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NEWS, March 31

  Message from Robin John Gibb
My hopes, prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to everyone who has already lost a loved one and I wish a speedy recovery to all who have tested positive for COVID-19, or are unable to receive a test at present and believe they might be infected. I (as well as the entire Gibb family I'm sure) are keeping all of you, every loyal fan, without whom the music ceases to have meaning and appreciation, firmly in our minds, our hearts and in our prayers.

I am doing what I can through my company KTT and fellow Joint-CEO Andrew Eborn, to raise money in order to source sorely needed respirators and medical equipment in general for hospitals the world over. As with many pathogens that rob our senior citizens of their lives much too soon, many of us under the age of 65 are lucky enough not to be forced to face the high risk of mortality facing our older nearest and dearest should we contract it. They are of course feeling most, the sting of this horrific, ambitious and persistent virus and in cities such as New York City, Madrid and London, as well as many other places the world over (places where only last year you would never have dreamt of contemplating such a scenario) COVID-19 patients in critical condition are being "made comfortable" with Morphine or Fentanyl, then held by the hand and comforted not by their loved ones (as they are of course unable to attend their bedside) until they draw their final breath. All because precious life saving ventilators are in such short supply. So much so as to only be afforded to those deemed more likely to pull through. So we owe it to our forebears to care for them and take action where action is required.

So watch this space for further updates and information on how you might help in this endeavour as we have begun the process of sourcing ventilators and the preliminary planning required, with the charities that myself and KTT work closely with.

Also watch this space for updates on new music releases and performances, some potentially live-streamed, so all at home in lockdown or self-isolation can enjoy.

Wishing all of you and yours lots of love, luck, health and safety. For you and the sake of your nearest and dearest, please stay away from crowds, stay home unless absolutely necessary, and invest in a good hand sanitiser with 65% alcohol content or above.
Warmest regards & Godspeed R.J.

  Invitatation to: Bee Gees Listening Party - April 3, 2020
While we stay safe and healthy inside, why not get together online to celebrate the Bee Gees? This Friday, join us for a Saturday Night Fever listening party! Details: You should be dancing (at home) to one of the greatest albums of all time on Friday night Starting at 8pm (GMT, 4pm EDT)

  The Bee Gees: Odessa, article

Marion: GSI 03/31/20  

NEWS, March 20

Marion: "Dear GSI members, The past weeks and especially the past days, GSI is overloaded with questions as to how The Gibb Family is doing now in these awfull corona days and what about all the Gibb plans, releases, events, performances etc. for this year .... I have contacted the family so I can give you all an update!!
They are all okay in Florida although pretty much everything is shutting down and they are staying inside most of the time too.
The Gibb family in Britain: Also there, the plans have been postponed as well for the moment but everyone is fine.
They are just trying to keep the kids entertained which is kind of hard when you can't go to public places. The schools are still open but the Gibb kids are not going there at the moment. I need to let everyone of you know that all is well in Thame!!"

Message from Andy's daughter in Australia (Small part of Peta's latest message to me):
Peta: "Hi Marion, for now we are just fine here. Obviously the virus has arrived in Australia but it is fairly slow to spread so we are a little behind other countries. Most people are going on as normal and we are by no means as badly off as Europe at this stage. Lots of measures have been put into place to slow the spread of the virus Matt and I are still working and the boys are going to school as normal at this time. Please continue taking care of yourself and stay safe."

Another message from Australia. One of the kids of Lesley Gibb: Tiffany, sent me a message Below is part of it:
Tiffany: "Hello Marion, The virus hasn't really flourished here yet.Everything is still open however there are restrictions with public meetings So no gatherings more than 100 people All functions cancelled and people are cautious The health system overwhelmed with testing We are just concerned about mum. Keeping her home and encourage her to wear a mask when out. She is in good health so that's a positive. Hope you and your family stay safe Marion All my love to you xx"

From USA: Ohio, Sam Gibb emailed me telling Maurice's family is okay too Sam: "So glad you and your family are doing well. We are all good and heathy. It's so crazy what's going on. I appreciate you reaching out and letting the fans know we are okay. Sending love and good health to you and everyone"

Marion: "and furthermore: All record company personnel are working from home now so: No official word yet about any Gibb plan for this year but I assume that mostly everything from now on will be delayed until the 4th quarter of 2020!! For everyone of the family it are as they say 'Strange Days Indeed', but: Do Stay Safe & Well."

Source Marion / GSI:

Marion: GSI 03/20/20  

NEWS, March 10

  Barry signs new deal!!
Sir Barry Gibb has signed a worldwide deal with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). He will be represented in all areas by the agency.
Congrats Barry!!

Photo Credit: Desiree Prieto
  Robin John Gibb; next performance
The son of a member of the band The Bee Gees is set to gig at a pub in Middleton-on-Sea. Singer/songwriter RJ Gibb, son of the Robin Gibb, will celebrate the music of The Bee Gees at The Beresford Pub on Friday, March 27, Middleton-on-Sea.
RJ said: "Our goal is to truly offer people a night to remember." Together with Robin John also upcoming star Jesse Ray will be there again.

  Interview video: Blue Weaver
Many years one of The Bee Gees Band members and co-writer of some great Gibb hits.

  New interview video: Beth Cohen
The Sessions Panel
BETH COHEN - Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Educator (Barry Gibb, Barbra Streisand, Jon Secada)

  New interview video: Lee Levin
The Sessions Panel
LEE LEVIN - Grammy winning Drummer, Engineer, Producer Member of Barry Gibb Band

  Update about Stayin' Alive Campaign
To save the Gaumont Theater in Chorlton, Manchester. The place where the Gibb brothers first took the stage in the late 50ties.

  Video: Going back in time with Lulu and The Bee Gees ...
LULU "This is your Life" (1973)

  New Bee Gees Vinyl Releases
Release May 8. 2020 Preorder the Bee Gees vinyl releases: Best Of Bee Gees, Main Course, Children Of The World, Here At Last...Bee Gees...Live, and Spirits Having Flown - here:

Marion: GSI 03/10/20  

NEWS, February 22

  Charity gala in London
Performance by Robin-John Gibb

In aid of Children's hospitals in Serbia, Crown Princess Katherine's charity organisation "Lifeline" will next week host a gala dinner at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

This year's dinner, like the years before, will be a memorable evening for a good cause. Andrew Eborn, a renowned inspirational speaker, will guide the guests through the evening. There will also be a live performance by RJ Gibb, son of the late Robin Gibb from the Bee Gees. A charity auction will be held by Sotheby's and all the money raised goes directly to the Crown Princess Foundation to help Serbian children, to buy vital medical equipment for children's hospitals in Serbia.

This event will take place Thursday 27th February 2020 at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London. UK.
It promises to be another wonderful evening for a very worthy cause!
Register your interest by completing the form on the Lifeline website:

(Thanks also Andrew Eborn).

  The Sessions Series:
RICHARD BRAVO - Percussionist/Drummer and Arranger (Barry Gibb, Barbra Streisand, Juanes)

Marion: GSI 02/22/20  

NEWS, February 14

  Some latest news
In answer to lots of questions from you we have checked about Barry's album and The Bee Gees Documentary.
We earlier reported already that Barry's new album won't be released before the second quarter of this year. This hasn't changed so far so we wait for latest details.
The new Bee Gees documentary has taken a bit longer than expected, but is now in the final editing stages!! Once complete Universal will be reaching out to potential broadcast partners worldwide. We will let you know.

  Alan Kendall (Bee Gees guitarist for many years)
As you know he is recovering from heart problems and many fans keep asking me about him. Alan wrote me again just before the Holidays.
'Hi Marion,
I am doing well thank you. Still not 100% yet but definitely getting there. Anyway it's lovely to hear from you and it's comforting to know that so many people care about me. I wish you and all your family a very Merry Christmas, and who knows maybe we'll get together yet.
Lots of love, Alan.'

  Saturday Night Fever, Documentary The Ultimate Disco Movie On Dutch TV: RTL Z de documentaire "Saturday Night Fever" the ultimate disco movie.
February 18: RTL Z - 01:20 - 02:45
February 21: RTL Z - 23:30 - 01:00

  Bradley Cooper is asked to play Barry Gibb in Bee Gees movie
From the media recently:
Bradley Cooper has been asked by the producers of a film about the Bee Gees to portray Barry Gibb, the eldest of the three brothers who enjoyed global chart- topping success - and flops too. The movie would follow the group, Barry and twins Maurice and Robin, from the time they arrived in Swinging London from Australia (where they had emigrated from the Isle of Man) and had their first No 1 hit with the song Massachusetts in 1967.
Additional info by GSI:
Paramount has purchased the life rights to the Gibb family estate on Graham King's behalf, which also includes the rights to use the group's hits in the film. The Bee Gees movie plans however still are in an early stage!! There only have been some informal discussions about portraying Barry by Bradley!! Whether Cooper will be involved, however, is still a question mark; a spokesperson for Cooper told the Mail that the actor is "not in negotiations at the moment."
more info on GSI facebook.

  Podcast about collecting Andy Gibb, Bee Gees things etc.
Thanks to Peta for sharing with me this podcast to post on GSI for all fans to enjoy.
Hey Marion,
Thought I would share this podcast that came out today. It's a podcast about people who collect things, and in this episode the host interviews Kristin Nilsen, a huge Andy Gibb (and Bee Gees) fan with an amazing record collection. She also runs a social media project called 'My Celebrity Crush' where she collects people's stories of their first celebrity crush. I am sure lots of fans will be able to relate to Kristin's story and enjoy it. Also, there are a couple of surprises at the end (that might just involve Shaun Cassidy and ME!). I think it would be great for you to share this. Hope you enjoy it.

  Some interview parts, interesting to watch
Bee Gees Interviews

Marion: GSI 02/14/20  

NEWS, January 21

  Aussies Raise Much Needed Funds through Bushfire Relief Auction In an online auction event last night, Australians from all over the country bid online to raise much needed funds for those fire affected communities. The third Lloyds Bushfire Relief Auction was held last night with 100% of proceeds going directly to fire affected communities, fire-fighters and volunteers, proving a fantastic result. Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees signed electric guitar fetched over $4,000.

  Gaumont Theatre
GSI gets lots of questions about it. There is no definite decision made yet. The Gibb Family has been informed. Chorlton community keeps 'appetite to fight' despite Co-op rejection

"There has not reached a final decision in relation to the site and we are continuing to look at options which ensuring the heritage of the site and its ultimate end use, benefit the local community. We have not entered into any contract with a preferred bidder and discussions around the future of the site are ongoing."

Marion / GSI:
   'We hope that in the end all parties will be satisfied. Maybe Gaumont after all can be safed somehow, maybe demolision of the old building and for instance a rememberance plaque for Bee Gees first performance at the original place or .... ?! We will keep you posted.'

The Bee Gees at the old Keppel Road house, In November 1981, they returned to their family home in Chorlton, Image Mirrorpix

  Bee Gees Offspring Spencer Gibb On Why Whitney Houston's Detractors Are Sad, Cynical & Plain Wrong
Tim Roxborogh:
'The following entry I just found on Facebook and is written by Spencer Gibb*, son of Bee Gee Robin Gibb. He provides an insight and perspective into the life of Whitney Houston, her statistical links to the Bee Gees and why heartless comments regarding drug addiction are based on ignorance. I do not personally know Spencer, but I offer him my sincerest thanks for allowing me to re-post this. It has been slightly edited from its original form, removing the names of some of the people mentioned. It was written in response to a Facebook conversation he read'.

Marion: GSI 01/21/20  

NEWS, January 2

From GSI to all of you we wish you a very good 2020 and we'll continue to bring you everything about The Gibbs on this website and more frequently on our GSI facebookgroup.

We are looking forward in 2020 to a new Barry Gibb album, a wonderful new biography of The Brothers Gibb, a statue for The Bee Gees in Douglas, Isle Of Man, new material by Sam and Spencer as The Ghost Twins and also new shows by Robin John Gibb with family and friends to keep our beloved Gibb music alive and...... hopefully lots of more interesting Gibb things.....

  The Gibb Legacy is Stayin' Alive
Robin John Gibb organized a first show on August 8th. 2019 in London. The beginning of his plans to keep the Gibb music alive together with friends and family. Another show was on October 20th. when he performed again with (Bee Gees Band member) Blue Weaver and also with the 3 brothers from Italy: The Egiziano Brothers who are performing their most favourite music: The Gibb Music, already for many years all over the world and now are standing together on stage with Robin John too.

There are plans for more and larger shows in near future to keep our favourite music alive!! The New Year will bring new shows by Robin John and his family and friends and his business partner Andrew Eborn.
Shows with a 2020 vision so ... keep an eye on GSI for more!!

  Interview with Barry Gibb from 2016

Marion: GSI 01/02/20  

More News 2019
NEWS, March 29


Live streaming of March 28. See the official stream on: GSI facebook. All proceeds and donations made during the Twitch Stream Aid will be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for World Health Organization, and viewers were able to donate throughout the show. This event kicked off more fundraising opportunities on Twitch, where Amazon Music has been working closely with artists of varying levels of their careers, to help them set up to stream shows for their fans.

Also watch:
scroll for all videos.
Thank you so much Barry and Steve!!

Barry Gibb official
Get part of this and enjoy Barry's channel.

There's lots of more on our GSI facebook group, keep following!!

Marion: GSI 03/29/20  

NEWS, March 27

Barry is scheduled to perform on-line: Saturday, March 28th

Barry's live performance time is now set for 7.05pm est from Miami on Saturday not between 5-6 pm as previously thought.
He will perform 2 or 3 songs.

BARRY GIBB: "I want to personally thank everybody who is doing the right thing and isolating themselves at this time. My family and I will be with you on Twitch for Stream Aid Saturday evening at 7:00pm EST. We will join the world in applauding the people that are helping. Our love to you all. Barry"

Marion: GSI 03/27/20  

NEWS, March 26

  Barry Gibb@GibbBarry on twitter
March 24. 2020 Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing as well as you can in these most troubling times. Let's try to stay hopeful and be helpful in any way we can right now. If you can give anything at all there are so many people that need it. Music is just one way to help heal us all.
Nordoff Robbins UK
Here's Tommy, who has complex learning difficulties, in music therapy last year. Through music he can express himself, finding joy & connection! Over the weeks ahead the shared experience of music can help connect us all even in the face of uncertainty #MakingMusicMatters.

Update March 25. 2020
Dear members
I understand your worries in these difficult times, about the health of your loved ones and of course about the well being of our dear Gibb families. I have been updating you about them for a while already and I am in touch all the time and will keep you informed. Today a new update about Barry and his situation and plans for the moment!! I just heard from Miami Beach today: These are 'Strange days indeed'. Everyone is well over there and staying in place at their homes. One is looking into Barry Gibb doing something on line soon!!
Love to all of you on behalf of the Gibb Families, Marion / GSI xxx. Stay Tuned!!

  Robin Gibb's secret song for actor is unearthed
A previously unknown Robin Gibb song has emerged among the belongings of the late Peter Wyngarde, the actor who starred in the 1970s ITV detective series Jason King etc...: I Will Surrender.. What's true about this: It was written for a Peter Wyngarde album but not included! Thanks Robin John Gibb for your message and also for sending me this British newspaper clipping.
Below short part of the whattsapp message of RJ to me :
Robin John: Hello Marion, "I Will Surrender" is a piece my father penned for Peter Wyngarde's 1970 novelty album entitled "When Sex Leers It's Inquisitive Head". The album was described as "revolting" and was subsequently pulled from the shelves only 4 days after release because of allusions by Peter to rape. "I Will Surrender" wasn't crude enough to be included I suppose...."

  News update from Robin John
Like GSI earlier mentioned, all Gibb related plans and events might be delayed due to the corona virus problems all over the world. GSI will keep you updated of course about everything. In the same message I received from RJ today (see topic above) he also mentioned about his plans concerning special shows for celebrating the Legacy Of The Gibb Music which also are delayed, but RJ told me: --- We are still in talks with more promoters as well as the Egiziano Brothers and the other artists etc. and I will keep you updated on progress and rescheduled shows etc.
Stay safe Marion. Lots of love & warm regards, Sincerely RJ ---

  The Sessions Panel interview with.....
STEPHEN GIBB - Heavy Metal Songwriter, Singer & Guitarist

  High Civilization': How Bee Gees Advanced Into The 90s

Barry is scheduled to perform 2 or 3 songs between 5-6pm est (USA Eastcoast) on Saturday March 28th. 2020.

Marion: GSI 03/26/20  

NEWS, March 1

  Robin John, performance for charity / announcement upcoming shows
February 27, London - Robin John Gibb:
- "It was an honour and indeed an absolute privilege to support Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katarina, their inspirational charity Lifeline, and to have performed at Thursday evening's Gala for so many incredible people. Lifeline is an extremely worthy cause, raising funds for medical care and provisions across Serbia, a beautiful country which has never fully recovered from the devastation wrought by the civil wars of the 1990s. I encourage all who read this to click on the link below to learn more about Lifeline and all that they have accomplished and have set out to do, as well as how anyone who wishes to can help to make a difference and donate to the charity. There are also some wonderful photographs of Their Royal Highnesses, the many dignitaries, celebrities, ambassadors, and other valued supporters. God bless all who attended and contributed to last Thursday's Gala, indeed, what you have given makes such a huge difference".
Love & Best wishes to you all, Sincerely RJ

- PS: "Over the next few months, KTT (the company Andrew and I forged together) will be producing more live shows here in the UK as well as Europe. Keep an eye on this space as well as Gibb Service International (GSI) facebookgroup, for updates and details on how to attend.
Hope to see you there !! ".

Message by Robin John to GSI
About the setlist of the performance of last Thursday etc. when Robin John Gibb did a live performance at the charity gala in the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

Robin John Gibb to GSI:
"first song: I Started A Joke [Bee Gees], 2. Let it Be You [ R.J. Gibb] - to be released this year!, 3 So Clear And So True ( I Need You) [ R.J. Gibb] to be released this year!, 4. How Deep Is Your Love [Bee Gees], 5. On and On [ R.J. Gibb] - to be released this year!, 6. To Love Somebody [Bee Gees], 7. Juliet [Robin Gibb] We've recorded a new studio version. It's been completed and is ready to be released, ideally to coincide with the performances of The upcoming Legacy Shows where it will be performed by myself along with The Egiziano Brothers!"

  Barry Gibb interview in T.G. Sheppard Show
Last year while Barry was staying in Nashville he was interviewed by his good friend T.G.

  Wedding Anniversary
I have received quite some questions lately as to what can be done to celebrate the special September 1 date this year. As in 2020 on that date it will be Barry and Linda's 50th. wedding anniversary!! Most likely they would be very pleased to get donations for the Diabetic Research Institute !! GSI will get back to this item later in the year.

  Vince Melouney
We have given you several updates already about Vince last year telling he'd rehearse again for new shows and tour and would record again. Vince recently rehearsed in LA amongst others for his new tour inwhich he also will perform old Bee Gees hits with new arrangements. He also recorded a single produced by Shel Talmy and backed by me and drummer Clem Burke of Blondie. He's planning on returning to Los Angeles in May for more rehearsals with shows tentatively planned for late this year. This month he first will join The Egiziano Brothers again and Dennis Bryon who will do another tour through Germany celebrating The Bee Gees music in the Massachusetts shows of The Italian Bee Gees. GSI has already mentioned earlier that during one of my meetings with Vince the passed years he mentioned some songs he'd written with Barry in 1976!! During the summer of 1976 Barry met up with Vince Melouney again and wrote two songs that were never recorded. The numbers I believe are: Let it Ride and Morning Rain Vince would like to finish and release these songs in near future and he would love to perform them during his tour. We will see and I will keep you updated, Marion / GSI

  A new interview in The Sessions Series:
RICHARD BRAVO - Percussionist/Drummer and Arranger (Barry Gibb, Barbra Streisand, Juanes)

  Bee Gees Movie, update !!
In answer to again a lot of questions to GSI about the upcoming Bee Gees movie.
I can tell you that I assume after what I hear and read lately and based on the rumours telling Bradley Cooper might be playing Barry Gibb as well as the fact that it is the same producers as the 'Queen' Biopic are involved .... that the actors will be lip synch to the original Bee Gees recordings!! and I guess that Barry, Yvonne and Dwina will likely be given the courtesy / approval of each of their respective individual brother. Not sure how many sets of brothers / time zones the producers will decide upon. I think they are planning to complete the filming by the end of next year and try to release it then in 2022. I will keep you updated!

Marion: GSI 03/01/20  

NEWS, January 24

  Gaumont Cinema could be saved from demolition!
We are pleased to announce that The Co-operative Group has offered Cholrton CLT, working with a development partner, more time to deliver the proposed community-based redevelopment of the Funeralcare building in Chorlton!!

The Co-op have accepted the CLT's published offer of £2.2m on the basis that the final proposal delivers the key community elements that the CLT have stated. The Co-op will work with the CLT during this period as they develop their proposal which involves retaining the former Gaumont Cinema building where the Bee Gees first performed in public. If a sale to the CLT does not proceed, The Co-op will go ahead with alternative development plans for the property.

  Lesley Gibb Evans meets with Colin Petersen again
Bee Gees fans will know the significance of this. Colin Peterson meeting up with Lesley (Gibb) 50 years after their time together with the band. They were both shaking with excitement. Wests, New Lambton Newcastle, Friday the 24th. of January, 2020
Thanks Russell Davey.

At Wests New Lambton Newcastle on Friday the 24th of Jan. The performers of The Best of The Bee Gees, singer Roslyn Loxton and Lesley Gibb + Colin Petersen in the middle. Copyright Russell Davey.

The 'Best Of The Bee Gees'performers, with guest singer Roslyn Loxton and special guest Colin Petersen (former original Bee Gees drummer). Copyright Russell Davey

Lesley Gibb and Colin Petersen. Copyright Russell Davey.

Marion: GSI 01/24/20  

NEWS, January 12

  Gaumont Theatre
Sad News!.... for the Stayin' Alive campaign!!!
Our community-led bid has been rejected to save the old Gaumont Theatre in Chorlton.

  Signed Barry Gibb guitar, donated to Lloyds Bushfire Appeal Auction Dr David English, First President of British Empire BeeGees Record Label, RSO Records, has kindly donated an Electric Guitar signed by music icon Barry Gibb, to the Lloyds Auctions Bushfire Relief Auction. "Along with my signed guitar, both Barry and I want to send our heartfelt best wishes to all the survivors both humans and animals of this tragedy engulfing Australia, which will always remain very close to our hearts. All our special love," Dr English commented.

Marion: GSI 01/12/20  

NEWS, January 8

  BUSHFIRE APPEAL Here are all the Bushfire Appeal concerts happening in Australia While Australia continues to deal with the alarming bushfire crisis across the country, and the world begins to take notice (and, for some, action), the local music industry is coming together to raise necessary funds to help. We've rounded up all the bushfire appeal concerts we could so you can try attend as much as possible.
UPDATE source GSI:
'In answer to many questions: I have been in touch with the Gibb family recently especially because I had the feeling they must be very worried about what is going on in Australia right now as also part of their family lives there. GSI also received many questions from fans. I heard that the family are looking into various ways to raise money and contribute already in some way presently.
More info when available'

  Keeping The Gibb Music Alive
Soon more info on GSI about The Gibb Family shows to celebrate The Gibb Music and to keep their Gibb legacy alive: The music of The Brothers Gibb, by Robin John Gibb and his family and friends. The only Gibb tribute show authorised and in cooperation with The Gibbs themselves!!
Stay tuned for info and dates, here on GSI !!

  Maurice Gibb unreleased material
Many fans regularly ask GSI what I know about possibilities to release any unreleased material of Maurice. Therefore I asked his family again how the situation is at the moment concerning this idea.

Adam Gibb, part of email to Marion / GSI, January 8, 2020: 'As it stands right now there are no plans to release any of my Dad's unreleased songs. We have discussed the possibility of doing it but nothing is imminent. Hope this helps! Best, Adam. '

  Barry's New Album
Barry's new album like GSI already mentioned is planned for this year. GSI received the news that there is no release date known at this time. For sure it won't be in the first quarter of 2020. I will keep you posted.

Marion: GSI 01/08/20  

Gibb Service International