"The Italian Bee Gees (personal friends of GSI. They first contacted me in 2003) have a special section on this website where you can find all the information about the group. They love helping to keep the Bee Gees legacy alive because they simply adore The Bee Gees music and love singing Gibb compositions live on stage with their band. We have a list with all kinds of tribute/cover bands on our GSI link page next to the IBG, but for me the Italian Bee Gees are different from all the others. They do not impersonate The Bee Gees but sing the Gibb songs live for their audiences with all their heart and soul. For them important is: their unconditional love for the Bee Gees music which they enjoy to share with their audiences with lots of enthusiasm and passion.

This is also the reason why former Bee Gees band member Blue Weaver some time ago chose The Egiziano Brothers to work with and to perform the Bee Gees music once again on stage with these three brothers. I think there's no way anyone can ever copy The Bee Gees in what way ever. Their voices and sound are unique. So why try?! That's why I am not the biggest fan of those type of tribute groups who try to act, sound, speak, walk, dress etc. like our Gibb Brothers. I am more impressed by a group like the Italian Bee Gees who are a good band performing the Gibb music with heart and soul live on stage, that's to me more important.

Even Barry mentioned in an interview that he loves to see other artists sing their music: - Barry: 'I always get a kick out of someone else singing our songs'! I personally think he's not that fond of artists who try to impersonate him and his brothers in every way on stage. I also believe that artists shouldn't need to look and act like the Gibbs but in the first place try to keep that wonderful BG music alive."
This GSI section of The Egiziano Brothers and their musical friends
is a celebration to The Brothers Gibb Music.

Click Contact informationThe Italian Bee Gees
Click for Italian Bee Gees face book page:
Click biography The Italian Bee Gees
Click information Italian Bee Gees Band and Singers

Next Concerts 2021 (Pdf)  Last updated: January 11, 2021.
Next Concerts 2022 (Pdf)  Last updated: June 2, 2021.

News, articles, photos etc

News from 2000 until 2013
(scroll down for older postings)

June 1, 2021.
KTT and Robin-John Gibb present:
LEGACY, The Bee Gees music celebration

Finally the first dates can be published and more will follow. The celebration shows of The Bee Gees Music by Robin John Gibb with his friends The Egiziano Brothers (Italian Bee Gees and their band) as well as original Bee Gees keyboard player Blue Weaver and more guests. The first concert dates of this show in February and March are mentioned in the 2022 concert list.

KTT and Robin-John Gibb present: LEGACY, The Bee Gees music celebration !

"The show is the most authentic and thus the only rightful" according to the son of Robin, Robin-John who created the show together with the Egiziano brothers "The italian Bee Gees".

"The Italian Bee Gees", that is: Pasquale, Davide and Walter Egiziano, a group known and much appreciated since long by the Gibb brothers. Their "cover show" is unanimously respected and that was the reason why Robin-John thought immediately of these Italian brothers for his show created as a tribute to his father and his uncles.

Just like his father, Robin-John is a complete artist. Singer but also actor, multi-instrumentalist and composer.

Besides taking care of the production, Robin-John will make his appearance on stage next to the Egiziano brothers and their musicians, accompanied by the unique Blue Weaver, keyboard player and co-author of numerous successes of the legendary group....

An exceptional show with the greatest hits of the Bee Gees : You Should Be Dancing, If I can't have you, Night Fever, I Started a Joke, Stayin' alive, Massachusetts, Tragedy, Emotion, How Deep is your Love, Love you inside out, To Love Somebody, More than a Woman, Fanny (Be tender with my love), and many more!

LEGACY, The Bee Gees music celebration ! Ready for a legendary evening?

Marion / GSI,

June 1, 2021.

January 14, 2021

KTT Legacy & GSI present
Andrew Eborn in conversation with Pasquale Egiziano (Italian Bee Gees)
More on the KTT page of this website.

January14, 2021.

December 27. 2020

New version of The Bee Gees song "Holiday"

The Egiziano brothers together RJ Gibb and Blue on keyboards performed a new version of "Holiday" in the podcast of the Mexico Facebookgroup, Dec. 26.

Watch the clip at:

December 27, 2020.

December 19, 2020

Chat Robin John Gibb next week.

December 19, 2020.

December 4, 2020


Italian Bee Gees with Robin J. Gibb and Blue Weaver -- Hosted by Rich Jorn
About their lives, their wonderful memories of going live on stage, their living in lockdown ..... and the future plans after Covid etc.

December 4, 2020.

November 30, 2020


Info about upcoming interview from Europe to America:
The Egiziano Brothers, Robin John Gibb and Blue Weaver will participate again in a next edition of: Artists On Lockdown.
The interview will be held on December 4th. at 10.00 am. Central US Time!!
This means: 4:00 pm in London and 5:00 pm in Italy/Germany/The Netherlands.
(Search on the different World Clock websites for your right time zone.)
The interview is organized by Love Productions
and the interviewer is Mr. Rich Jorn

Artists On Lockdown
We enabling musicians to perform online with ticket sales We are passionate musicians looking for an effective solution for fellow musicians world-wide who have been effected by Covid-19 lockdowns. Artist Lockdown is a platform that helps artists setup high quality live performances with ticket sales, from their living rooms or from one of our partner venues. Click the link to watch the interview on dec. 4th.:

Source: Marion / GSI

November 30, 2020.

November 21, 2020

RJ GIBB & THE ITALIAN B-GEES - New 30 Second Commercial
From Love Productions, Inc

The Italian Bee Gees, RJ Gibb and..... guests
Legacy The KTT Concept
The exclusive representative, organizer of our Legacy concert tour in the USA, 2022:
Love Productions Inc.
400 West 43rd Street, Ste 10R
New York City NY 10036, USA.
+1 (212) 714-9197

All info:

November 21, 2020.

September, 2020

Ciao everyone!
Italian Bee Gees: "After more than 6 months.... the band is reunited. These are difficult times in some ways incomprehensible, but we are still here. One for all and all for one ... with music in our hearts.... what are you waiting for?!
Hopefully we can give you the 2021. concert calendar soon Italian Bee Gees ...
Music never dies '..."

Soon more about the Italian Bee Gees plans!!
Ciao Walter, Davide, Pasquale, Danilo, Antonio, Roberto and... Roberto!! Until soon.

September, 2020

August 6, 2020.

Silke Scherf passed away.

Sad news today for me, The 3 Egiziano brothers and everyone of the Massachusetts Team.
Thanks Silke Scherf for being our friend and enjoying with us the Massachusetts Shows in Germany.
Thanks also for the wonderful photo reports you made of the Massachusetts shows to use on GSI website and GSI facebook.

A silent travel companion, with whom we have shared many miles and a little bit of life over the years. The memories remain, and the emotions you managed to capture in the beautiful photos you gave us. Ciao Silke. (Davide Egiziano)
If you look at my left hand there is a name: Silke Scherf ... One of the sweetest people I've ever met ...
She followed us on all our tours with beautiful photos and always gave us her smile ...
"In silence you joined our band, our dreams ... and in silence you left ..."
Rest in peace little big Silke ... we will never forget you!
Gone Too Soon, Marion/GSI, and Italian Bee Gees.

August 6, 2020.

July 18, 2020
The Drumathon 2020 charity auction.

Robin John Gibb: "Blue Weaver, the Brothers Egiziano & myself, will all be performing together once again, but for the first time under the banner of our new KTT Project Legacy ensemble aka 'Legacy', to help raise money for, and garner participation in, Errol Kennedy & his wife Bev Sage's Drum For The NHS Auction. Don't miss out, it'll be an absolute blast, the first of its kind and truly an evening to remember I'm for one am very much looking forward to it. I love performing with these gentlemen. I've known Blue for as long as I can remember, he's an amazing keyboard player and was a true asset to the Bee Gees at the hight of their success, and my good friends from Calabria are instantly recognisable as 3 real brothers who've been harmonising together for a very long time, they're an absolute pleasure to work with".

RJ Gibb - KTT Legacy Project Jive Talkin for NHS
The new version of Jive Talkin'

This is a 'home' version of the song Jive Talkin' (Bee Gees 1975) to contribute to the Drumathon 2020 charity auction to raise money for the UK's NHS. The Egiziano Brothers along with Robin-John Gibb, Blue Weaver and Errol Kennedy (drummer for 'Imagination', and creator of the initiative of the Drumathon with his wife Bev Sage).
Thank you Francesco Spadaccino for filming and editing the voices of the Egiziano Brothers, and thanks to Savaas Savvas Iosifidis for the last audio video mixes.

During the online Drumathon auction for NHS, Robin Gibb's glasses were sold for 1300 Pounds!!.Very well done!

July 18, 2020

Live interview: Artists On Lockdown
The Egiziano Brothers, Robin John Gibb and Blue Weaver, Hosted by: Ron Onesti.
Interview between Europe and USA, July 7, 2020.
Watch at: and there's more to come.....

July 7, 2020

Egiziano Brothers - Italian Bee Gees.... 2000 - 2020.
The start of the career: "Momenti di Gloria", Canale 5, Italy, 2000, twenty years ago!!
Love Marion xxx - July 2020.

July 4, 2020

June 2 - 2020.
Help For Italy - "How Deep Is Your Love"
Yesterday The Egiziano brothers together with Robin John Gibb and Blue Weaver took part in a huge broadcast special: Help For Italy dedicated to the people of Italy after their struggle against the corona virus. A recovery effort to help Italy to find renewed strength.
See posting (June 2) on GSI News.
And of course visit facebook for lots of more postings, photos, interviews.

June 2, 2020

May10 - 2020.
Online events / live streams etc.

The corona virus will still keep us from doing our normal life for quite some time.
Meanwhile lots of artists have started online events / live streams and other projects while we are waiting for the day we can go to real live concerts again. Many of them are charity events. Barry earlier did a live stream performance with son Steve and will probably do more in future and Robin John Gibb (son of Robin Gibb) has started a series of online events too with his business partner Andrew Eborn. In a number of cases The Italian Bee Gees will take part in this as well.
Best way to keep fully updated is to follow the GSI facebookgroup but when the Italian Bee Gees are involved I will also post here on their special GSI pages. Robin John for instance will answer online questions of fans and there will be interviews online like yesterday an interview with Pasquale Egiziano:

KTT & GSI present In Conversation With
Pasquale Egiziano - Italian Bee Gees / Legacy
Subscribe to Octopus TV on youtube: Octopus TV RJ and Andrew Eborn will be recording videos every day to give the fans through KTT Legacy & GSI an opportunity to ask your questions including joining RJ & Andrew on the show. Once you have subscribed to Octopus TV you can send your questions to For more info, live streams etc. etc. during this corona period: keep following GSI on the facebookgroup every day, with also all updated info about the Celebration Concert shows / Legacy inwhich Robin John works together with The Italian Bee Gees, Blue Weaver and many special guests, starting next year!!!

May, 2020

All plans on hold
Like earlier mentioned Robin John Gibb is planning to cooperate with The Italian Bee Gees and special guests to organize a series of special live concerts celebrating the music of the Gibb Brothers / The Legacy. Last year RJ already started with some smaller events in London. However.... Due to the corona virus all earlier mentioned plans for upcoming shows, tours and events have to be postponed until later notice.
More news when available.

March, 2020

At the end of this year, December 2019.
The Italian Bee Gees have visited the Gibb Family again in Britain.

# In October I visited The Gibb family in Thame together with my Italian brothers. (see reporting of that on this website and on the GSI facebookgroup). There have been some plans and talks the past months about possible special tribute shows to keep the legacy of The Gibb Brothers alive and..... The Gibb Family is involved in this project too!! I have told a little bit about these plans yet on the GSI Facebookgroup. GSI will keep you updated about all this of course. Robin John and friend and business partner Andrew Eborn have started to develop their ideas some time ago. My Italian friends: The Egiziano Brothers will be part of this too as well as Blue Weaver. When the time is right RJ. will publish more details and GSI will support their plans and like always keep you up to date of all the news of upcoming shows!! Last weekend The Italian Bee Gees brothers visited Britain again for some more talking about music and the future and...... they were invited to do a private gig at a party of one of Robin John's friends.

# At the end of this year the Italian Bee Gees together with keyboardplayer Roberto will as usual do a performance at their family restaurant Al Belvedere - : December 31 / January 1. Then The Brothers will start a whole new year with lots of concerts in different countries and lots of new and exciting plans.
GSI will follow them as usual and keep you updated.

Photos: copyright Davide Egiziano.
left: Italian Bee Gees arrived at Gatwick. Private driver will bring them to The Prebendal.
right: Happy in Britain for talking about plans and making music

Italian Bee Gees with Andrew, RJ, Dwina and her assistent, in Buckinghamshire for private gig.

Together in London, dec. 12. Nice team!!
The Italian Bee Gees, with Andrew Eborn, Robin John Gibb and rising talent Jesse Ray. What will 2020 bring us.... ?!

Marion / GSI

December, 2019

Octoberfest in Rende
October 25. 2019.

Just back from an amazing few days in Thame and London, England the brothers joined their band again for a performance at the Oktoberfest in the Area Mercatale in Rende (CS).

IBG in Rende

October 25, 2019


Another amazing event, hosted by RJ Gibb and Andrew Eborn.
October 20. 2019, at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London:
Robin John's second show with The Egiziano brothers on stage.... for the first time together!!

Marion: "For me the whole weekend was amazing and emotional. I was invited by The Gibbs to come to Thame and the same weekend my Italian friends performed on stage for the first time with RJ Gibb".

See full article of the weekend at: REPORTS

For the first time The Egiziano brothers: rehearsing and singing together with Robin John Gibb, emotional moments.

left: Robin John performing with Blue Weaver and The Egiziano Brothers for the first time
right: The Egiziano Brothers on stage in the Bloomsbury Ballroom, London
(more photos and videos like always on our GSI Facebookgroup!!).

October 22, 2019

Italian Bee Gees performing in London with Robin John Gibb and many more

Marion / GSI: "YES finally we can tell you!! GSI will be there and report!! Italian Bee Gees: 'Celebrating the Music of the Bee Gees ... RJ Gibb, son of Robin, pays tribute to his father's music with a special show to be held in London on October 20th. With great emotion and gratitude, we inform you that we have been invited to participate in this event! RJ GIBB plus Italian Bee Gees, Blue Weaver and very special guests! Friends and fans of London and surroundings you can buy tickets by clicking on this link"

October 12, 2019

Italian Bee Gees - Summer Concerts 2019

Also this summer the band played several concerts in Europe. First with Blue Weaver 2 shows again on Sardenia on August 1 and 2 and lateron the band did some other shows in Italy, first : San Pietro in Guarano on August 7. Next stop was: the beautiful French Alps in Station Village de Vaujany on August 17 followed again by one other concert close by their home in Campora San Giovanni, Italy, August 28.

Vaujany France

Stefania and Ivan
Lead guitarist Ivan Avicolli married this summer with the love of his life: Stefania Basile and didn't play during all the summer shows because he enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon with his wife in the USA. We wish both Ivan and Stefania lots of luck in a very long a wonderful future.

The IBG therefore played 3 shows this summer with another lead guitarist, the 7th. the 17th. and the 28th. of August they played with Roberto Ventura, a great guy and a great guitar player too. Every show was successful.

In September the band will play on a private party in Naples, September 18. and there will be another concert in Italy on October 25th. in Rende. If there will be more concerts the coming months I will mention this of course. The boys will also be busy preparing the new shows and tours in Belgium and Germany for 2020.

September, 2019


The new banner for MASSACHUSETTS 2020
The tour will probably start March 21 until May 17th. 2020. (not official yet!).
Ticket and dates info we give as soon as possible!!

July 5, 2019


Part 3.

June, 2019


Part 2.

April, 2019


Start of the 7th edition of the Massachusetts Tour.
March 11. 2019.
The opening show in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt.

March, 2019

Massachusetts Tour 2019.

Finally....... The next tour of The Italian Bee Gees and their friends through Germany was about to begin!! After a number of days of rehearsing in their home town Paola, Italy, late in February the brothers and band joined all other musicians and dancers etc. for a week of rehearsing again in Neukirchen, Germany early March.

The band together in Italy for the first rehearsals, Copyright: Danilo Chiarella

Rehearsals in Hotel Schloss Schweinsburg, Copyright: Kolja Schallenberg (producer of the show)
Many artists who took part of the show last year are present again this year too. So lots of familiair faces for us. There is a new moderator for the show: Thomas Hinrich. An extra singer who will perform when Laura cannot be there: Monica Nobile And two new dancers: Lukas Janisch and Max Menendez Vazquez And from April 3 on new dancer Alexander Wilbert will take part in the show instead of Manuel, who will again return to Massachusetts for some shows at the end of May to take over the place of Lukas. There's also a complete technical team from Italy working on the show this year. All people on and off stage are getting ready to make this tour again a successful one.

The opening night this year is on March 11. at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Germany.

More photos of the whole tour and all the artists you will mostly find on Facebook the coming months, as always.

March, 2019

The Italian Bee Gees in Poland.

I regularly get mails and requests to ask for Barry Gibb or The Italian Bee Gees to perform. I was already in touch with someone from Poland since 2016 for a real live disco event. However Barry had no plans to be in Europe.... earlier this year my contact in Poland was happy to be able to discuss things with the Egiziano Brothers and contracted my Italian friends: The Italian Bee Gees including Blue Weaver, doing a gig for a company in Lodz.
So there was a 70ties party at the beautiful Lodz Hilton on December 15.

The concert in Lodz
It was a fantastic evening according to my contact in Poland and for me such happy news that finally after a few years of corresponding etc..... they invited The Italian Bee Gees to play a live gig on a party in Lodz. Blue Weaver accompanied the Italian Brothers and their live band and he mentioned he was very enthusiastic about the gig Blue: "What a fantastic gig tonight the audience all really got in the mood dressing in 70's style. Sound check was a dream and front of house and lights amazing. Thank you Yacheck (not the correct spelling but sounds right) for a wonderful evening..." Jacek himself enthusiasticly wrote me 2 days after the show to tell me how fantastic the evening had been with the Italian Bee Gees Show. So nice to hear! He wants more IBG, so we keep in touch!
See some of the photos!

The concert in Lodz
Other concerts before the end of the year are:
December 27 - Cosenza, Italy, Piazza XV Marzo.
December 28 - Montalto Uffugo (Ceres Pub), Italy and at New Years Eve The Egiziano Brothers will of course do a live performance again at their own restaurant in Italy and in the new year they will prepair for their upcoming new European Massachusetts Tour, starting in March.
See for info the tour dates on this website!!
Marion / GSI (more photos on our facebookgroup!)

December 15, 2018

The Summer concerts 2018 in Europe

Right after finishing the Massachusetts tour The Italian Bee Gees, singers, band and their special guests left for Italy to do an open air concert in the center of their home town Paola on The First Of May. The whole Piazza IV Novembre was very crowded and lots of family and friends were present too.
Then they went on to France doing a wonderful show there on May 12th. at Aix Les Bains. Casino Grand Cercle Theater, a beautiful venue!!
Followed by more concerts in Italy again: July 6 at Taverna di Montalto Uffugo (CS) and July 20 (incuding Blue Weaver and Dennis Bryon) as well as August 21 (including Blue Weaver) two shows again in the wonderful resort on Sardenia: Forte Village.
Early September everyone left for Spain for some shows The group performed on September 7 in Murcia and September 8 in Reus ( including Vince Melouney and Dennis Bryon).

 Click for photo report (9 images)  

September 2018. (more photos on facebook!)

Massachusetts 2018, the last part of the tour

After another break the your continued in Kiel and the day afterwards when there was an off day the team celebrated the birthday of Dennis in Dessau. In Beverungen like in so many venues the audience was super enthusiastic. The Massachusetts artists enjoyed show after show and played again for many sold out venues, also this year again.

News paper article from Beverungen

Also this year the Massachusetts musical set sail to the beautiful historic townhall of Wuppertal and we (Marion and husband) had decided to tour with the team from Wuppertal for a couple of days to see some shows and have a chance to chat with everyone again etc. We left in the afternoon all together in the band bus to the Wuppertal venue but due to heavy traffic the trip lasted for over 2 hours!! So when we finally arrived in Wuppertal it was time for soundcheck etc. The audience in the well-stocked Stadhalle was in good mood and ready for the successful hits of the Bee Gees. Visitors from the times when The Bee Gees became famous in the 60ties as well as younger ones and even kids in the audience. Fitting was the frame story of the musical: A ship with a crew that goes through a time travel from 1967 to 2003 with the help of a time machine. In the background videos showing the musical life of the Bee Gees. London as the center of the hippie scene. The corresponding clothes are discovered on stage, on the ship. It's about the world famous songs of The Bee Gees, about three crazy young women: Mary, Rose and Ann, a real dad: the captain (somewhat ironically called "Detlev") and together with two more wonderful dancers: Gerry and Pete and the Italian Bee Gees, their band, singers and special guests..... they all dance, play and sing to the world famous Bee Gees songs. The 3 Egiziano Brothers at one point explain the name 'Italian Bee Gees' to the audience as well as the name of their musical show: 'Massachusetts' and how their career started etc. in a funny partly German, English and specially Italian conversation. Like each year the presents of the three veterans of the original Bee Gees who play along are special highlights too. These are Dennis Bryon: drummer, Blue Weaver: keyboarder and Vince Melouny: lead guitarist. They played and told stories from the past. The singers, the musicians, the dancers - they are all a feast for the eyes. It was a very lively production by the new director: Kolja Schallenberg. (Unfortunately I didn't meet him personally during this tour). The enthusiastic audience clapped and sang. A colorful show and always the hits with the world-famous three-part harmony songs as most important part of the show. The visitors celebrated the ensemble stormily with never-ending, well-deserved applause for the successful Mussachusetts show. Lucky for us and the whole team: after the show and the meet and greet in Wuppertal the way back to our hotel didn't take that long, no more traffic jams.

Me with the guys in Troisdorf. Copyright Silke Scherf.
Next day was rather relaxed as noone needed to travel to another city and drive a long distance. We stayed at the same hotel and the venue well.... we could all walk to it in the afternoon!! The Troisdorf Stadhalle had an amazing audience and the huge disco ball on the ceiling gave lovely special effects during the Saturday Night Fever songs. It is nice to see that on stage and off stage this is a very pleasant team of artists all together. The new members in the 2018 show are: Fabian Rogall, Manuel Klee, Thomas Wißmann., Sofia Engel and Lara Ernemann. After the show and meet and greet we all walked back and enjoyed a wonderful meal at the Italian restaurant opposite our hotel. With more dancing and singing and acting and... : We had so much fun untill in the middle of the night. Next day we left for the 3rd. Concert we would visit during our short journey with the Massachusetts team, so we set sail for Alsdorf, with a short break to visit the beautiful old city of Aachen first. That evening we met with some other friends from Holland and again enjoyed e lovely show. Then it was goodbye for us: until a next time soon. Massachusetts sailed on to the last number of shows during this tour.

Alsdorf article

The Captain with the three ladies. Aschaffenburg.copyright: Birgit Schimmenti
left: Letizia. Aschaffenburg copyright: Salvatore Schimmenti.
right: The beauty of music is that when it hits you, you do not feel pain! By Davide Egiziano, copyright: Silke Scherf.
They ended the tour was at the Konzerthaus of Karlsruhe on April 28.
Davide: 'Last night last concert of 'Massachusetts' 2018, and last sold out in Karlsruhe.
Thank you all...
Thanks to the public, to the production, to those who worked behind the scenes and especially to my wonderful stage companions.
You have been great.
I will remember Massachusetts'

Many standing ovations, many sold out venues, lots of enthusiastic people etc. Thanks to the musicians Danilo, Ivan, Roberto and Antonio who combined the whole thing with their perfection. The are a great live band. Thank you to lovely Laura and Letizia. Their voices give many unique and emotional moments in the show. Thanks of course to special guests Vince Melouney, Dennis Bryon and Blue Weaver. You are great. Thanks to the wonderful dancers Svitlana, Lara, Sofia, Fabian, Manuel and actor Thomas Wißmann. And thanks like each year to everyone behind the stage, including the tourmanager, the busdriver of the tourbus, the technical team and crew and the office people.... Last but not least a big thank you to Walter, Davide, and Pasquale the "Italian Bee Gees" without them the musical would not be what it is. They are something very special, beautiful voices, great feelings and passion for the music that we all care about. The music of the legendary Bees Gees, Barry, Maurice, Robin.... and Andy.
Love you all and see you again in March, 2019 !!

(more photos on Facebook).

April 2018.

The Massachusetts Tour continues

The show in Stade. Copyright Silke Scherf.
Februay 23. everyone gathered again in Germany and the Massachusetts Team continued their journey starting in Stade. Here's a short report of part 2 of the tour. Kayte Strong, the wife of Dennis Bryon posted this on tour from Lübeck to Brunsbüttel on February 25: 'Today we woke up to snow! We drove through wintery farmlands from our 2nd city (Lübeck) to the 3rd city, Brunsbüttel. We ate lunch at a restaurant right on the Kiel Canal, the most heavily traveled canal in the world. Built in the late 1800's, ships cut through Germany between the Baltic and North Sea. Now we are at the venue, which is again sold out !! The group has never sounded this good, and we have such great engineers this year.

Newspaper review, in German from March 1 in Weimar

Three short video clips from Villingen on March 7th.
Bee Gees Musical in Villingen am 07.03.2018, 1
Bee Gees Musical in Villingen, 2
Bee Gees Musical in Villingen, 3
Newspaper article from Villingen

Birthday time: For Blue Weaver again birthday on tour!! This year he was on his birthday March 11th. in Landau In Der Pfalz.

The yearly concert at the Berlin Tempodrom (this year on March 18) is always something special for the artists. After the Berlin show it was time for the The Massachusetts team to enjoy their second tour break and everyone travelled home to spending some free time with friends and family.
left: Happy Birthday Blue, copyright: Davide Egiziano
right: The dancers during the Berlin show. Copyright Svitlana Peter. bottom row f. l. t. r.: Svitlana Peter - Sofia Engel - Lara Ernemann Middle row: Fabian Rogall - Manuel Klee Top: Thomas Wißmann

The Berlin Show, copyright Michael Kohlhaas.

March 2018

"Hear Again" - New CD

March 14th. 2018

Italian Bee Gees: 'We are happy to announce that our new live CD "HEAR AGAIN" has just been realised. Recorded and produced in Germany, "Hear Again" will be forever in our hearts, and we hope it will be the same for all Bee Gees fans, because it's a very special album; for the first time we have Vince Melouney, Dennis Bryon and Blue Weaver together, three legendary musicians who have contributed in a decisive way to the sound of THE BEE GEES, and therefore to the history of pop.

Many thanks to Blue for mixing all these songs from our ongoing Tour, and thanks to all the musicians who helped to make this Live Album, not only for their talent, but also for the passion they put into performing these magnificent works. The CD is available at all future "Massachusetts Musical" concerts; The album will be also available online as download and cd, and post as soon as we have details. (You can send here a private message in the meantime to have informations on the purchase).
A big hug to all of you who follow us during our concerts and on facebook ... many thanks for givin' us the opportunity to keep dreaming...

March 2018.

Tourbreak after first part of the Massachusetts 2018 Tour

February 20. 2018

After the start of the tour in Hannover with 2 shows at the same venue, the Massachusetts Team set sail for Duisburg first. There we had a chance to visit the new show for the first time. Back again in the lovely Theater am Marientor. We first drove to the tour hotel in Oberhausen where we had a chance to spend some time with our friends before we all got on the tourbus on our way to the theater in Duisburg. It was real good to see all our friends from Italy, Wales, Australia and Germany again and of course the new artists in the team of this year. Of course in the afternoon there first was some rehearsing and soundchecking. The show itself has a new fresh look, great artists and good lighting, big screen and most important of all: great live music!! After each show, also this year, there's a meet and greet where the audience can have a chat and take some photos of the 3 Egiziano Brothers and their special guests: Blue Weaver, Dennis Bryon and Vince Melouney. And of course a chance to buy some merchandise. After the last photos were taken we went backstage again and when everyone was ready we drove all together back to the hotel where we talked and had some drinks until very late.... Then we drove home. We hope to come back to some more shows later in the tour.

copyright Silke Scherf
Photo Book of Massachusetts Tour
By Blue Weaver
'I have a new book of photographs which will be on sale during the Massachusetts 2018 tour. All were taken and edited on my iPhone X. Most photographs were taken during the tour and edited during our tour bus journeys to the concerts...'

Nice review and photos from this 3rd. show during the 2018 Massachusetts Tour, Germany

Another review from the show in Zwickau

The first part of this tour ended on January 28 with a concert in Riesa.
At the moment it's tour break and Massachusetts 2018 will continue on February 23.
copyright Adriaensen

Februari 2018.

January 15. 2018.
Massachusetts 2018 Tour Start

After a week of rehearsing it's time for the premiere show. Yesterday the whole team came by bus to Hannover where the tour starts with TWO shows!. It turned out to be so busy with ticket sales the past months that a while ago has been decided to add another show which means the official tour start isn't January 16 but 15. The opening night at theTheater am Aegi was a very successful one, showing the enthusiastic audience a fresh and new show with a number of very good and new actors and dancers, lovely lighting, big screen and of course..... great live music of The 3 Italian Egiziano Brothers, their live band, singers and guests: Blue Weaver, Dennis Bryon and Vince Melouney. It's of course all about the story of The Bee Gees lives, the 3 boys who came on the boat back to England from Australia where big success followed soon! A time machine takes the audience to the different periods of The Bee Gees career and the wonderful live music makes it a great show all together. After Hannover the Massachusetts Musical tours through Germany for several months and like always you can find the complete tour schedule on this page too.

Premiere show in Hannover, January 15. 2018, copyright Silke Scherf.


January 4th. 2018.
How time is flying!
Another tour is about to begin and a new show, with lots of new faces, will travel through Germany again. Today the dancers and actors are gathering in Zwickau where rehearsals for them will start tomorrow. In a few days also all the other members of The Massachusetts Family will arrive to start rehearsing the new show. Many familiar faces of course in the team like The Egiziano Brothers with their band and their singers and.... the special guests are present again during this tour as well: Blue Weaver, Dennis Bryon and Vince Melouney!! There are some changes in the technical crew and there are quite some new actors/dancers. Familiar face: Svitlana Peter will stay in the group for most of this tour but we welcome this year in the Massachusetts Team new members like, to begin with the new director: Kolja Schallenberg as well as Thomas Wißmann who will take us on a voyage through the career of The Bee Gees !! and other actor/dancers: Fabian Rogall, Lara Ernemann, Manuel Klee, Sofia Engel, and Samantha Senn who will play in the team, for a while, instead of Svitlana.
Welcome all of you to the Massachusetts Family!!

Last time rehearsing before tour start. Source Maria Teresa Amendola
Like each year GSI will follow the Massachusetts Tour and post a short report now and then with some photos here on the website page. Of course on facebook you can follow the tour day by day on the several facebook pages:
Massachusetts Bee Gees Musical at -
The Italian Bee Gees at -
I Love The "Italian Bee Gees" (Fratelli Egiziano) at -
GSI, Brothers Gibb and Bee Gees info at -

Enjoy the voyage!
Marion / GSI

Ready for the voyage to Hannover and the first show, Copyright Blue Weaver.
january 2018.

January 2. 2018
Erik Prins, Goodbye...

The Egiziano Brothers, family, friends and band are devastated. On the second day of this new year we heard about the death of Erik Prins, the man who invited the Italian Bee Gees to come and perform in The Netherlands in 2009, and they already returned many timesfor concerts. Erik's life was MUSIC. Much too soon and all that sudden he left. We wish his partner, his family and all his friends much strength. Marion / GSI

Erik Prins with The Italian Bee Gees
The Italian Bee Gees:
Erik Prins wasn't just a promoter or manager, and we will always be grateful for all his love, and for every moment spent together.
Your favourite song was Lonely Days, this is a very lonely day for us!
Our thoughts are with his family, we love you
"Doei Doei Mr. President"

january 2018.

Summer Concerts
In August "The Legend Of The Bee Gees" did some Italian concerts starting again in Sardenia at the beautiful resort of Forte Village. After a delay of many hours the following day on the airport of Sardenia they DID manage to get at the following gig in Calabria. In Calabria they played several shows, also with Blue Weaver. Then the Brothers and the band left for Switzerland to do a private concert in Renens near Lausanne for Audemars Piguet Summer Party. After coming back home it was time to start talking and discussing their 2018 Massachusetts Tour through Europe.

Sound check: Forte Village Resort, Sardenia, Copyright Davide Egiziano.

One of the shows in Calabria: Gioiosa Ionica, Copyright Davide Egiziano.
August 2017.

Massachusetts Tour 2017. (4)

In this last Massachusetts report of 2017 the team travels to some more German cities and then first takes a break to go home to family and friends for some time. Early May the tour goes on to a number of cities in Austria, starting in Vienna and the final concert for Massachusetts 2017: Linz.

Siegburg, April 1. Today like after each show the group went to a restaurant to have a bit and a drink but tonight also for a celebration again. It was Letizia's birthday and the party went on until.....sometime the next morning!

Article and pictures Sieburg
More photos

Concert in Siegburg, copyright Michael Kohlhaas

The three special guests, copyright Michael Kohlhaas
left: concert Siegburg, copyright Jessica Vater      right: Happy Birthday dear Letizia!
Papenburg, April 2. A concert place with some good memories as here it all began between the cooperation of the Italian Bee Gees and their friend Blue Weaver. In 2012 they first stood on stage together here in the same theater in Papenburg. Five years later the show has grown and the team as well with for instance now two more specials guests as next to Blue, the former drummer of the Bee Gees band Dennis is part of the team as well as the original Bee Gee from the sixties: Vince Melouney joined. What a happy family!! . After the Papenburg concert there's the break until May.

Newspaper article

Concerts in Austria
After a a well deserved break, the tour continues in Austria visiting the cities: Vienna,, Graz, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck and Linz.

Graz, May 5.
Fanreview Sensationelle musikalische Darbietung - ganz nah am Original und mit dem gebotenen Respekt. Dazu Vince, Dennis & Blue gemeinsam mit der großartigen Band live on stage und die Möglichkeit zur persönlichen Begegnung nach der Show - ein besonderes Erlebnis!

Linz, May 9.
Fanreview Es war nicht mein erster Besuch und auch nicht mein letzter in dieser Veranstaltung, denn sie ist einfach toll. Die Egiziano-Brüder interpretieren stimmlich die Songs der Bee Gees hervorragend und nahe am Original, bringen ansonsten aber ihre eigene Persönlichkeit mit auf die Bühne, was die Show sehr viel besonderer macht als die exakten Imitationsversuche anderer Coverbands. Auch die Anwesenheit von gleich 3 Originalmusikern der Bee Gees stellt ein Highlight dar. Die Story ist simpel gestrickt, vermittelt aber so einige Informationen und Anekdoten aus dem Leben der Bee Gees. In Linz hatte das Publikum leider etwas zu viel Sitzfleich, sonst gabs wie immer nichts zu meckern. Fazit: ein Besuch lohnt sich immer!
left: IBG in Austria, copyright Blue Weaver 2017      right: Innsbruck copyright Fritzi Bolly
See you back in Massachusetts next year 2018.

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April / May 2017.

The Legend Of The Bee Gees travelled to Spain in April in the break of their huge Massachusetts Tour, to give shows there again. They performed at the Casino Paralada and Club Sarau, Badalona (Barcelona) on April 21 and 22.
It was good to be back in Spain again..... OLÈ!

The whole team together before the first show.

At the Sarau club.
April 2017

Massachusetts Tour 2017. (3)

After a tourbreak it's time to continue again the Massachusetts shows with a concert on March first in Goppingen.

It's going to be a busy month, lots of travelling and about 20 concerts but every night again there's so much energy on stage, so much love and passion. It's just a party each time for the audience who are coming to visit Massachusetts.

Augsburg, March 3.
left: On stage in Leipzig, Dennis describes how the Bee Gees ....found....their falsetto voices in the recording studio.
right: Danilo and Laura having fun on stage in Augsburg.   copyright: Andrea Bolvary
Leipzig, March 6. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss have both played in the Gewandhaus only once. The Italian Bee Gees are already playing a sold out concert in this house for the second time this year with MASSACHUSETTS!

Blue working with IBG for 5 years and celebrating his birthday on stage in Hameln. Davide and Blue.
Hameln, March 11. Birthday time! Again Blue is celebrating his birthday during the Massachusetts tour this year. A pity we couldn't be there this time. Blue on facebook: I must thank everyone for my 70th birthday messages. I must also thank my band mates, dancers, actors, crew and audience for a memorable birthday concert.
Osnabruck, March 15. Marion/GSI: 'It was a good thing that we suddenly decided to go and visit our Massachusetts friends again for some days. (unfortunately due to private circumstances this would become our last visit to the tour for this year). We had some great days with the whole team in Osnabruck and Bremen. We also finally got a chance to meet with Mr. Jones and had some nice chats with him'.

Bremen, March 16.
Fan review Bremen In the first 5 minutes we thought we were in the wrong performance. But then an absolute firework started. Pure entertainment! A great mixture of the history of the Bee Gees with the first hits and after the break the fading into the actual concert. The standing ovations in the parquet created a great atmosphere. The three singers were so close to the original, we had both goose bumps. You really must have seen it. A nice evening!! And 2.5 hours pure playing time are really worth all honors.

left: Osnabruck, and Dennis what have you been up to lately?...... Dennis: 'I wrote a book'   copyright: A&D Wange
right: Bremen, Why was the show called Massachusetts? Egiziano Brothers 'it was the fave song of our mother and father and they danced to that song'.   copyright: A&D Wange

Hamburg, Another beautiful venue.   copyright: A&D Wange

copyright:. Peter's Musikladen. Berlin, The Egiziano Brothers singing the songs of The Gibb Brothers

Rostock, March 19. Youtube clip from Rostock

Berlin, March 26.

Aachen, March 31.
Fanreview Aachen I already visited the Italian Bee Gees for the 4th time and it is in my opinion getting better and better ..... I felt very enthusiastic and back to my teenage age years. Also the three brothers are totally sympathetic.

Aachen: Emotional tribute to Robin Gibb by Davide Egiziano.   copyright: A&D Wange
Article about show Aachen

More photos and videos on facebook:
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to be continued........

March 2017

Massachusetts Tour 2017. (2)

After the premiere night in Saarbrucken the show received very good reviews: (The Italian Bee Gees bring back so much good memories from the past when I used to enjoy listening to The Bee Gees. I liked the way the story of The Bee Gees was wrapped in a musical show and also was interested in all the biographic details about their life and career etc. Special of course was the fact that early Bee Gee Vince as well as old BG bandmembers Blue and Dennis were part of this wonderful performance. It's really worth while visiting).

Massachusetts's next stop was across the border in Luxembourg where they did a show in Echternach and from there it went back to Germany to continue the tour there.

Echternach,     copyright: Wange.
Newspaper article: Greiz
Newspaper article: Cottbus

Massachusetts mostly plays for full houses and in the Leipzig venue tickets were sold out so quickly and so long before the shows even had started that the organization decided for a second concert later on in the tour.

On the 8th. of February (my birthday) the Massachusetts team performed in Wiesbaden, so a perfect chance for us to drive to the tour and our friends in Germany on the 7th. We all met at the hotel. Had a chat, a drink and later on dinner together.

During soundcheck my Italian friends on stage suddenly started to sing some Italian and English Happy Birthday songs and gave me a lovely bunch of flowers.
Copyright: Michael Kohlhaas.
The next day was very special for me spending my birthday with the whole team at the beautiful Wiesbaden venue. In a full Kurhaus I first received lovely flowers in the afternoon and my Italian friends sang for me in Italian and English several songs and wished me Happy Birthday. Then at night during the wonderful show 'Words' wasn't only dedicated to Mr. Barry Gibb but also to me. I loved the several new elements in the show and went back down memory lane when hearing the nice rocking version of Idea with Vince Melouney!! I had a very special birthday which ended of course again with a meal together with the team, after the show.

Wiesbaden, Scene from the show: the young people visit the house of the old man. Copyright: Michael Kohlhaas.

Wiesbaden, The brothers Pasquale, Walter and Davide Egiziano during the show. Copyright: Michael Kohlhaas.

Wiesbaden, Laura Ugolini with The Italian Bee Gees singing the emotional tribute for Maurice: Immortality. Copyright: Michael Kohlhaas.

After the Meet And Greet, which follows at the end of each show to give people a chance to meet with the Italian Brothers and their guests) I was pictured with a nice group of German fans, great fun. Copyright: Wange.
The Massachusetts Setlist 2017 Intro, Islands In The Stream, Massachusetts, Spicks & Specks, I've Gotta Get A Message To You, To Love Somebody, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, Lonely Days, Chain Reaction, Jive Talkin', Nights On Broadway, Night Fever, You Should Be Dancin', You Win Again, Words, Immortality, Juliet, Saved By The Bell, I Started A Joke, Acoustic Medley, New York Mining Disaster 1941, Alone, Idea, Living Together, Too Much Heaven, If Paradise Is Half As Nice, Songbird, Don't Throw It All Away (Our Love), How Deep Is Your Love, More Than A Woman, Stayin' Alive, Tragedy, IOIO.

Newspaper article: Offenburg

Fan review Koblenz
Hello everyone, I was in Koblenz visiting Massachusetts. I had not so great expectations, because it is my favorite group from my youth, which I still hear today (almost daily). These original voices are so special. So I just decided to see what it was like and what the show had to offer. It was, incidentally, a gift of my children and sons-in-law. Then the first song from the Italian group and..... what should I say? From the first song to the final sounds it was just pure class. The guys are worth their money. The history of the Bee Gees was performed very well. The guest appearances of the original band members was a very special element. Simply class what all musicians have done. In some way the original Bee Gees couldn't have done better live. I can only recommend this show. for 62.40 Euro: three hours of top entertainment, my respect. A very nice evening thanks again to all involved.

The Egiziano Brothers with their 3 guests, in Nürnberg . Copyright: Wange.

Close harmony medley: Pasquale, Walter and Davide in Bühl. Copyright: Jessica Vater and Marc Denzer.

After a busy rehearsal week and the first leg of the tour with many full houses to play for it's now high time for a short break. The tour will continue again in a few weeks: March 1st.

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to be continued........

February 2017

Massachusetts Tour 2017. (1)

January 18 everyone gathered in Berlin for the rehearsals of this years tour at Black Box Music. After a week of rehearsing the whole team got on the bus direction the first venue of this tour: Saarbrucken, January 27. (see for all the concert dates and venue places the concert list of 2017 on this website). This year is already the 5th Massachusetts Tour (and the 6th European Tour for the Italian Bee Gees in a row). The team looks almost the same as last year only a few changes and new faces: Mr. Jones is now played by Peter Clös, Tony Manero by Niklas Kuhnt and singer/actress Kyra has now joined the group. She came instead of Marlou.

The team ready to start the tour
Welcome to Peter, Niklas and Kyra!!

Peter grew up in Sauerland and received his training as an actor at the Max Reinhardt seminar in Vienna. He spent the first years of his profession permanently at the Rheinisches Landestheater Neuss and the Städtische Bühnen Münster. Since 1993, Peter has been working freelance. He has worked in Bonn regularly, at the Bad Vilbel castle festivals, went on tour, or organized events himself. Peter is also active in film and television. He also appeared in the film "The Name of the Rose", as well as in the TV series: "Ein Fall für zwei", "Polizeiruf 110" and "Tatort Münster"

Niklas successfully graduated from the Stage School Hamburg and finished in the direction of steppes, jazz, ballet and bass / baritone. His artistic career includes, among other things, appearances and roles at "Upside Down", "Sommernachtstraum", "Störtebeker", "The Four of the Pier" and "The Great Christmas Show".

Kyra first graduated as a state-recognized gymnastics teacher in Kiel with a focus on dance before she began her education to become a stage and theater actor in Hamburg. There she discovered among other things also her passion for singing as a high mezzosoprano. Her dance styles include jazz, modern, hip-hop, folklore and steppes. During the school days, she was involved in various projects. Amongst others, in Grease as "Rizzo" of the "Pink Ladies", in Hairspray as a swing and dance captain and as Däumelina in the children's theater. Afterwards she was under contract for some time at "Aida Cruises". Next to all this she teaches children and young people in the field of dance.

First Night: Saarbrucken, January 27    Copyright: Jessica Vater and Mark Denzer

More photos and videos on facebook:
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Soon more.....

January 2017.

Cosenza soundcheck June 3rd. 2016, copyright IBG.
Summer concerts 2016
From May in to August the Italian Bee Gees like usual did a number of summer concerts. Most of them in several parts of Italy and one in The Netherlands.

On May first they played with Blue Weaver again in their own town: Paola followed by a number of other Italian concerts like in Cosenza, Castrovillari, Bisignano, Porta Piana, Martina Franca, and again a concert on the island Sardenia (with Blue) at the Forte Village Resort followed by a concert at Baia di Eolo.

In August they flew for a short visit to The Netherlands and performed on the beach in Katwijk aan Zee. Other shows in August were in Sassoferrato and once again a show together with Blue in Labico near Rome.

Concert Portapiana, copyright Francesco Manocchio Paciola
Photo reports of the Labico (Italy) concert as well as the concert in Katwijk aan Zee (The Netherlands):

September 2016

Paola, May first. 2016

The pannant Blue received
Paola was celebrating and honouring San Francesco Di Paola.
During the festivities The Italian Bee Gees gave an open air concert in their home town Paola on May 1st. and their guest was.... Blue Weaver.
The center of the town was crowded during the concert and although the weather could have been better..... the concert was a great success!!
During the show Blue was presented with a nice pannant, a symbol of Paola and a present from the major of the town to him. (see video).

The Italian Bee Gees playing in their home town Paola. c. Marco Brusco
May 3rd. 2016

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May 2016

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March 2016

Vince Melouney on tour with Italian Bee Gees!!

Great news about the Massachusetts Tour (tribute to The Bee Gees by The Italian Bee Gees, Blue Weaver and Dennis Bryon)....... Finally GSI can announce it officially although there were plans already for a while: Appearing on the tour from March 13: Guitarist Vince Melouney - the third ORIGINAL band member of the Bee Gees.

IBG: 'Thank you again dear Vince for your visit, and for the great time together.
See you soon on tour'
(photo taken February 2016 in Paola, Italy, during first Massachusetts Tour break)
Italian Bee Gees: 'Here we are!!
Happy, proud and exited to announce that 'Bee Gees' first guitar Vince Melouney will joyn us on Tour! From March 13th, "Massachusetts" will have on stage The IBG Band together with Vince, Blue Weaver and Dennis Bryon!! Soon other details..

Felici, orgogliosi ed emozionati di annunciare che la 'prima chitarra', il 'Bee Gees' Vince Melouney si unirà a noi in Tour! Dal prossimo 13 Marzo, "Massachusetts" vedrà sul palco gli IBG e la loro band insieme a Vince, Blue Weaver e Dennis Bryon!!

Vince Melouney
Vince Melouney:
Born August 18 in Sydney Australia. In 1963 Vince was listening to the new music coming out of Great Britain. Through Nat Kipner Vince was invited to play on various sessions for the BEE GEES. The songs he played on were released on different Albums, such as the original "Spicks and Specks" or the compilation "inception / Nostalgia". In October 1966 Vince headed off to London to further his musical career. The Bee Gees made the journey to London a couple of months later signing a record contract with Robert Stigwood at Nems Enterprises (The Beatles management). Through THE EASYBEATS (Who were also in London at the time and friends of Vince') heard the Gibb Brothers were in town and he made contact. He was asked to join them and their drummer Colin Petersen in their recording sessions. Once the Album "Bee Gees First" had been completed, Vince became the official 5th member. The Bee Gees proved with their second album that they had really become a tight unit. The overall sound was much heavier and Vince' lead guitar was more prominent on several songs. Vince stayed with the BEE GEES till the beginning of 1969 and was part of the worldwide success of the group.

March 3rd. 2016

Paola Italy
The Egiziano Brothers had a plan and a wish already for quite some time. To personally meet the first Bee Gees leadguitarist Vince Melouney. I recently talked with them about it and how great it would be to have him visit their home in Italy. In the first tourbreak of the 2016 Massachusetts tour it all happened and another dream came true for The Egiziano Brothers when Vince visited them at home in Italy.
Italian Bee Gees: 'Today another great emotion... Vince Melouney, guitarist and band member of the Bee Gees, came to visit us in our town... in our home... thank You very much Vince, we feel honored!'

Vince with Walter, Davide and Pasquale,    © Italian Bee Gees.

February 2016

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February 2016

December 2015

The Italian Bee Gees have been working hard to prepare for their new show and tour for 2016 and also did performances this month like a special private concert at a top one location in Rome: Villa Miani, as well as a big party with live performance to celebrate New Years Eve at their own restaurant in the south of Italy together with over 450 guests!
2016 is waiting........ buon anno ..... a presto !
left: Villa Miani, Rome    right: IBG visit to Miani Villa for a private performance.

Egiziano Brothers at home in their restaurant with their band, celebrating Capodanno: Al Belvedere.

December 2015

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Dennis Bryon interview for German magazine.
"Event. Das Veranstaltungs- und Freizeitmagazin"

November 2015.

Titanic Concert Tour Premiere
Of course the Egiziano Brothers were present at the opening night of the Titanic Concert Tour. A very special concert with music composed by Robin Gibb and son Robin John Gibb. This was on October 23rd. in Taranto, Italy.
On the photo: The Italian Bee Gees with Robin-John Gibb and Dwina Gibb.

copyright Italian Bee Gees

 Click for photo report (12 images)  
October 23rd. 2015.

Italian Bee Gees interview

An interview with the ITALIAN BEE GEES in three parts which will anser a lot of all your questions. (it's written in English and German).

Click for Interview

September / October 2015.

July / August

On Sardinia with Blue Weaver before the concert, July 10th. Forte Village Resort. © IBG.
In the summer months the IGB, in between all kinds of other obligations and preparing for the upcoming new Massachusetts tour, did live performances in Italy. Because of so much success during the first show on Sardinia the group did another concert on the Italian island, again at Forte Village on August 28th.

Concerto di Mal e IBG © Carmile Passalacqua august 12th. Festival da Grispedda 2015
Mal is an Italian artist who recorded a great Italian version of "I've gotta get a message to you", entitled "Pensiero d'amore" in 1969. A great success for a great artist.

Lots of more plans for the coming period and probably more shows in Europe and other parts of the world. To begin with Sept. 5. concert at Cassano allo Jonio (CS) Italy (see tour schedule Pdf.).
As soon as we have more concert dates and details which can be published, we will let you know. One of the highlight will surely be: their January 15. 2016 concert in Moscow! Right afterwards is the start of their new Massachusetts tour on January 20. 2016.
Stay tuned!
left: Concert august 9. S.Miceli/Paola. © Alessandra Egiziano, with next generation on stage!
right: Concert august 9. S.Miceli/Paola. © Katia Stabile
July / August

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June 8th. 2015.

Murcia concert
May 27th. 2015, Spain.
The Italian Bee Gees with band and Blue Weaver performed at the beautiful theater of Murcia.
 Photo report (8 images)  
May 27th. 2015

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May 2015

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April 2015

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March 2015

Massachusetts - Das BEE GEES Musical
Reset production:

We would like to present to you one after the other, all the artists taking part in our 2015 Massachusetts Tour!

The tour will start January 15
See tourschedule (pdf) for all details.

January 2015

Spain, November 8, 2014
The 3 Egiziano Brothers were guests at Sarau 08911, Badalona.
Back in Spain again! and.... it looks like a wonderful party!
Hopefully more Spanish concerts next year!!
 Photo report (6 images)  

Thanks: Javier Fernandez

November 8, 2014

Italy, October 4th. 2014.
This night The Italian Bee Gees together with Blue Weaver gave a live concert in the South Italian city of Cerisano.
Enjoy the photo report by Davide Noviello.

Blue Weaver    © Davide Noviello
 Photo report (10 images)  
October 4th. 2014

Italian Bee Gees concerts in The Netherlands
September 19 and 20 The Italian Bee Gees including Blue Weaver gave concerts in The Netherlands.
The first night in Geldrop and the second night in Vlierden, near Deurne.
It was a weekend of seeing lots of friends and fans again and nice to have our Italian friends once again in our country as well.
It were 2 nights of singing, dancing and making fun.
Thanks again for the music. !!

 Photo report (8 images)  
more photos: Geldrop,
more photos: Geldrop and Vlierden at:

September 19 and 20. 2014

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September 4th. 2014

August 10 - 11 - 12, 2014
3 special Italian Bee Gees concerts in Italy featuring Blue Weaver.

See video from 13.45 untill 17.35

August 10. Longobardi, (CS), piazzale Beato San Nicola, Longobardi Marina
The first of 3 free concerts of The Italian Bee Gees, their band and singers featuring Blue Weaver as well!! The whole area was beautifully decorated with bright coloured lights and in the warm summer night everyone enjoyed the sounds of the Bee Gees music. There were several banners to thank the group for doing this show in Longobardi. A good friend of the Egiziano Brothers had been doing his utmost to make this show happen and it was a night never to forget!! There even was a special mention by the group to me and some friends for our support and coming from abroad to watch this and visit them and we received a really beautiful bunch of flowers. It was heartwarming. For me it was the first time I saw a performance of my Italian friends amongst the Italians in their homeland and although I had an accident just before the concert started: I had the time of my life enjoying my fave Bee Gees music.
Beautiful fireworks completed the evening!
©  S. Weaver

August 11. Paola, Contrada Fosse, "Sagra da 'Grispedda"

Soundcheck Fosse   © S. Weaver
It means: Festival of the "Crespella" a typical fried pancake used in the neighbourhoods south of Paola, ( The Fosse area is the place where Walter, David and Pasquale were born and lived the first years of their lives). This concert was a very special and emotional one for The Brothers, for me and all their family and friends. The gig was at a small festival and surrounded by some kind of market place with many nice stalls where you could get lots of things to eat and drink all night. The place like mentioned was there where the boys spent the first years of their lives with their mom and dad (their dad died earlier this year but he was there in spirit that evening more than ever!) and their grand parents. The audience: all their close friends and family which gave this night a very, very special feeling. I was sitting next to their proud mother and we both shed some tears and held hands. The audience sang and danced all night to the sounds of all these wonderful Bee Gees songs. Very special also was the Italian friend of The Brothers, Pietro Serpa, who came on stage with his accordion and sang with the band the song: Il Mondo, a song which has very special meaning to the family, so beautiful!!! (Davide Egiziano: ' With Pietro I started singing in Paola first, then all around Calabria, in private parties and squares. He was the really first one who gave me this opportunity many years ago. Me and Pietro (just the 2 of us), played at Fosse for 6 or 7 consecutive years in the past he's a great friend of us and was also a great friend of our father.') Later that night the group was presented with an award: This award plaque was given to the boys by the guys of the organization in Fosse, as "Grazie" for being there with the whole show.
I'm sure this was the most special IBG performance I've ever visited.

©  Rosanna Tocci

©  Franca Delfino

August 12. Amantea (CS), Lungomare (along the beach)

Sound check Amenthea,  ©  Marion Adriaensen
We'd left early for the venue to see the sound check of the band at the beach as well as the wonderful sunset!! A perfect spot for a great show. First we had dinner with the whole band and then it was waiting for a political meeting on the square to finish their discussing. Finally...... the band could start to play and told the audience: after all this talking it's time for some music and everyone agreed and became enthusiastic right away. Another warm night to enjoy my favourite music amongst a whole square of enthusiast Italian people. During the concert me and my husband as well as friends of ours were again mentioned by the Egiziano Brothers for being present, which was so kind.



August 1. 2014
Concert Swingin' Hulsen, Belgium

A very succesful performance of The Italian Bee Gees during this swinging night.
Watch video:

Also look at photo report at:

August 2. 2014
Concert Mers Les Bains, France

A wonderful performance for thousands of people and lots of sea gulls near the beach of Mers Les Bains. A good thing: the heavy rain stopped in time so the show didn't have to be cancelled.

©   Francois Trancart.

Laura Ugolini with her passionate performance of Immortality,     © Cristel Brouwer

One of the performances in Puglia.
Ostuni, Giugrà Resort

July 12. 2014

Cosenza, Italy

Performance Italian Bee Gees: XI Settembre square.

Before the show, © Laura Ugolini

The concert,© Stefania Basile

Photo report of  Davide Noviello  ©  Davide Noviello (10 images)  
June 26. 2014

Italian Bee Gees gigs

Also this summer The Italian Bee Gees will give concerts in several countries.
July 12. the group will play in Ostuni (Puglia)
For all concert dates which are confirmed up to now, please click their tour schedule
Next Concerts Pdf

June 2014

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May 2014

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April 2014

March 26th. 2014

Marion/ GSI:
After the tragic loss in their family, The Egiziano Brothers (Italian Bee Gees) continue today The Massachusetts Tour in Dresden according to their tourschedule.

'Di nuovo in viaggio verso la 'tua' Massachusetts, con te nel cuore,
orgogliosi di essere tuoi figli..
Grazie di tutto papà.
Walter, Davide e Pasquale.'

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January 15th. 2014

Latest details about The Italian Bee Gees and their upcoming new tour.

New Tour
It's almost time for another Massachusetts Tour through Europe in honour of the Bee Gees music. The coming week The Italian Bee Gees and their team (this year with 2 new band members) will be busy with rehearsals and January 23rd.
the first show starts. (see tour schedule pdf file) There are VIP cards for each show which you can still obtain next to the concert card you might already have bought.
For details about the VIP cards please mail:
There's a new CD (see below) too and there are probably more merchandise items for sale at the venues! So don't miss the 2014 Massachusetts tour and.... arrangements for the 2015 tour are being made already at the moment too. See you soon.

New CD
There's a brand new CD ready by The Italian Bee Gees and Blue Weaver.
"Nights In Germany - Live"!!!
It are all live recordings from their 2013 German Tour: 25 tracks, 78 minutes of music in honour of The Gibb Brothers.
Available of course during the upcoming European Massachusetts Tour.

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