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NEWS, March 25

  Vince Melouney
What is Vince doing these days!!
Germany: March 2019.

photo: Copyright Michael Kohlhaas, Vince during the Massachusetts Tour in Wiesbaden, Germany, March 12, 2019.
Marion / GSI: 'At the moment Vince is touring again through Germany where he is with Dennis Bryon and Blue Weaver like each year the special artists in the Massachusetts Concert Show of The Italian Bee Gees. ( the photo of Vince was taken during this German tour). Earlier this month I visited some shows and talked of course also with Vince about this tour which he enjoys very much and where he sings several Bee Gees songs in his own way. A long planned album is about to be released and Vince hopes to have it ready later during this tour. Like I earlier mentioned he has formed a band again with some artists and has been rehearsing late last year in LA. Vince told me he'll go back to America during the second break of the Massachusetts tour in April to do more rehearsing and planning for his own tour with his new group which will start later this year. Several concerts have been planned already in LA and area as well as in Las Vegas (USA).

If you're interested in having Vince and the band play at your venue or event, send a message to the The Vince Malouney Sect facebook group!!, Vince's new group: 'The Vince Melouney Sect' will be available to perform early Bee Gees, Aztecs and Vince Malouney Sect material at clubs, festivals, private events and house concerts. There have been delays in getting everything organized to come to The USA so latest news is that Vince's tour won't start before around December this year: US West Coast and followed by US East Coast tour in Spring 2020 and then Europe in Summer next year. Quite something to look forward to and GSI is in contact with Vince and with his team so we keep you updates about dates and places etc. Vince will also appear in the forthcoming official documentary on The Bee Gees being produced by Frank Marshall ("Raiders Of The Lost Ark," "Back To The Future") and Nigel Sinclair ("The Beatles: Eight Days A Week," "George Harrison: Living In The Material World.") This film will be released by Universal Music Group in 2020.

Follow all the news on the GSI facebook group:
And The Vince Melouney Sect facebook group:

  New Gibb song by Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie has released her latest album: "Between The Earth And The Stars" One of her songs is "Seven Waves Away" Written by : Barry Gibb - Steve Gibb - Ashley Gibb and Doug Emery.
Lyrics of the song: PDF "Seven Waves Away"

Marion: GSI 03/25/19  

NEWS, February 12

  MEG Production: Chase The Jaguar
Official release of first single: "Never Let You Down"!

  "Seven Waves Away".
Barry's song for Bonnie Tyler.
You can also listen to a little sample.

Marion: GSI 02/12/19  
(More updates on GSI Facebook)

NEWS, February 9

  DEAR MEMBERS...... FINALLY..... IT'S A GO GO....!!!
GSI has been mentioned in pinned messages, updates and comments on both the group and the website about plans in the works quite some time already. In 2017 I heard the first plans 'confidential' from my sources in Miami Beach like it happens more often with new plans.. Some plans do not see the light of day as in the music industry so many people have to decide and work on things and so many reasons can be there, to stop working on plans. Don't forget that so do not always blame The Gibb Family for not doing what they were -planning- to do. (also one of the reasons why it's better to wait with announcing to the moment when things become more real). I regret the fact that some fans often get angry at ME for not mentioning more and sooner but please understand that when I am told confidential... I won't spread the word yet. This happens often with these huge projects in music industry and there's more in the works still...... so be patient and trust me, thank you Marion / GSI

A Bee Gees documentary.
Authorized by Barry Gibb and the families of his late brothers Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb. The film will be presented and fully financed by Polygram, Capitol Records and UMPG, and produced by the Kennedy/Marshall Company, White Horse Pictures and Diamond Docs. Marshall is directing and will produce with Nigel Sinclair ("Eight Days a Week"), Mark Monroe and White Horse Pictures' Jeanne Elfant Festa.
Plans to release the film: later this year.
More info below:
Polygram, a Dutch entertainment company, stated they are going to make several music documentaries, per an exclusive report by Variety: They will be about the Bee Gees, the Go-Go's, the jewelry associated with hip-hop, and the history of the mixtape.

Click for official press release

Marion: GSI 02/09/19  

NEWS, January 23

  Next Generation Info etc.
Sam and Laz with new band.
News about Sam, Laz and their new signed MEG group The new band that Samantha Gibb and Lazaro Rodriquez recently signed to M.E.G. Records is called: 'Chase The Jaguar'. You can hear already some songs of the group on ITunes. Like mentioned before new tunes are coming where also Sam is singing on. Their EP that will be released with the single "I Gotta Have It" is coming early this summer.
When I recently asked Sam how this group got their name she answered me:
"Hey Marion,
They actually got the name when someone asked them randomly if they had heard of the band Cage The Elephant and in response, David, the lead singer said "No, do you know who Chase The Jaguar are?" and something clicked and he thought, "That could be a cool name?", since they hadn't figured a name out yet : Sam to GSI: " I am gonna be sending you more stuff of the group soon. We will be releasing their first video from their new EP on Feb 8th and I will send you links to the teaser which will be released a week before as well as the live link to the video on the day of release. ".
So everyone stay tuned on GSI!!

Sam and Spencer

Sam: " I Got the amazing opportunity to write recently with this incredibly talented songwriter Spencer Gibb who also happens to be my cousin!! He was nominated in this year's Austin Music Awards for best songwriter." Sam: "Working with Spenc has been super fun! It will take us a little time to put an EP together. We are really focused right now on getting the boys out there (Chase The Jaguar), so we're thinking fall/winter time would be when we, Spencer and myself get something out. Think its gonna be really cool. I will keep you informed as things come along with that".

Keep following all the news on our GSI facebookgroup too!!

Marion: GSI 01/23/19  

NEWS, December 24

December 24th.

Dear GSI members
With the Christmas wishes today from Miami Beach a short update to GSI about some plans and answers to some fan questions:

* There is another 'Love and Hope' casino night on March 9th planned however no plans for Barry to perform at this event.
* Barry's favorite food = Indian and his favorite Drink = Saki.
* No plans to announce at this time for any live shows in 2019.
* There will be an official announcement in the New Year about one of the projects which have been in progress for some time already but untill then I am asked not to mention anything yet.
* Some other big plans are still in research but we will keep you update don GSI when there's news.
* At this time no new album scheduled for release next year.
* Barry and Family will spend Christmas and New Year in Miami.

"Merry Christmas and all best wishes for 2019. Thanks for everything. Dick"

Marion: GSI 12/24/18  

NEWS, December 1

December 1. 1999 - 2018

I started doing fanwork for The Bee Gees around 1970 and I continued to be involved in fanwork for the Gibbs and still do today. After almost 50 years it still is a joy to inform people about the Gibbs and their music. First I worked some time doing things on my own and then I became part of the Dutch based club BGI and lateron also worked for the US based BGFC, being the European leg and then in 1999 next to that started the GSI website together with my husband (who's taking care of the technical part of the website). Last but not least I became member of Facebook (2012) and some time later started the GSI Facebook group in addition to the GSI website. I reported through these years about many happy and sad events and still love to continue to share my love for the Gibb music with everyone who is interested. I however couldn't have done this all these years without the contact with The Gibb Family and people around them, as well as the continued support of so many loyal Gibb fans, therefore THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
WE ARE ONE!! Love Marion
For information visit: and

  Happy Birthday, Gibb men!

Photos and article by Anne Jakowenko.
It's that time of year again, when the celebration begins for two of the Gibb boys. Linda Gibb gave birth to two of her sons on the same day of the calendar, December 1. Steve was born 11 years before Mike; but how ironic is it that of the 365 days of the year, they were given life on this one day?

  Cliff Richard Documentary film with amongst others Barry Gibb
UK indie prodco Spun Gold Television is producing an hour-long documentary on British pop musician and actor Cliff Richard to mark his 60-year anniversary in show business: Sir Cliff Richard: 60 Years In Private And In Public The film also follows Richard as he starts his new tour in Newcastle and features interviews with Barry Gibb, Olivia Newton-John, Hank Marvin, Lord Lloyd-Webber and Joan Collins. The film is directed by Jamie Batten and executive produced by Juliet Rice. It was commissioned for ITV by James Cohen. It will air on ITV 10th. Dec 9 pm. (local British time)

  Bee Gees Album ranking by Tim Roxborogh
Here it is! Every international Bee Gees studio album from 1967-2001 mathematically rated and ranked. This has taken me several months and I hope it will inspire much listening and much debate! I also hope it will act as a bit of a resource. I love all these albums so this isn't a typical 'worst to best' list, but more an effort to draw attention to the incredible back catalogue of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. Thanks for reading and do share if you enjoy it! All the best, Tim R.

Marion: GSI 12/01/18  

More News 2018
NEWS, March 16

  Tim Roxborogh Interview With Samantha Gibb
Here's a brand new interview I've done with Bee Gee offspring - Samantha Gibb (Maurice's daughter) about a new band of brothers she's producing. On top of that, whether she'll make another album with any of her cousins and her thoughts on the 40th anniversary of the Bee Gees blockbuster "Spirits Having Flown" album. But wait, there's more! The article includes lots of amazing music, including a super rare solo Maurice song. Thanks for reading!

  Love and Hope Gala 2019
From Denise Wiggins
Love and Hope Gala, March 9, 2019 helt at the Nobu Hotel Eden Roc Denise: "A special evening spent with so many friends ... so much fun dancing, singing, dining, socializing, enjoying the casino and overall event fun while raising funds for Diabetes research. Absolutely a night filled with joy, love and hope!"

Denise with Sir Barry, Copyright Denise Wiggins

Linda Gibb and Beverly Burke, Copyright: Beverly Burke
See full photo report on GSI facebook group!!

  Blue Weaver
Bremen, Germany, February 2019.
What is Blue doing these days?! He's still involved in lots of musical gigs and projects next to that of course he travels with the Massachusetts concert show for many years already through Europe playing the Bee Gees music with his friends The Italian Bee Gees and is now also planning to perform in some special shows with one of his old bands The Strawbs, in America this Spring.

Marion: GSI 03/16/19  

NEWS, February 21

  Latest Info from Vince Melouney

© Michael Kohlhaas
I just received an email from Vince Melouney about his latest activities. He is about to start touring again in 2 weeks time with my Italian friends (The Italian Bee Gees) as well as Blue Weaver and Dennis Bryon. Their Massachusetts Tour will start March 11th. in Frankfurt, Germany. I am very much looking forward to that and love to see everyone back again!! GSI has been updating you for quite some time already about more activities Vince is working on. When I met him in 2016 on the tour he already mentioned to me his plans of releasing an album of old Bee Gees compositions in his own style, in the near future. Today he wrote me: ' It is finished except for mastering and then to CD. In fact I may be able to have it ready during the upcoming Massachusetts Tour.' He asked me to spread the word, which I love to do of course. He hopes to go on the road later this year with his own interpretations of the old BG songs as well as with songs he did with bands in Australia in the early days. I already told you in an article that Vince rehearsed late last year already in LA and will be going back there for more rehearsings for his own tour during the break of The Massachusetts Tour in April. Like always GSI will keep you posted and will speak Vince again in a few weeks.

Here you can find more about Vince:

© Michael Kohlhaas
  Recent interview with Blue Weaver
Famous Bee Gees Band keyboard player and more....
BLUE WEAVER: Jive Talkin' with a Legendary Strawbs Keyboardist

Marion: GSI 02/21/19  

NEWS, February 3

  Next Generation: interview with Spencer Gibb by Grant Walters.
Grant: 'Wanted to share a great interview I had recently with Spencer Gibb (Official Artist Page), talking about the mechanics behind his album "Let's Start Over." We both had fun with this - hope you enjoy!'
Spencer Gibb's Symphonic Songcraft Sounds Just Like Starting Over.

  "Spirits Having Flown"

Grant Walters: "Spirits Having Flown turns 40 !! Much gratitude, while writing this article to: Albhy Galuten, Karl Richardson, Spencer Gibb and Blue Weaver for their phenomenal insight and expertise. I know many of you love this record as much as I do. Enjoy!"

Marion: GSI 02/03/19  
(Thanks grant Walters for these wonderful articles)

NEWS, January 7

  The Vince Melouney Sect

Vince Melouney, Jonathan Lea and Ben Lecourt at a band
meeting in Los Angeles nov. 11 2018
Marion / GSI "A few years ago I finally met Vince Melouney for the first time when he started touring with my Italian friends. Since then we regularly see eachother in Germany during the yearly Massachusetts tours and amongst others he spoke with me about his plans for the coming years. These plans now become reality and I am very happy for that. Next to the fact that Vince continues to play with my Italian friends: The Italian Bee Gees, he last year formed a new team around him with musicians to play with him the old Bee Gees music. Vince made new arrangements for the famous BG tunes. The past few years he already performed some of these arrangements on stage during the Massachusetts Shows in Europe. I am very much looking forward to his music and his coming concerts with his new band The Vince Melouney Sect. Of course GSI will keep you updated on facebook and website."

Vince Melouney and his band will soon be performing The Bee Gees' sixties material along with a few of his pre-Bee Gees singles and other favorites. As you all know, Vince Melouney was a member of The Bee Gees during the band's initial wave of worldwide popularity from 1967 to 1969. Now Vince recently decided with 'The Vince Melouney Sect' to start performing material from this period of The Bee Gees' career, including all the band's hit singles in addition to fan favorites and deep cuts. Vince's setlist also includes a couple of songs originally recorded by his previous band The Aztecs, who were massively popular in Australia during the mid-sixties.
More info on GSI soon.

I started a joke- playing by VINCE MELOUNEY
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart , with the Itaalian Bee Gees during the massachusetts Tour.
The Vince Melouney Sect "In The Morning" rehearsal 2018

Visit our facebookgroup for lots of more photos.

Marion: GSI 01/07/19  

NEWS, December 18

  Robin Gibb Road

In 2016 there was talk about naming a road in Thame: Robin Gibb Road. I received correspondence then about the plans with a request to forward it to Dwina Gibb, which I did. So nice to have found out that indeed there's a road with his name now in Thame, not really in the center but in a new part of Thame. Dwina this week wrote me telling she is very happy the sign is finally there, more soon and also: see GSI facebook.

  A special Christmas for all Andy Gibb Fans
I am happy that finally some more details can be published about the Andy Gibb memorial plans. Read the latest information letter about it: here! Looking forward to announce the beautiful place where Andy's permanent memorial will be situated!!
Thank you Deborah and team: friends of Andy Gibb international, (Marion/GSI).

  Two former Bee Gees did meet again!
In the first years of The Bee Gees being back in England there were 2 musicians added to the group: Vince Melouney on lead guitar and Colin Petersen on drums. They left the group after some years and Vince continued working in music and still today is performing and playing even Bee Gees music on stage. Vince and I became facebook friends and regularly meet here in Europe. Vince these days lives in London and amongst others goes on tour each year with my Italian friends: The Italian Bee Gees. When Colin Petersen left, I lost sight of him and I believe he stopped working in showbusiness. Some years ago I posted a few articles on the GSI website, of Colin living in Australia but no more news of him in showbusiness. The new drummer of The Bee Gees was Geoff Bridgford and he also became a good facebookfriend of mine although we never met we regularly write eachother and Geoff tells me about his things in music etc. After him it was Dennis Bryon who took over the Bee Gees' drums and also he became a friend of mine when he started touring with my Italian friends here in Europe some years ago. How coincidentally...... drummer Geoff recently came in touch again with drummer Colin!! And so I'm finally hearing again a bit more about how things are going with Colin Petersen. Geoff Bridgford wrote me last week about his meeting with Colin:

(part of personal letter by Geoff to Marion/GSI, please do not copy)
" Dear Marion, I recently attended the funeral of an old musician mate: Carl Groszmann. Back in 1966. 'The Bee Gees' recorded one of Carl's songs 'Lonely Winter', with lead vocals by Maurice, which was released on 'The Bee Gees 'Inception/Nostalgia' compilation album. We played together in two bands 'Steve and the board' (Australia 1966) and (Tin Tin - UK 1970, Produced by Maurice's production company Moby Productions) Interestingly, Colin Petersen was the original drummer in 'Steve and the Board' before joining the Bee Gees and when he left the Bee Gees I replaced him again as drummer in the Bee Gees - I hadn't seen Colin since 1966 and he was at Carl's funeral in Brisbane!. It was a wonderful meeting up for us both chatting and reflecting on our unique shared musical destiny's. Colin appears to be doing OK, unfortunately there were no pictures taken ( it was a funeral). We have spoken about getting together again and I will take some pix then. He lives in a town called 'Maleny' in Queensland (an hour North of Brisbane) and he's not married and I don't think he has any kids. He hasn't been involved in musical activities for a long time, but there was a second 'musicians wake' for Carl's passing (which I couldn't make it to) where a group of Carl's muso mates played some old 'covers' and Colin played some drums apparently. He mentioned it was the first time he had played drums in thirty years. Will be in touch again soon, Cheers Geoff"
More soon!!

  Take that and Barry Gibb
REMINDER! TAKE That are celebrating their 30th anniversary next year. A special BBC programme will look back at the band's highlights and their favourite memories We'll get a glimpse of the band in the studio with Barry Gibb. Take That: We've Come A Long Way will air on December 28, 2018 at 7pm on BBC One. The programme will be available to watch online with BBCiPlayer shortly after broadcast.

Marion: GSI 12/18/18  

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