KTT-Legacy Reports

Starting January 2021, KTT and GSI will be cooperating more than ever to bring you all the news and things through both our websites and Facebook.
On this GSI page you'll going to find regular REPORTS with updates.
We'll keep you updated about all kinds of things concerning the Gibbs, Robin Gibb and Bee Gees official merchandize, special items, new recordings, raffles, articles, interviews and of course all news about the new ensemble of Robin John with The Egiziano brothers, Blue Weaver and other guests:
LEGACY - A Celebration To The Gibb Music.
Their online performances, the recordings, and the upcoming concerts and tours of the group. etc.

Stay Tuned,.... Marion / GSI, Robin John Gibb, Andrew Eborn.

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KTT-Legacy Reports Contents

KTT-Legacy Reports Contents

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