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NEWS, February 14

  Some latest news
In answer to lots of questions from you we have checked about Barry's album and The Bee Gees Documentary.
We earlier reported already that Barry's new album won't be released before the second quarter of this year. This hasn't changed so far so we wait for latest details.
The new Bee Gees documentary has taken a bit longer than expected, but is now in the final editing stages!! Once complete Universal will be reaching out to potential broadcast partners worldwide. We will let you know.

  Alan Kendall (Bee Gees guitarist for many years)
As you know he is recovering from heart problems and many fans keep asking me about him. Alan wrote me again just before the Holidays.
'Hi Marion,
I am doing well thank you. Still not 100% yet but definitely getting there. Anyway it's lovely to hear from you and it's comforting to know that so many people care about me. I wish you and all your family a very Merry Christmas, and who knows maybe we'll get together yet.
Lots of love, Alan.'

  Saturday Night Fever, Documentary The Ultimate Disco Movie On Dutch TV: RTL Z de documentaire "Saturday Night Fever" the ultimate disco movie.
February 18: RTL Z - 01:20 - 02:45
February 21: RTL Z - 23:30 - 01:00

  Bradley Cooper is asked to play Barry Gibb in Bee Gees movie
From the media recently:
Bradley Cooper has been asked by the producers of a film about the Bee Gees to portray Barry Gibb, the eldest of the three brothers who enjoyed global chart- topping success - and flops too. The movie would follow the group, Barry and twins Maurice and Robin, from the time they arrived in Swinging London from Australia (where they had emigrated from the Isle of Man) and had their first No 1 hit with the song Massachusetts in 1967.
Additional info by GSI:
Paramount has purchased the life rights to the Gibb family estate on Graham King's behalf, which also includes the rights to use the group's hits in the film. The Bee Gees movie plans however still are in an early stage!! There only have been some informal discussions about portraying Barry by Bradley!! Whether Cooper will be involved, however, is still a question mark; a spokesperson for Cooper told the Mail that the actor is "not in negotiations at the moment."
more info on GSI facebook.

  Podcast about collecting Andy Gibb, Bee Gees things etc.
Thanks to Peta for sharing with me this podcast to post on GSI for all fans to enjoy.
Hey Marion,
Thought I would share this podcast that came out today. It's a podcast about people who collect things, and in this episode the host interviews Kristin Nilsen, a huge Andy Gibb (and Bee Gees) fan with an amazing record collection. She also runs a social media project called 'My Celebrity Crush' where she collects people's stories of their first celebrity crush. I am sure lots of fans will be able to relate to Kristin's story and enjoy it. Also, there are a couple of surprises at the end (that might just involve Shaun Cassidy and ME!). I think it would be great for you to share this. Hope you enjoy it.

  Some interview parts, interesting to watch
Bee Gees Interviews

Marion: GSI 02/14/20  

NEWS, January 12

  Gaumont Theatre
Sad News!.... for the Stayin' Alive campaign!!!
Our community-led bid has been rejected to save the old Gaumont Theatre in Chorlton.

  Signed Barry Gibb guitar, donated to Lloyds Bushfire Appeal Auction Dr David English, First President of British Empire BeeGees Record Label, RSO Records, has kindly donated an Electric Guitar signed by music icon Barry Gibb, to the Lloyds Auctions Bushfire Relief Auction. "Along with my signed guitar, both Barry and I want to send our heartfelt best wishes to all the survivors both humans and animals of this tragedy engulfing Australia, which will always remain very close to our hearts. All our special love," Dr English commented.

Marion: GSI 01/12/20  

NEWS, January 8

  BUSHFIRE APPEAL Here are all the Bushfire Appeal concerts happening in Australia While Australia continues to deal with the alarming bushfire crisis across the country, and the world begins to take notice (and, for some, action), the local music industry is coming together to raise necessary funds to help. We've rounded up all the bushfire appeal concerts we could so you can try attend as much as possible.
UPDATE source GSI:
'In answer to many questions: I have been in touch with the Gibb family recently especially because I had the feeling they must be very worried about what is going on in Australia right now as also part of their family lives there. GSI also received many questions from fans. I heard that the family are looking into various ways to raise money and contribute already in some way presently.
More info when available'

  Keeping The Gibb Music Alive
Soon more info on GSI about The Gibb Family shows to celebrate The Gibb Music and to keep their Gibb legacy alive: The music of The Brothers Gibb, by Robin John Gibb and his family and friends. The only Gibb tribute show authorised and in cooperation with The Gibbs themselves!!
Stay tuned for info and dates, here on GSI !!

  Maurice Gibb unreleased material
Many fans regularly ask GSI what I know about possibilities to release any unreleased material of Maurice. Therefore I asked his family again how the situation is at the moment concerning this idea.

Adam Gibb, part of email to Marion / GSI, January 8, 2020: 'As it stands right now there are no plans to release any of my Dad's unreleased songs. We have discussed the possibility of doing it but nothing is imminent. Hope this helps! Best, Adam. '

  Barry's New Album
Barry's new album like GSI already mentioned is planned for this year. GSI received the news that there is no release date known at this time. For sure it won't be in the first quarter of 2020. I will keep you posted.

Marion: GSI 01/08/20  

NEWS, December 20

  Stayin 'Alive
A quick message today to keep you all up to date on the progress of the community-led Stayin' Alive campaign.

  Private Lives - Dwina Gibb talks about Robin and The Bee Gees
Interview from September 19, 2019.
Paul Robinson met Dwina Gibb, wife of the late Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, who he met at her home, as well as chatting with their son RJ. Talking memories of Robin Gibb and The Bee Gees working together, and many of their hits and compositions.

Marion: GSI 12/20/19  

NEWS, December 12

  Some answers to questions you sent recently
 As far as GSI knows none of the Mythology concerts were officially taped, so no DVD plans.
 GSI believes that Barry may have from time to time been very slowly working on a book about his life, but I guess it would likely not come out until quite some time after the recently announced Bee Gees Biopic comes to the screens. So we have to wait some more for the book.

  The Hit Factory Criteria Recording Studios
Be sure to check out the The Hit Factory Criteria Recording Studios Channel, early next year. Named on youtube: The Sessions Panel. Interviews with Beth Cohen and Steve Gibb will then be shown there etc.
Subscribe to the channel and you will be advised of when it is posted

Marion: GSI 12/12/19  

NEWS, December 1

  December 1 - 1999 / December 1 - 2019.
Twenty years ago today that I started the GSI website.
Thanks so much for all kind wishes you sent me on the GSI facebookgroup: Marion / GSI

  Chris Evert's Annual Pro-Celebrity Classic very successfull Chris Evert's Annual Pro-Celebrity Classic successfully took place this weekend in Boca Raton, Florida and raised over $800,000 towards drug abuse and child neglect.
Chris Evert: '"This was one of the most exciting events in our 30-year history. Having Barry Gibb play at the Gala was a dream come true and really helped us reach our fundraising goal for this year!" " With this weekend's event, the total funds raised over 30 years by the event is now close to the $26 million mark."

  Exclusively The Bee Gees Radio
Enjoy Bee Gees music on radio, from Germany!

Marion: GSI 12/01/19  

NEWS, November 24

  Barry Gibb at Chris Evert 30th Pro-Celebrity Gala.
November 23. 2019, at the Waldorf Astoria Boca Raton Resort and Beach Club.

Barry on stage, Copyright: Florida
Absolutely nothing beats a night of sincere charity support topped off with a private concert by legend Sir Barry Gibb and his talented as well as award-winning Band! Truly a special evening on so many levels. The goal was to join forces and raise money to fight drug and alcohol addiction. It's exactly what 800+ guests did tonight at the Gala. Both silent and live auctions were held and Barry Gibb & Band outdid themselves with a very energetic and memorable private concert.
(Thanks also: Denis Wiggins)
You Should Be Dancin' - longer intro - 3.45
Lonely Days - 3.50
To love Somebody - 4.20
How Can You Mend A broken Heart - 3.35
Guilty - 4.33
Islands In The Stream - 4.30
Intro / Jive Talkin' - 6.04
I've Gotta Get A Message To You - 2.55
Run To Me - 2.20
How Deep Is Your Love - 3.55
Words - 3.55
Stayin Alive - 4.00
For much more photos and lots of videos visit us at: GSI Facebookgroup.

Barry and Chris. Copyright: Chris Evert Charities
Marion: GSI 11/24/19  

NEWS, November 7

  Update about some Gibb projects!!
 The Bee Gees documentary is almost finished and I heard it will be shown on Cable /TV worldwide next year.
 The Movie in co - operation with Barry, Yvonne & Dwina will likely take 3 years to make and will come to cinemas worldwide.
 I am not aware of any further plans concerning a Musical Stage Show presently.
 I believe Barry's new album is almost finished and will be released next year, as of now a release date or promotional plans are unknown. We will keep you informed of course.
 Like earlier mentioned on GSI, Dwina is busy listening to tapes onwhich Robin, before he died, has told about lots of situations, anecdotes, and stories which happened in his life. Dwina is planning to release this in a book sooner or later.
 There are plans for a huge international show to celebrate the Gibb music. This is a project of Robin John Gibb and family and we already mentioned about some first small shows in August and October, London. It will be a project supported by the Gibb Family and a true and authorised tribute to the Gibb music. You will soon hear more about it here on GSI.
 Barry will likely perform for approximately one hour at the Chris Evert Gala at Boca Raton Florida on Nov 23rd. No chance for Meet and Greet / visit soundcheck.
 The plans for getting a memorial for Andy Gibb in Miami are there: work is in progress like earlier mentioned by GSI. More details when available.
 There are plans to erect a statue of the Bee Gees in Douglas on The Isle Of Man, where Barry, Robin and Maurice were born. The authority wants to demolish a public shelter between the Marine Gardens and replace it with a sculpture of brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb.
 The first goal to save the Gaumont Theater in Manchester succeeded, like you can read in the several updates/ articles on the GSI facebookgroup, November 11th. 2019. Everyone now is trying to pledge and get more money to be able to do more. We have good hope. Keep following this project and let's hope the Gaumont Theater building, where the 3 brothers did their first live performance on stage, will be kept for the future.

For all of the above projects and more... we will keep you updated on GSI and will post when more news is available,so stay tuned!!
Marion / GSI

In answer to some questions from fans:
I believe Barry and family will be spending the Christmas and New Year holidays in Miami.

Some articles/video material of interest:
also watch this video:
For much more videos/articles/updates: pay a regular visit to our GSI facebookgroup

Marion: GSI 11/07/19  
(thanks to my sources in USA and UK).

More News 2019
NEWS, January 24

  Gaumont Cinema could be saved from demolition!
We are pleased to announce that The Co-operative Group has offered Cholrton CLT, working with a development partner, more time to deliver the proposed community-based redevelopment of the Funeralcare building in Chorlton!!

The Co-op have accepted the CLT's published offer of £2.2m on the basis that the final proposal delivers the key community elements that the CLT have stated. The Co-op will work with the CLT during this period as they develop their proposal which involves retaining the former Gaumont Cinema building where the Bee Gees first performed in public. If a sale to the CLT does not proceed, The Co-op will go ahead with alternative development plans for the property.

  Lesley Gibb Evans meets with Colin Petersen again
Bee Gees fans will know the significance of this. Colin Peterson meeting up with Lesley (Gibb) 50 years after their time together with the band. They were both shaking with excitement. Wests, New Lambton Newcastle, Friday the 24th. of January, 2020
Thanks Russell Davey.

At Wests New Lambton Newcastle on Friday the 24th of Jan. The performers of The Best of The Bee Gees, singer Roslyn Loxton and Lesley Gibb + Colin Petersen in the middle. Copyright Russell Davey.

The 'Best Of The Bee Gees'performers, with guest singer Roslyn Loxton and special guest Colin Petersen (former original Bee Gees drummer). Copyright Russell Davey

Lesley Gibb and Colin Petersen. Copyright Russell Davey.

Marion: GSI 01/24/20  

NEWS, January 21

  Aussies Raise Much Needed Funds through Bushfire Relief Auction In an online auction event last night, Australians from all over the country bid online to raise much needed funds for those fire affected communities. The third Lloyds Bushfire Relief Auction was held last night with 100% of proceeds going directly to fire affected communities, fire-fighters and volunteers, proving a fantastic result. Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees signed electric guitar fetched over $4,000.

  Gaumont Theatre
GSI gets lots of questions about it. There is no definite decision made yet. The Gibb Family has been informed. Chorlton community keeps 'appetite to fight' despite Co-op rejection

"There has not reached a final decision in relation to the site and we are continuing to look at options which ensuring the heritage of the site and its ultimate end use, benefit the local community. We have not entered into any contract with a preferred bidder and discussions around the future of the site are ongoing."

Marion / GSI:
   'We hope that in the end all parties will be satisfied. Maybe Gaumont after all can be safed somehow, maybe demolision of the old building and for instance a rememberance plaque for Bee Gees first performance at the original place or .... ?! We will keep you posted.'

The Bee Gees at the old Keppel Road house, In November 1981, they returned to their family home in Chorlton, Image Mirrorpix

  Bee Gees Offspring Spencer Gibb On Why Whitney Houston's Detractors Are Sad, Cynical & Plain Wrong
Tim Roxborogh:
'The following entry I just found on Facebook and is written by Spencer Gibb*, son of Bee Gee Robin Gibb. He provides an insight and perspective into the life of Whitney Houston, her statistical links to the Bee Gees and why heartless comments regarding drug addiction are based on ignorance. I do not personally know Spencer, but I offer him my sincerest thanks for allowing me to re-post this. It has been slightly edited from its original form, removing the names of some of the people mentioned. It was written in response to a Facebook conversation he read'.

Marion: GSI 01/21/20  

NEWS, January 2

From GSI to all of you we wish you a very good 2020 and we'll continue to bring you everything about The Gibbs on this website and more frequently on our GSI facebookgroup.

We are looking forward in 2020 to a new Barry Gibb album, a wonderful new biography of The Brothers Gibb, a statue for The Bee Gees in Douglas, Isle Of Man, new material by Sam and Spencer as The Ghost Twins and also new shows by Robin John Gibb with family and friends to keep our beloved Gibb music alive and...... hopefully lots of more interesting Gibb things.....

  The Gibb Legacy is Stayin' Alive
Robin John Gibb organized a first show on August 8th. 2019 in London. The beginning of his plans to keep the Gibb music alive together with friends and family. Another show was on October 20th. when he performed again with (Bee Gees Band member) Blue Weaver and also with the 3 brothers from Italy: The Egiziano Brothers who are performing their most favourite music: The Gibb Music, already for many years all over the world and now are standing together on stage with Robin John too.

There are plans for more and larger shows in near future to keep our favourite music alive!! The New Year will bring new shows by Robin John and his family and friends and his business partner Andrew Eborn.
Shows with a 2020 vision so ... keep an eye on GSI for more!!

  Interview with Barry Gibb from 2016

Marion: GSI 01/02/20  

NEWS, December 4

  Love And Hope Ball 2020
The next Love & Hope High Rollers Night, will be held again at the Nobu Hotel Eden Roc on Miami Beach on February 15th 2020. Cocktails, Dinner, Dancing, Casino Prizes etc. however Like every year. GSI has received the information that Barry will not be performing.

  More plans from Capitol /Universal
GSI believes the record company are considering re - releasing about 5 more of the of 70's vinyl albums in conjunction with the airing of the new Documentary next year. I cannot mention you any album titles yet nor possible bonus items but will keep you up to date as always. So stay tuned on GSI there's lots of new things coming up !!

Marion: GSI 12/04/19  

NEWS, November 28

Marion / GSI:
"Here again a little update about things you have asked me about recently".
 Merchandise, No official Barry / Group merchandise available presently but hopefully deals will be in place in the not too distant future.
 "Spirits Having Flown" At this time I have not heard more info from Universal about plans in place to re - release 'Spirits Having Flown' or related material . There will be extra attention for Spirits in the new to be released documentary though. What the future will bring we have to wait and see.
 Universal fire in LA. Lots of questions about this after some new media attention about this a while ago. I have searched and know that all the Bee Gees Masters are safe as they were still with Warners in 2008 but there is a possibility that some solo tapes may have been lost although there may well be duplicate tapes in the UK.
 Media reports about Nick Endacott: I have been in touch with him a number of years ago and GSI will wait with posting anything more until a possible Gibb family statement, due to privacy reasons.
More updates when available here on GSI.

Marion: GSI 11/28/19  

NEWS, November 12

  Some latest info about: Two former Bee Gees drummers
Geoff Bridgford and Colin Petersen.
Geoff wrote GSI yesterday again that all is going will with him. Some time ago he mentioned to GSI he'd met Colin and talked with him and would love to meet him soon again. We reported about that. Unfortunately this ne meeting didn't happen yet and since Colin is also behind the drums now Geoff had hoped to be able to visit Colin's performance next May but then he will be working somewhere else and cannot visit. The two still have hope to get together again in near future. Part of Geoff's message to GSI: "I'm doing well . I still keep chipping away at my love for the music and planning some new recordings and low key solo gigs for 2020. I'll send you links to anything relevant. Good to see Colin petersen is back playing drums. His drumming was very inventive in The Bee Gees songs he played on. Although 'Twin Towns' is located pretty close to me, I'll be away down South in Melbourne around that date - otherwise it could have been a good opportunity to catch up with him again. All the best to you, will be in touch, warm regards
Geoff B"

Colin: , former Bee Gees drummer plays at Twin Towns Clubs & Resorts, Tweed Heads,
New South Wales, Australia on May 2, 2020

Some reposts from last year:

  Bee Gees statue in Douglas
The statue on the Isle Of Man will have 'worldwide appeal', says council leader!! According to David Christian the authority wants to create a landmark feature that both visitors and locals will appreciate. Mr Christian discussed the proposal with Local Democracy Reporter Ewan Gawne. Discussions over a statue started about 10 years ago when Robin and Barry attended a ceremony at Douglas Town Hall where they became Freeman Of Douglas. The authority is trying to see if Barry can attend the unveiling of the statue next year. Hopefully, pending planning approval, it will be complete in April next year. The proposal would see a £150,000 sculpture of Manx-born Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, caught mid-Stayin' Alive stride, put on Douglas' Loch Promenade. The 7ft (2m) design is by Andrew Edwards, who crafted statues of The Beatles and Cilla Black in Liverpool. In the base of the statue, which would be in the shape of a record: inscribed the lyrics from Ellan Vannin, the song the group recorded to raise funds for a Manx charity in 1997. Four lighting bollards have been included to illuminate the statue. A council spokesman said if approved, the statue would be in place by April 2020. There are even plans yet for the unveiling and the date of this ceremony, however I cannot tell more about that now as it is still confidential. More on GSI when I can publish these plans.
Read more and listen to the audio: Videos: Plans for Bee Gees statue at Douglas Promenade
BeeGees made freemen of Douglas, Isle of Man

  Pledge for The Gaumont Theater A campaign to save a former cinema which hosted the first-ever performance by the Gibb brothers, long before their worldwide fame as the Bee Gees, has raised already more than £300,000.

  More about the Bee Gees movie plans.
The 'Bohemian Rhapsody' scribe is teaming up with Graham King, Stacey Snider and Steven Spielberg to bring the Bee Gees story to the big screen.

Marion: GSI 11/12/19  
(More news, photos and updates on our Facebookgroup).

NEWS, November 1


Finally some info concerning the movie plans we earlier mentioned about and where recently also Robin John Gibb talked about in an interview just before the premiere of his first show in August. Some very big projects in the making now.... ofwhich the Biography is almost ready but the Musical and Movie will still take quite some time!! We will wait and see. It worked for Queen. It worked for Elton John. Why not tackle the Bee Gees next? Paramount Pictures and producer Graham King are producing a biopic movie about the Bee Gees...

Paramount, Sister, Graham King Team For Bee Gees Biopic
Paramount Pictures is teaming with upstart producer-financier Sister and Bohemian Rhapsody producer Graham King to mount a movie about the Bee Gees, the trio whose worldwide sales of more than 220 million records established them as one of the biggest-selling groups of all time. The studio has purchased the life rights to the Gibbs family estate, which will allow them to use the trio's iconic songs in the final film. Recently formed production/financial venture Sister is partnering with Paramount and Bohemian Rhapsody producer Graham King for the new film. While details are currently scarce, Deadline reports that the studio is currently looking to lock down a writer for the project. We also keep you updated the coming time about this project.

Marion: GSI 11/01/19  

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