine And Women". However until recently she couldn't find Tony who in fact is a singer and actor and many of us will remember him from our childhood when Tony played a leading part in the childrens series from Australia called: Skippy, the bush kangeroo. Tony played the part of the helicopter pilot Jerry King. It was in these early days that he met Barry and even together with Barry performed in a Bandstand show in Australia. Recently Gerry got in touch with Tony Bonner and started to mail with him personally. Tony gave his permission to use his information, photo and sound material for the Covers Page of our GSI web site!!!

Tony in one of his first mails to Gerry:
"Yes I recorded the track Wine And Women in 1968 on an album that I recorded for Festival Record's,Sydney,Australia. I am an actor and started 1961. I did many tv lead's here in Australia as well as London, and LA. Also many film roles plus theatre. In my younger days ,Barry (Gibb) and I looked somewhat alike. During a tv series that I did in the 60's (Skippy) we were on an episode of Bandstand together.My last tv work into London would have been a dr. that I played in the series 'Neighbours'. Let me know if I can be of any more assistance.
Talk to you soon",

The latest film where Tony now appears in is titled: 'Liquid Bridge' it's out now and played very well already in Australia and now in America and Europe.
Soundclip:  "Wine And Women"  695 Kb

For more info about Tony click here to download a Word document. 45 Kb

left: Tony Bonner as Jerry King in "Skippy"        right:Tony Bonner as Jon in "The Morning After"

Tony Rivers - "Turn Of The Century"

"Robert Stigwood who we were signed to at that time, gave us a Gibb Bros. song to record, it was "The Turn Of The Century", and we recorded 5/6 other songs with this line-up, but no releases. John Perry, Geoff and Pete Swettenham later moved on to form Grapefruit for Terry Doran (John Lennon's friend), and soon had a hit, with a song taken straight from the Castaways stage act, 'C'mon Marianne'. A little bit after that, Martin Shaer emigrated to Vancouver B.C. and ended up discovering first, Nik Gilder and then Bryan Adams!!! Things could have turned out quite differently had Brian Epstein, our new manager, not stopped us releasing our version of 'Nowhere Man' (EM Records and RPM), which was scheduled for release, before being withdrawn. It's not that Brian didn't like it, he just thought that it wasn't good for our career to cover a Beatles song! (Would the 'Overlanders' ever have had a 'hit' without Michele? Having just been signed by him, we were in no position to argue. How could you argue with the man who managed the Beatles, the biggest group of all time?"

Soundclip:  "Turn Of The Century"  675 Kb

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left: Tony Rivers and the Castaways, 1964;        right: 67 Castaways

Tony Barber - "No, no no" (with The Bee Gees)

English-born Barber (not to be confused with one-time Sale of the Century presenter Tony Barber) was born in 1940 and immigrated to Australia in 1964. He had played with a small-time band in England called The Electrons. Within a month of arriving in Australia, he had joined Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs. He wrote the songs that made up The Aztecs' first single, `Blue Day'/`You Don't Love Me' (April 1964). Two days before The Aztecs were to record two more of his songs for the next single, Barber received The Rolling Stones' first British EP, Rolling Stones, sent over by his brother from England.

The Aztecs heard The Stones' version of Leiber and Stoller's `Poison Ivy' and decided to record it themselves. It became The Aztecs' first #1 hit single in June 1964. Barber stayed with The Aztecs long enough to appear on three further singles, `Mashed Potato', `Sick and Tired' and `Over the Rainbow'. When the original Aztecs broke up, Barber joined forces with the band's other guitarist, Vince Maloney, in the short-lived Vince and Tony's Two (with John Shields on bass and Jimmy Thompson on drums).

Barber split from Maloney, and made an immediate impression with his debut solo single `Someday'/`Is It Raining?' (February 1966) on the Spin label. `Someday' was a direct copy of The Aztecs' sound which no doubt helped propel it to #7 on the Melbourne chart and #11 in Sydney. Barber had four more minor hit singles, `Wait By The Water'/`What Now?' (April 1966), `Wondrous Place'/`No, No, No' (July), `Lookin' for a Better Day'/`I Don't Want You Like That' (January 1967) and `Bird's Eye View'/`Women of Stone' (April). Barber used Steve & the Board and The Bee Gees as backing musicians for his solo album (all were signed to Nat Kipner's Spin label). Barber then slipped from view. During the early 1980s, Barber formed a partnership with Billy Thorpe in the Sunshine Friends soft toy project.

Soundclip:  "No, no, no"  (with Bee Gees as his backing vocals) 860 Kb

See also:

Joe Simon - "I Can't See Nobody"

Born on 2 September 1943, Simmesport, Louisiana, USA. Simon's professional career began following his move to Oakland, California, where a 1962 release, "My Adorable One", was a minor hit. In 1964, Joe met John Richbourg, a Nashville-based disc jockey who began guiding the singer's musical path, initially on the Sound Stage 7 label. "Let's Do It Over" (1965), Simon's first R&B hit, emphasized Richbourg's preference for a blend of gentle soul and country, and the singer's smooth delivery found its niche on such poignant songs as "Teenager's Prayer", "Nine Pound Steel" (both 1967) and "The Chokin' Kind", a US R&B number 1 in 1969. The following year, Simon moved to the Polydor Records subsidiary Spring.
In 1971 he also released his album: The Sounds Of Simon / Simon Country, with the cover: I Can't See Nobody. He maintained his ties with Richbourg until 1971, when a Gamble And Huff production, "Drowning In The Sea Of Love", was an R&B number 3. Further success came with "The Power Of Love" (1972), "Step By Step" (1973 - his only UK hit), "Theme From Cleopatra Jones" (1973) and "Get Down Get Down (Get On The Floor)" (1975), but the artist increasingly sacrificed his craft in favour of the dancefloor. His late 70s releases were less well received and in 1980 he returned to Nashville. From that time, Simon's work was restricted to local labels.

Soundclip:  "I Can't See Nobody"  830 Kb

More details:

Bill Fredericks - "Baby As You Turn Away", "The Way It Was"

Bill is lead singer of The Drifters but to us Bee Gees fans the most interesting thing is that he back in 1978 recorded a complete album with Bee Gees covers.
This very rare album is called: "Love with You"

And it contains the following songs:
  • "Charade"
  • "Love Me"
  • "Love So Right"
  • "Lovers"
  • "Run To Me"
  • "The Way It Was"
  • "To Love Somebody"
  • "Words"
  • "Baby As You Turn Away"
  • "Charade"
  • "Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)"
  • "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"
  • "I Started A Joke"
These are all part of Gerry's collection and we'd love to share some clips with you in this edition of Covers & Rarities!!

Soundclip:  "Baby As You Turn Away"  940 Kb     "The Way It Was"  780 Kb

More information about The Drifters etc:

Allison Durbin - "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"

Allison Durbin was born in Auckland in 1950, where she grew up and attended Westlake Girls High. Having started singing at the age of 5, she spent six years with Uncle Tom's Friendly Road Children's Choir. Whilst at high school, Allison began to haunt the local youth clubs, where she got to know the bands quite well. She was always hassling the bands at Dave Dunningham's Surfside to get them to let her get up on stage and sing a song or two, to show off her vocal talent. In 1963, she entered and won a talent quest at the Surfside Ballroom, prompting Dunningham to contact Eldred Stebbing from Zodiac Records. Stebbing was impressed and before she had turned 14, Allison Durbin had recorded her debut single, "Count On Me"/"Lover's Lane", for Zodiac In 1966 Allison then teamed up with the Mike Perjanik Band in the studio and released two singles on the Impact label. The first was "Sailor Boy"/"My Last Date", followed by "Borrow My Love"/"Don't Let It Happen". Before long she was featuring as the band's vocalist in their live work. Now only 16, she set off on a nationwide dance spot tour with special guest Tommy Adderley. After this, she did it again as part of the "Impact Label Show", before appearing in a series of engagements in the South Island.

In 1976 she recorded her album: "Born A Woman"
Manufactured and distributed by Hammard Recording Company
Which includes the Bee Gees cover: "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart".

  • "OH BOY"
  • "HE'S SO FINE"
  • "MEDLEY:"
  • "MEDLEY:"

Soundclip:  "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"  1240 Kb

For more info:

Until next time, take care

Covers & Rarities (7)
This time:
Bee Gees music covered by a Russian Minister, Barry working on Bee Gees material in the studio: and the end results of that song of course. Also: quite a number of very rare Bee Gees fragments and a clip of a wonderful old Bee Gees concert from Australia and last but not least special recordings from the Australian time where BG voices are to be heard in the back ground already of an Australian star from the old days.
Have fun while listening!

Raimonds Paul - "Staying Alive" and "How Deep Is Your Love"

Raimonds Pauls. The name alone has a great meaning to just about every Latvian, whether they are living in Latvia or elsewhere. Ask a Latvian what their opinion of the man is and you are bound to get a full spectrum of responses. Beloved by many, detested by just as many, Pauls has been by far the most famous figure in Latvian music in the past 50 years.

Pauls is also probably the most prolific composer of the time as well, having released albums by the boatload throughout the years. And in all styles as well: film music, jazz music, music for theatre, Christmas music and just about everything else you could think of. Of course, with that kind of output, there was bound to be some material of lower quality. (The Sapnu pipe record, anyone?

Raimonds Paul
I get bad memories just thinking of that one.) One of the main reasons Pauls was able to release so much material was his good standing with the government at the time, something that few other artists had.

See also:

Born on January 12, 1939 in Riga
In 1958 he graduated from the Latvian State Conservatoire, Professor H. Braun's piano class.
From 1988 - 1993 Latvian State minister of culture.
From 1993 - counselor to the President of Latvia

Two rare Russian instrumental covers done by Raimonds Paul who was Latvian Minister Of Culture.
The recordings were done in Moscow.
Listen to these versions of:

 "Staying Alive"  1.5 Mb - Mp3
 "How Deep Is Your Love"  1.6 Mb - Mp3

Barry Gibb / Bee Gees - "He's A Liar"

To let you hear how the Bee Gees work in the studio and compose their material. Here are some fragments of Barry in the studio busy with the Bee Gees song: "He's a Liar".

Next to that you can of course listen to a clip of the end product

Writers of the song He's A Liar, from the album Living Eyes:
Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb (1981)
Recorded about February to June 1981, Middle Ear, Miami Beach
Lead vocal Barry Gibb.

 "He's A Liar"  0.8 Mb - Mp3 (sound clip of composing in studio)
 "He's A Liar"  0.8 Mb - Mp3 (another sound clip of composing in studio)
 "He's A Liar"  0.8 Mb - Mp3 (sound clip of the released song)

Robin Gibb - "Moon Anthem", "Hudson Fallen Wind"

There in fact is no definite title as it is unreleased material
Writer of the composition is Robin Gibb in 1969 and it was
Recorded: 19 July 1969 in London
instrumental with chorus

"Hudson Fallen Wind" is a 13 minutes piece, which includes "Farmer Ferdinand Hudson"
Probably recorded by Robin around September 1969 and never released.

 "Moon Anthem"  0.74 Mb - Mp3
 "Hudson Fallen Wind"  0.7 Mb - Mp3

Bee Gees - "Live At The Festival Hall"

Rare concert recording from Australia 1971.
Here we have for you a sound clip of a wonderful recorded live concert of the group in 1971
The complete concert consist of the following numbers:

"NY Mining Disaster 1941"
"To Love Somebody"
"Really and Sincerely"
"Every Second, Every Minute"
"Lay It On Me"
"Jingle Jangle-In The Morning"
"I Can't See Nobody"
"How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"
"I Started A Joke"
"I've Gotta Get A Message To You"
"Lonely Days"

For the moment we have for you a sound fragment of:
 "Really And Sincerely"  2.1 Mb - Mp3

Marty Rhone - "Village Tapestry",   "She Is Mine"
(including voices of the Gibbs)

This guy's real name was Carl Van Rhoon. He started out as a solo singer but was backed by The Soul Agents during much of 1966 and 1967 In 1966, Marty toured Australia with 'The Rolling Stones' and P.J. Proby. He signed a 5-year record contract with SPIN Records and recorded 9 singles and a composite LP. After serving National Service training between 1970 and 1972, MARTY joined the cast for the 14-month Sydney season of 'Godspell'. Internationally acclaimed entertainer Marty Rhone celebrated his 34th. year as a performer in 2002.

Also visit:

Marty Rhone
(from our News page).
While unpacking some old boxes Aussie rock legend Marty Rhone came across a dusty old reel to reel tape. It featured ad lib versions of the Beatles' Rain and the Troggs' Wild Thing performed by Marty and Maurice Gibb who were mates when the Gibb brothers lived in Sydney in the late '60s. The recordings were done at the famous old St Clair recording studio in Hurstville, where the international hit Spicks & Specks was recorded. Marty has since offered the tape to the Australian Sound Archives in the hope it can be restored. "It might turn out to be one of the very few Maurice Gibb solo pieces in existence," he said. This seems to be from two informal jam sessions taped at the St Clair studio in mid 1966. After remastering it is hoped to include both songs on the forthcoming Raven records Cd. we mentioned about earlier. Marty recorded at the St Clair studio himself with his band the Soul Agents, and both Robin and Maurice appeared on several of the songs issued under his name. The most well-known of the songs is "Village Tapestry" which Marty wrote himself. Another one: "She Is Mine".

 Sound fragment of: "Village Tapestry"  0.9 Mb - Mp3
 Sound fragment of: "She Is Mine"  0.95 Mb - Mp3

Until next time, take care

Covers & Rarities (6)
This time:
Rare live material of Andy Gibb, more about Stayin'Alive the cover band from Australia where we reported about on this web site before, the special sounds of RDB and last but not least very rare material of European singer Vicky Leandros who's performing BG songs in French and German., English and even Greek! I hope you'll like this selection of samples again!!!

Andy Gibb - "How Deep Is Your Love", "Me, Without You" (live and rare)

Andy with Olivia Newton-John
Andrew Roy Gibb was born March 5th., 1958 in Manchester, England, the youngest of the Gibb Brothers. His mother was a singer, his father a drummer and the leader of a big band, and his three older brothers: the world famous Bee Gees. On March 10th, 1988 Andy died at the John Radcliff hospital in Oxford, England from myocarditis.

He was buried at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, California, USA, on March 21st.

Read his biography on the Andy Gibb tribute pages of this GSI web site Of course being a brother of The Bee gees also Andy covered BG compositions now and then. Listen to his cover version of "How Deep.." with Tony Tenille (of Captain " Tennille, rare recording from American TV: Johnny Carson) and one of his own songs: "Me, Without You" (rare recording from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson ).


 "How Deep Is Your Love"  0.87 Mb - Mp3
 "Me, Without You"  (live and rare) 1.4 Mb - Mp3

Stayin 'Alive

Stayin 'Alive is the Australian Bee GeesTribute band who have not only reproduced the 'look' of the Gibb Brothers, but have also become renowned for stunning audiences world wide with their incredible voices and harmonies. From their first shows in 1977, Stayin' Alive have played to capacity houses throughout Australia, South East Asia, The Middle East, New Zealand and South America gathering the accolades they deserve as the world's leading Bee Gees Tribute.

Stayin 'Alive
The members of the group are:

(Barry Gibb)     Michael Clift - vocals and guitar
(Maurice Gibb)  Wayne Hosking - vocals, keyboards and guitar
(Robin Gibb)     David Scott - vocals and guitar
Tony Richards - bass guitar and vocals
Michael Mitchell - drums and percussion

Their touring plans for 2003 as far as we know them right now: They will be performing on the Royal Caribbean Cruise and give concerts in the Middle East in January and February 2003. Followed by concerts in Australia in February and March 2003. And shows in Canada in June and July 2003. If they'll tour Europe as well we'll certainly report you about it.
See for all details their web site:

 "Stayin 'Alive"  0.8 Mb - Mp3
 "I Started A Joke"  1.2 Mb - Mp3

 Information and material were published with  permission of their management

RDB - "Islands In The Stream", "Stayin' Alive"

My name is Kuly, the eldest brother of the RDB group. Just to quickly let you know who we are and what we do. We are a group of remixers / producers from the UK who have been fusing together indian bhangra music with all kinds of genres of top musical styles.

Mr Kuly Singh

 "Islands In The Stream"  1.4 Mb - Mp3
 "Stayin ' Alive"  1.7 Mb - Mp3
 "Stayin ' Alive"  different version 1.5 Mb - Mp3

For details visit:

Information, sound and photo material were published with permission.

Vicky Leandros - "Massachusetts", "Town of Tuxeley", "And The Sun Will Shine", "In The Morning".

Vicky Leandros
Biography about Vicky:

Name: Vasiliki Papathanasiou
Date of birth: 23 Augustus 1952
Parents: Leandros Papathanasiou & Boubou
Place of birth: Paleokastritsa on the Isle Corfu Greece
Profession: Singer
Married with: Enno Freiherr von Ruffin
Children: Leandros, Milana, Sandra

Vicky has done quite some Bee Gees covers through the years and in several different languages. Here are: the original titles followed by the release dates and the titles of the covers she's released in the several languages as well as the countries in which the covers were released.

"New York mining disaster 1941":
1967: Sagt mir, wo ist mein Boy? (release Germany)

1967 Massachusetts (release Japan / Canada)
1967 Mon village (release Canada)
1968 Den m'agapouses (release Greece)

"Town Of Tuxley":
1967 Talismann - Talismann (release Germany)
1967 Town of Tuxley (Release Japan / Canada / Germany)
1968 Chameny agapi (Release Greece)
1993 Chameni agapi (Remix - Release Greece)

"And the sun will shine":
1969 And the sun will shine (release Japan)
1969 Le soleil brillait (release Canada)

"In the morning":
1999 Du und ich - Ein Leben lang (release Germany)

For you, here are some very exclusive fragments of her covers!!!
 "Massachusetts" (in French: Mon Village)  1 Mb - Mp3
 "Massachusetts" (in English)  1.1 Mb - Mp3
 "Town Of Tuxley - Toymaker Part 1" (in Greek: Hameni Agapi)  1 Mb - Mp3
 "And The Sun Will Shine" (in French: le soleil brillait)  1.3 Mb - Mp3
 "In The Morning" (in German: Du und ich - ein Leben lang)  1.8 Mb - Mp3

All material was published with permission. For more details also about who did the translations of the songs, please visit

Until next time,

Covers & Rarities (5)
THIS TIME for you all: a special Christmas Present.!!! And more: Fans singing Bee Gees songs like Steve who sings his favorite Lamplight and again Albert who was presented by us in the first Covers And Rarities but because we've received so many requests of giving you some more clips of his work we again pay attention to Albert Gibb this time. Next to that we have unreleased Bee Gees/Ronan Keating material for you to listen to. So lots of goodies to enjoy again...

Some sound clips of "Magnet"

Some sound clips of "Magnet" the new solo CD of Robin Gibb which will be released next month. This is our Christmas gift to you to give you an idea of how the new CD sounds like...
The song titles of Robins CD "Magnet" are:
01. Please
02.  Wait Forever 

03. Wish You Were Here
04.  No Doubt 
05.  Special 

06. Inseparable
07.  Don`t Rush 

08. Watching You
09.  Earth Angel 

10. Another Lonely Night In NY

11.  Love Hurts 

Steve Barry - "Lamplight"


Steve enjoyed giving permission to use a clip of his version of Lamplight for this page!!

When first hearing the Bee Gees at the age of 12 in 1977, Steve Barry swore he would become a singer/songwriter.

He has been musically active since 1980, performing in various venues from school plays to huge outdoor crowds, opening for major French-Canadian recording acts in the province of Quebec as a solo artist as well as lead singer for the band D.O.M.

His voice talents can also be heard in local Quebec TV commercials, various local business information lines and internet animation
visit: to find out more.

Listen to his beautiful version of  Lamplight   1.6 Mb - Mp3

Albert Gibb - "I will Be There For You" & "Love So Right"

So many of you asked us for more clips of Albert after we'd introduced him in Covers 1. Albert loved to cooperate and gave us more material to share with you in Covers And Rarities

Albert Gibb
I was born in Madrid on October 29, 1973 and I do not know if I first learned to speak or to sing At the age of 6 I had my first opportunity as a singer. Christmas of 1979 at that time already the Bee Gees were big and that same year my mother insisted on organizing an event for children in need in the Municipal Pavilion of Sports of Leganés (Madrid). Later on I started singing in the recreation of my school (Pio Baroja of Leganés) and sometimes the own teachers even made me sing. At that time I started to sing the Bee Gees but I didn't know yet. I remember myself singing "Night Fever" My father once in a while also organized contests of songs with my sisters. I was growing and continued singing the songs of Julio Iglesias, Massiel, Camilo Sesto... Playing with an old radio cassette player, it suddenly happened: I heard spectacular voices, something unique. They were the Bee Gees and singing: "Woman in You". Immediately I related them to those of : "Night Fever". Then the speaker gave the name of the group: Bee Gees. In 1988, after my moving to Valencia, finally I discovered them. It was in a magazine in the section of Supplies I could see: E.S.P. - Bee Gees - 199 Ptas. Bee Gees? Yeah! I bought more albums. I did karaoke contests, came on TV in the program "Canta-Canta" winning prizes and after University I considered my future seriously so I decided to prove luck in Benidorm. After several tryings and lost weekends in the "Sinatra's" pub (the manager was not convinced with the show), finally I had an opportunity. It was in "JJ's Lounge Nightclub" June of 1999. After the reaction of people, he decided to let me perform. I began to work doing a one hour show for JJ's.. Then there were people who had paid attention on me. Paco, the owner of the "Vincent's Corner Pubs", was put in contact with me and he offered to me to work for all his clubs in Benidorm. The agreement was made very fast and, until today, no problem. He is the most professional person of all the White Coast.
Greetings from Albert Gibb, Spain.

(This is a part of the letter Albert wrote us about himself for publishing on this website)

Albert sings:  I will Be There For You  0.898 Mb - Mp3     Love So Right  1.12 Mb - Mp3

Ronan Keating - "Lovers And Friends" (unreleased)

It's 5 minutes and 16 seconds done by Ronan and the Gibb Brothers. The start of the song has a Celtic mood which leads into a beautiful melody. It maybe feels like it resembles a mix of Love Never Dies and Sacred Trust. There are very strong backing vocals with Barry as smooth as ever.
A typical Gibb song.

Ronan Keating is a singer, a songwriter, famous as front man of Boyzone, a father, a husband, co-manager of pop sensations Westlife . . . and only 24 years old! Ronan Patrick John Keating was born in Dublin on March 3rd, 1977 growing up in a wonderfully and normal environment.

Sixteen top three singles (six of which were number ones), four number one albums (selling more than 12 million copies worldwide), dozens of sell-out UK tours and millions of fans the world over. Boyzone are undoubtedly Ireland's most successful pop export of all time and have paved the way for other Irish acts such as Westlife, The Corrs and Samantha Mumba.

In the summer of 1999 Ronan Keating released his first solo single, "When You Say Nothing At All", taken from the Brit Award - winning Notting Hill soundtrack.

As an artist Ronan has already received many Awards and MTV European Awards for "Best Pop Band" to a coveted Ivor Novello Award for songwriting "Picture Of You", joining the ranks of George Michael and Sir Elton John.

When Boyzone announced that they were going to take time for solo projects Ronan flew to Los Angeles in January 2000, to write and record his debut solo album. Ronan has been working already with some of the world's best songwriters and producers, from Steve Lipson, Pat Leonard (Madonna) and Barry Gibb (The Bee Gees) to Bryan Adams and Gregg Alexander (The New Radicals).

Listen to  Lovers And Friends   1.05 Mb - Mp3
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Covers & Rarities (4)
This time like promised the first part of: FROM HOLLAND WITH BEE GEES LOVE, with a cover specially made for Melody and the GSI web site and next to that we have some other items: all are Dutch artists who perform Bee Gees covers. So enjoy the sounds, the info and the photo material!

The Organ Project - specially made for Gerry and this GSI site

I'm proud being able to tell you now about the special project we've done for this Covers & Rarities page of Gibb Service International.

The other day Gerry and I came up with a unique idea: How nice would it be to have one of our favorite Bee Gees tunes made on a cardboard book for a Dutch street organ. So Gerry decided to give it a try and got in touch with a company in Holland who is making these very special organ books. She told Mr Johan Weima, of the Weima Company about our plans and first he somewhat hesitated as he didn't usually just made books for fan sites etc. The Weima company is one of the best known firms in Holland making these special organ books. Later on he came back to us and said that after having visited the Gibb Service International web site he would love to do this for us specially because Gerry told him so very enthusiastic about The Bee Gees music, the web site page etc. etc. Mr. Weima became enthusiastic too and decided to make a Bee Gees tune on a special cardboard street organ book specially and exclusive for Gerry and to be released on our GSI web site first. He asked what would be a good choice of song to take and we decided it had to be "How Deep Is Your Love". And so it happened that the Weima company in Holland for the first time made a Bee Gees tune on a street organ book for us and the fans. So it's unique in the world. We loved the idea and also herewith would like to share it with you. Of course we've also send it to the brothers who made this beautiful composition in the first place and
The Bee Gees were flattered to hear their How Deep Is Your Love played by a Dutch street organ!!

The Weima Organ on tour!!

The Dutch street organ is going to play for you a part of that special cover if you click here.
 How Deep Is Your Love  1.2 Mb Mp3

It's a home made recording of Mr. Weima himself so the sound isn't quite as good as it will be heard played by the organ in the street. Just a little detail about the sound sample: the funny sound you hear at the beginning in fact is the air pumping of the organ!! In a while after we've been able to share this project with all the visitors of GSI the tune will be heard played by street organs everywhere in the Dutch cities and....even in all kinds of other countries as the Weima company goes to all parts of the world with their material to show it and to sell it. We really hope you like this initiative and whether or not you like street organ music I hope you will, like me, love the way this project came into being and that from now on also Bee Gees music will be heard, played by street organs in the streets of my country and elsewhere.

Johan Weima Company
Since 1989 we are arranging and cutting cardboard books for almost every scale of mechanical organs. Because of using a modern computer technology we are able to supply most of the tunes at short-term. An extensive repertoire list is available for free on request We also are hiring out (street) organs for special events. Arranging and cutting cardboard books of modern and classical music is the main activity of our business. We have already sold cardboard books all over the world. Naturally it is possible to order music which is not mentioned on one of the repertoire lists It is also possible to cut your own homemade music files.

Information: in Dutch.

Benny Neyman - "Gevangen In Een Vreemd Verlangen" ("Chain Reaction")

Benny was born in Maastricht, The Netherlands in 1951 as son of a miner and already very soon he became interested in music.

After finishing highschool he decided to build up a musical career and therefore moved to the best place to do that: Amsterdam, where he studied for 4 years.

In 1975 he released his first album and after a record label change in 1978 he became well known on radio and TV in The Netherlands.

Since then he's released about 32 albums/CD's many of which became gold or platinum and he's always writing most of the material himself.

He became a well known singer entertainer and theater personality in his country: The Netherlands.

Of course he also once recorded a Bee Gees cover, listen to his cover of  Chain Reaction  in Dutch 1.7 Mb Mp3

The article is published with permission of Spring Management visit:

Waitress Dilemma - "Stayin' Alive"

Two women and four men calling themselves: The Waitress Dilemma.

A cover band from Utrecht - Holland.
They really swing and you can book them for your party.
They gave permission to share with you their Bee Gees cover song.

The group specially recorded it on an MP3 file to send it to us because they loved to be on this Covers & Rarities page.
Therefore we proudly present to you this Dutch cover band singing:  Stayin Alive  1.2 Mb Mp3

Please visit their web site:

Pussycat - "To Love Somebody" (live and unreleased!)

This again is an exclusive cover, it's live recorded on tape at the studio but never released!! Funny thing to mention is when the group was told by Gerry the other day she possessed that studio recording from 1967 it turned out they didn't even have it themselves anymore!! Of course we have the okay of their management to publish the recording as well as the information and photo material on the GSI web site to let all BG fans here this unique recording.

The name of Pussycat will always be connected to Toni Willé. The group from Limburg, The Netherlands was build around the Kowalczyk-sisters, daughters of a Polish miner who migrated to the Netherlands, and had successes between 1975 and 1984, with their debut, "Mississippi", as the biggest hit single. Of that song, there are about 7 million copies sold worldwide. In 1975, it didn't only became a #1 in the Netherlands, but everywhere in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa it reached the same position on the charts. In South America it even was charted for 129 weeks, and in the as chauvinistic known country of Great Britain it was a #1 single.

In 1994, Toni Wille can very well remember the commotion around their debut: 'The success overwhelmed us. We were more or less knocked out by it, because we never dreamed that the debut was such a strong one. As a matter of fact, we weren't ready for it. Pussycat was a kind of a hobby for us then. For instance, I was still working then.'

The beginning was fairly innocent. The three Kowalczyk sisters Toni, Betty and Marianne began their career when they formed the "Zingende Zusjes" (Singing Sisters). Their German songs were welcomed into a willing audience, which led to a bigger area to perform. When the beat-era came, they changed their music. A female drummer came, and changed their name into "The BG's (Beat Girls) from Holland", one of the first female groups in the Netherlands. Toni even recorded her first solo single as "Sally Lane" with "Let me live my life" as the title. The first single as a group was recorded in 1973, "Tell Alain" was the song of the "Sweet Reaction". It was on the "Telstar" label owned by Johnny Hoes. It didn't sell well, but it was the first step on the road to the big success.

Early 1975 the name was changed for the last time, now into Pussycat. The group, that was formed by four men and three women, signed a contract with EMI, which let to the million seller "Mississippi". During the following 10 years 6 hit albums and 17 singles, all of them almost equally successful. The follow-up for "Mississippi", "Georgie" was a #4 in the Netherlands, and "Smile" (also in 1976) even went to #2. Both of these songs also charted in Great Britain. In the early 80's, the Kowalczyk sisters had to split from their musicians.

Toni: 'Although we started as a hobby, we had to build a professional organization due to the success of "Mississippi". That wasn't so easy, especially when they started touring. We even went to South Africa! But after some time it came out that couldn't finance to work with that size of group. In that time it also became popular to work with a tape instead of live musicians. With pain in our heart we left our musicians.'

The success continued a few years, but in 1985 the group decided to split up. Toni: 'My sisters wanted to spent more time for themselves, and they began hating to tour with the band. We all agreed that stopping with Pussycat was the best thing to do.' For Toni it was a good opportunity to spread their wings and work on a solo-career. It resulted in the album 'Privilege', with songs that were well-chosen, and were sung with Toni's powerful and recognizable voice. Although there were many positive reactions, the album didn't chart. It was no reason for Toni to sit down after this, because two years after that, she released a second album entitled 'Working girl' and again two years later the country album 'New words to an old love song'.

The Dutch magazine "Country Gazette" awarded her in 1989 as "Best female country singer of the year". The following year had the same result, and 'New words to an old love song' became the best Country CD of that year. In 1991 she became best female singer for the third time in a row. Nowadays, Toni Wille often performs in Germany, where she's very successful with both old as new hits. She also gives concerts in Bulgaria, Slovenia and Greece. In her own country she often works with the country group "Major Dundee". Looking back on an imposing career: 'What a profession! But very fascinating!'

Click here for sound sample  To Love Somebody  1.5 Mb Mp3

Web site address:

We'd herewith also like to thank theater agency Rene Frijters for giving us permission to use material on our web site of the different Dutch artists belonging to his agency.
For information visit: in Dutch

Covers & Rarities (3)
This time: just to proof that Bee Gees covers have been used by all kinds of artists through all decades the Gibbs are composing already. We have covers from the past ( the Australian time) as well as very recent cover material of The Twins from Hong Kong. Funny cover material by Dame Edna and beautiful more classic sounds from Giovanni. Just listen to all these different samples and I hope you'll like it again.

The Twins - "Melody Fair"

A recently released CD. Is:
"Twins Amazing Album" (EEG 1068V1, EEG, Printed in Hong Kong)
This CD is released on EEG Label which features a Bee Gees Cover Song "Melody Fair" sung by a group called "Twins".
The Group features 2 young girls.
They sing the song together in English (not Cantonese).
The CD is specially packed in a large long box which features also a long booklet, stickers of the group etc.
This is how  Melody Fair  sounds by these two girls: 1.2 Mb Mp3

More info surf to

Dame Edna - "Woman In Love"

Dame Edna Everage is probably the most popular and gifted woman in the world today. During the 1970s Dame Edna's success in Australia was repeated in Britain with London stage shows including Housewife Superstar and A Night With Dame Edna. Subsequently, she has performed at London's Royal Albert Hall and at the prestigious Theatre Royal Drury Lane and the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

Television credits include two critically acclaimed UK specials, "An Audience With Dame Edna" and "Another Audience With Dame Edna" . She also hosted two series of her own innovative chat show, "The Dame Edna Experience", where her past guests have included Jane Fonda, Charlton Heston, Liza Minnelli, Sean Connery, The Bee Gees and Mel Gibson.

Most recently, "Dame Edna: The Royal Tour" received a Special Tony Award for Live Theatrical Event. The Outer Critics Circle have also bestowed a Special Achievement Award. Dame Edna has also recorded TV specials, the last of which, "A Night on Mount Edna", won the foremost European Entertainment Award, the Golden Rose on Montreux in 1991. Edna's other notable awards include first prize in the San Francisco International Film Festival, a Gold Award at the New York Film and TV Festival, and a British Academy Award Nomination for "The Dame Edna Experience".

Her books include Dame Edna's Coffee Table Book, Dame Edna's Bedside Companion and her seminal autobiography, My Gorgeous Life, which is translated into many languages and which has, on Government orders, been placed in hotel bedrooms throughout Britain and Australia.
© 2002

Dame Edna sings in her very special way the music of The Bee Gees like this: click here for sound sample  Woman In Love  1.6 Mb Mp3

Thanks David M. Bruson for giving us the permission to use parts of your web site including the photo material.
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Giovanni Marradi - "First Of May", "I Started A Joke"

One hundred twenty thousand CDs sold in two hours.. A record set by GIOVANNI in 1998. To this day, no one has matched or even come close to achieving CD sales of that magnitude, on television, during that period of time. These numbers serve as a testament to the talent, style and popularity of Composer, Performer...GIOVANNI.

Though he has filled showrooms in Las Vegas and sold over two million CDs during appearances more recently, The Home Shopping Network , success did not come easy for the Italian son of famed musician and conductor, Alfredo Marradi.

Giovanni was only five years old when, following in his father's footsteps, he began playing music. His family had moved from their native Italy to Beirut, Lebanon, where his father had been offered a prominent conductor's job. At the age of eight, he began to study composition under the tutelage of Michael Cheskinov, at the Russian Conservatory in Beirut.

In 1984, he finally realized a life-long dream, as he became an American citizen.

Hearing about an opportunity "where the stars play", Giovanni moved to Las Vegas. Through sheer determination and a little help from a new-found friend, he began an association with Caesar's Palace hotel and performed on their stage for more than ten years. Oh yes, the new friend... Frank Sinatra.

He also covered some Bee Gees compositions during his career in his own beautiful way.

We love to let you hear two samples of some lovely BG melodies done by Giovanni.
 First Of May  1.1 Mb Mp3
 I Started A Joke  1.2 Mb Mp3

For more details please visit this website:

M.P.D. - "Absense Makes The Heart Go Fonder", "I Am What I Am"

Who is M P D Ltd
Mike Brady -- vocal, guitar
Pete Watson -- bass, vocal
Danny Finley -- drums, vocal
Maurice Gibb -- piano, vocal
Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb -- vocal

Original records
Absence makes the heart grow fonder / I am what I am. Australia: Go!!, 1966 | Germany: Ariola, 1966. Wild side of life. Australia: Go!!, 1966.

writers: Danny Finley, Pete Watson (1966)
recorded mid 1966, St Clair Studio, Hurstville
mono single Absence makes the heart grow fonder: LP Wild side of life
CD M P D Limited, the legendary Go!! recordings (1996)

writers: Danny Finley, Pete Watson (1966)
recorded mid 1966, St Clair Studio, Hurstville
mono single Absence makes the heart grow fonder: LP Wild side of life
CD M P D Limited, the legendary Go!! recordings (1996)

The Gibb contribution to these recordings is not very noticeable. Maurice plays piano on "Absence makes the heart grow fonder", but not using the keyboard: he plucks the strings.
Barry and Robin do vocals together with MPD on the mentioned songs.

Listen to the sound sample:  Absense Makes The Heart Go Fonder  1.02 Mb Mp3
 I Am What I Am  1.04Mb Mp3

Judy Stone - "It Takes A Lot To Make Me Cry"

What do you think of this song? Click to hear a part of the song   It Takes A Lot To Make Me Cry 1.09 Mb Mp3
Any idea what it has to do with the Gibbs?
The photo shows you Judy Stone

Judy Stone was a popular singer in the sixties, and the Bee Gees knew her from working on shows together. This guest appearance was not planned. The Bee Gees happened to be in the studio the day Judy was cutting this vocal, and they were invited to sing backup with the song: "It Takes A Lot To Make Me Cry". Listen and enjoy this very special sound sample with the very young Bee Gees. Judy is also a friend of Noeleen Batley.

Judy Stone
Judy Stone -- vocal
Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb -- vocal
original records
It takes a lot / I cried. Australia: Festival, July 1963.
writers: Kenrich, Bella
recorded about June 1963, Festival Studio, Sydney
lead vocal Judy Stone
2:02 mono single It takes a lot

Well wasn't that interesting again...
Next time in Covers & Rarities: the promised edition which will specially be focused on Holland:
Including a very unique Dutch project!!!!
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