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KTT-Legacy Reports

KTT and Robin-John Gibb present:
LEGACY, The Bee Gees music celebration !
June 1. 2021.
Marion / GSI:
"Finally the first dates can be published.
The celebration shows of The Bee Gees Music by Robin John Gibb with his friends The Egiziano Brothers (Italian Bee Gees and their band) as well as original Bee Gees keyboard player Blue Weaver and.... more guests!!
The show is 'the most authentic and thus the only rightful', according to the son of Robin, Robin-John who created the show together with the Egiziano brothers "The Italian Bee Gees".
The Italian Bee Gees, that is: Pasquale, Davide and Walter Egiziano, a group known and much appreciated since long by the Gibb brothers.
Their "cover show" is unanimously respected and that was the reason why Robin-John thought immediately of these Italian brothers for his show created as a tribute to his father and his uncles.
Just like his father, Robin-John is a complete artist. Singer but also actor, multi-instrumentalist and composer.
Besides taking care of the production, Robin-John will make his appearance on stage next to the Egiziano brothers and their musicians, accompanied by the unique Blue Weaver, keyboard player and co-author of numerous successes of the legendary group The Bee Gees.
An exceptional show with the greatest hits of the Bee Gees : You Should Be Dancing, If I can't have you, Night Fever, I Started a Joke, Stayin' alive, Massachusetts, Tragedy, Emotion, How Deep is your Love, Love you inside out, To Love Somebody, More than a Woman, Fanny (Be tender with my love), and many more! LEGACY, The Bee Gees music celebration ! Ready for a legendary evening?
The first confirmed concerts see below ( and on the Italian Bee Gees concert list for 2022). More concerts will follow!! "

February 22. 2022 / 19.00 / Linköping: Konserthus
February 23. 2022 / 19.00 / Stockholm: Göta Lejon
February 24. 2022 / 19.00 / Norrköping: De Geer
February 25. 2022 / 19.00 / Örebro: Konserthus
February 26. 2022 / 19.00 / Helsingborg: Konserthus
February 27. 2022 / 18.00 / Kalmar: Kalmarsalen
March 1. 2022 / 19.00 / Växjö: Konserthus
March 2. 2022 / 19.00 / Malmö: Nöjesteatern

March 3. 2022 / 20.00 / Hillerød: Royal Stage
March 4. 2022 / 20.00 / Aalborg: Kongres & Kultur Center
March 5. 2022/ 20.00 / Randers: Værket

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