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NEWS, May 20

  Robin Gibb's 10th anniversary of death commemorated
"It was as if he was here yesterday," says widow of legendary Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb as it reaches the 10th anniversary of his death.

More about the commemorating of the anniversary of Robin's passing on GSI Facebook group.

Including there: all the latest about the special CD by Alistair Griffen and of course the special exhibition in Thame.

Marion: GSI 05/20/22  

NEWS, May 12

  ATTENTION - Celebrities join forces to save a friend's life
Please!! share the link and the post below about people who need a kidney transplant and think about the situation if this would happen in your family or to one of your close friends.

Scroll down to read the message of Barry and Linda Gibb in this article.

"What would you do if you found out your son, daughter or parent needed a kidney transplant to save their life? You would probably contact everyone you know to mobilize and join forces. That's where Gary Kleiman's friends and family have found themselves. On a mission to save his precious life. As we are often reminded, not all heroes wear capes. They come in all forms, from the neighbour next door to a stranger on the street, anyone can be a hero and give the gift of life."

Gary's one working kidney is failing

. Read more about Barry and Linda's friend Gary here and how to meet him in April at Miami Beach

Marion: GSI 05/12/22  

NEWS, May 9

  UPDATE - Robin Gibb, The 10th. Anniversary of his passing
The Robin Gibb Tribute Exhibition on the 10th anniversary of his death opens on Saturday 21st May 2022. ( 10:00am - 4:00pm. ). In answer to many questions: The exhibition will be running throughout the summer and probably into October 2022.!!

Some videos. FOREVER TODAY (Full Video) written by Robin Gibb & Alistair Griffin
Bumsrush    A selection of comedy sketches by Barry Gibb, David English and Ashley Gibb. Filmed over the previous 25 years. "Bumsrush The Madness Begins"

Marion: GSI 05/09/22  

NEWS, May 6

  Robin Gibb - The 10th. Anniversary of his passing

Gibb Family in the garden of Prebendal, Thame
I can today post the first info about this special exhibition plans to honour Robin Gibb in Thame.
There will come a Tribute Exhibition on the 10th anniversary of his death in the Thame Museum in Thame, from Saturday 21st May 2022, 10:00am - 4:00pm.
Entrance is free.
Thame Museum is proud to present this small tribute in partnership with Dwina Gibb, Robin's widow.

Thame museum
Marion: GSI 05/06/22  

NEWS, April 19

  GSI update - Dear GSI Members,
I receive many questions from all of you week after week. I often try to email back personally, and often answer the questions on the group.

Also the last two months I again received questions from many of you although not much is 100% certain or confirmed yet but you know that I am in touch with many people in and around the Gibbs since the early seventies already and post updates, news etc. etc. since then.

So, here's some of what you have been wondering the past months. When I hear more details, receive confirmation or what ever I will surely let you know like always.

------- All is okay with the Gibbs in Florida, also concerning Covid. The situation is getting much better
---- I believe that the recent change of Biopic team members was due to the covid delay causing scheduling conflicts based on previous team members prior contractual commitments. I don't think however this will cause much if any delay!
------ The photo of Barry I posted last week looks like he met with John Logan recently, that's good.
---- I think that Barry and family members may visit the UK this summer for a 3 - 4 weeks vacation but no final decision has been made yet I understand and as such there are no plans in place yet to visit the Isle of Man too.
---- I understand that one talked and discussed about a follow up album to 'Greenfields' but as yet this has not been confirmed..... concerning the latest question I received this morning about the possibility that Barry might be planning a live stream concert on May 16: No, there are no plans for a live streaming event....!!
Source: Marion / GSI.

Marion: GSI 04/19/22  

NEWS, April 6

  Gaumont Theatre
Unfortunately the historic Chorlton Picture House was sold last week.
Hazel and Justine Gibb Gibb are not happy: "not looking good for the cinema this is the outfit who co op is selling to ".

From Facebook: Chorlton CLT- Community Land Trusts:
The news has just come out that the Co-op has sold the Funeral Care/ Picture House site to Southway Housing Trust. We are very frustrated about the decision, but there is still a way forward. We are talking to Southway to develop a viable shared plan to achieve our aims for the site. Continue to beOur core ambitions for the Picture House site and the Stayin' Alive campaign

1. To establish place that can create jobs and businesses to help strengthen the High Street and district centre economy.
2. To create an open and welcoming place for residents and visitors.

The Picture House building at the front of the site is ideally located at the heart of the district centre and has the floorspace to help us achieve that vision and celebrate our historic link to the Bee Gees. We believe our aims for Chorlton are more important than ever. We will not support a scheme that leads to the demolition of the building or for a primarily housing development on that site. We have set out our position and an explanation of recent events in the latest news story on Place North West is widely read by the property industry and will be seen by everyone involved in the process.Please share the news with friends and family. We would encourage you to reaffirm your passion for our plans by posting comments asap at the Place North West article where the story has been released here.

Thank you for your ongoing support.
Follow the situation on Facebook.

Marion: GSI 04/06/22  

NEWS, May 17

  New Sir Barry Gibb stamps - Signed!!

Barry busy signing
A new, very special release of an exclusive signed cover, limited to just 250 covers. NOTE: this product will be issued on 26th June 2022 and therefore will not be dispatched until this date.

  Forever Today - A Tribute To Robin Gibb.
On BBC Radio: Thursday 19th May Steve Wright (BBC Radio 2) will be featuring "Forever Today - A Tribute To Robin Gibb" on Thursday 19th May (probably circa 3.40pm or 4.40pm. British time) including an interview with Alistair. Alternatively, you'll be able to catch up on it here a day or so afterwards.

Marion: GSI 05/17/22  

NEWS, May 11

  The Robin Gibb Tribute Exhibition / Thame Museum
More info
Like earlier reported The Thame museum will start a special exhibition on May 21 in honour of the 10th anniversary of Robin Gibb's passing ( the 20th. of May 2012).

His wife Dwina has been amazing with all her help putting this special exhibition tribute together.

The numbered Limited Edition brochure is available to buy along with other specially curated merchandise, including CDs of his last work, The Titanic Requiem written with his son, RJ.

The exhibition will last at least until October 2022 and maybe even till the end of the year so that many fans will get a chance to visit the Thame museum and hopefully many of them will also have the time to look a bit further around this beautiful place and to see where Robin lived, visit the church and Robin's grave as well as the memorial plaque of his young brother Andy which is situated on the same cemetery. Next to that I can tell you Thame itself is a lovely picturesque old town to visit too as well as the surrounding areas and places.

"The exhibition is going to be amazing with lots of memorabilia for sale including a limited edition brochure which will contain special personal photos never seen on the internet, each will be numbered with Dwina having number one... At the moment they have not decided on the sale price but it could be as much as £35 and an amazing keepsake.. .A full size photo of Robin standing by the large rabbit in the Prebendal garden will hopefully be printed so fans can have their photos taken standing next to Robin.. A glass cabinet in the main room of the museum will contain special items hence the security cabinet, it's empty at the moment but situated next to the small room between the 2 large rooms, the small room will look amazing when it's fitted out with coloured lighting etc.. Dwina has visited the museum several times and people of the museum visited her at The Prebendal too, to work on the exhibition. Dwina is super exited at assisting with the organizing of the exhibition and she is full of great ideas... It's going to be magical." Thanks Mike Wiggins.

The admission to the Robin exhibition is free and the museum is open: Weds, Fri, Sat, Sun. If groups of 20 or more want a private viewing they can open up for that on another day. There are no timed tickets needed. If there is a queue you will have to wait as it's just a quite small museum.

Robin in the gardens of Prebendal
Some links:

Marion: GSI 05/11/22  
(for more updates and photos etc. visit the GSI Facebook )

NEWS, April 8

  Alistair Griffen, tribute to Robin Gibb
Final Update
Alistair Griffin has now confirmed the basic track listing for his forthcoming album "Forever Today - A Tribute To Robin Gibb" as follows:
Forever Today
Massachusetts (The Lights Went Out In)
I've Gotta Get A Message To You
I Started A Joke
Saved By The Bell
Country Lanes
How Deep Is Your Love
For Whom The Bell Tolls
My Lover's Prayer (new version)
Islands *
Beautiful To Me *
Chemistry (radio edit) *

* Alistair's own compositions (Robin always emphasized the importance of writing your own songs, so Alistair wanted to showcase that side of his career too) The CD version will contain exclusive bonus tracks, and at the time of writing these are likely to be:
Forever Today (instrumental)
Forever Today (Extended)
Forever Today (live)
Watch out too later this month for the release of the full video of "Forever Today" (a preview version can be found here ) which will include some obvious but very tasteful and respectful references to Robin. The album will be released on 16th May so that most people (overseas orders obviously depend on the distance involved) will have received it by the 10th anniversary date of 20th May, and orders can be placed here:

- Download £7.99
- gatefold digipak CD £11.99 + postage
It's not widely known but Alistair has spent the last couple of years extensively touring the UK performing small free wellbeing concerts in people's gardens just to raise their spirits during these difficult times. He was recently and deservedly honoured for this, and hopefully he'll have considerable success with this album thereby ensuring that the music of the Bee Gees continues to attract new audiences.

Marion: GSI 04/08/22  

Gibb Service International

NEWS, March 31

  New team for Bee Gees biopic
John Carney is ready to try his hand at the musical biopic of The Bee Gees. Late last year Kenneth Branagh who was attached to direct parted ways with the project. John Logan is writing the script and Barry Gibb like earlier mentioned is executive producer and is described as "very involved in the narrative film"
. Read more:

  Alistair Griffen's tribute to Robin Gibb
Alistair: " I had the pleasure of working, recording, touring and writing with the great Robin Gibb. To mark 10 years since his passing I'm releasing the song we wrote together Forever Today as part of an album of songs in tribute to him. Working with him and spending time with him was the highlight of my career and Forever Today is one of my most treasured songs. I hope you like it.
You can pre-order the album here. Wouldn't it be lovely to see Robin's name in the charts once again. ".
His posting on our GSI Facebook group:

  New Tim Roxborogh article
Tim has written this new piece which while about Taylor Hawkins, also features his cover of Andy's Shadow Dancing.

  Lost Brisbane: Cribb Island
More about .... The childhood home of the Gibb brothers Listen audio:

Marion: GSI 03/31/22   Follow GSI daily on the Facebook group:

NEWS, February 25

  Colin Petersen, From Smiley to the Bee Gees
Colin speaking to Rheinberger on Breakfast, Australia. Interview broadcast: 25 Feb 2022

  The Bee Gees Biopic (N/A)
Marion / GSI update: due to Covid this project has been delayed until probably end 2024 (release on screen) I keep you posted.
Upcoming music biopics
Get ready to put on those shiny medallions and flared trousers to watch the life and times of the disco icons. Paramount Pictures has tapped Kenneth Branagh of all people to direct the biopic, and The Bee Gees feel a long, long way away from Shakespearean adaptations.

British comedy legend Ben Elton is writing the script and, given the success he had with the Queen musical We Will Rock You, The Bee Gees could be in for a similar boost.

  Greenfields.... and other releases
update: on request
GSI received many questions about when new releases are coming and what is planned.

Latest I heard is that there are plans for the coming years to release 2 more Greenfields volumes as well as paying attention to releasing some unreleased material.

I'll keep you posted.

Marion: GSI 02/25/22  

NEWS, January 24

  Movie Update
"I was recently told that the movie development has been delayed by Covid and the biopic producers have another year in terms of delivering a script that They, Barry, Dwina and Yvonne are happy with, probably it won't go into pre- production until 2023 and likely not hit the big screen until late 2024".

Marion: GSI 01/24/22  

NEWS, January 21

  Love And Hope Ball
The past 2 weeks GSI has been receiving questions about Love And Hope Ball: will it be organized this year, when , where etc.... I have checked:

We all know that organizing big events still is a problems due to Corona in most countries and so for the moment I recommend that you do not make any plans (flights, hotels, etc.) to go and visit a possible Love and Hope Ball this Spring as there is no guarantee that this event will be confirmed and I understand that Barry and Linda would not be attending in person this year. Perhaps only via video message. If and when GSI has more info and details I will as always post this on website and Facebook group.

Marion: GSI 01/21/22  

NEWS, January 10

  Shirlee Faur has passed away

Sad news at the beginning of the year, which GSI heard yesterday.
"I received the message that Shirley Faur has passed away. Known by many of us as: Shirlee from Omaha. Her daughter Karla wrote me Shirley passed away in her sleep on January 5th. 2022. She had been suffering from Alzheimer's since about 2015. She worked with me for quite some years doing fan work for The Bee Gees. I visited her at her home once in Omaha and we went to Miami Beach to visit Barry and Linda Gibb as well.
Wonderful memories will stay in my heart for ever.
Rest In Peace dear friend and thanks so much for everything. Marion/GSI"

  Decades 60ties and 70ties
Andrew Mon Hughes:
"Those of you who follow closely activity on social media will be aware that we have been in the process of writing a new book for the past year. What was originally intended to be one book has actually turned in to a series of four books which will be published over the next two years. The first of these books, DECADES: The Bee Gees in the 1960s has been published already 28 October. We've kept you up to date on Facebook about the project. We are thrilled that Robin's son, Spencer, and former Bee Gee, Vince Melouney have written the foreword to this first volume."

Decades 1, The Bee Gees in the 60ties
To order the English edition:

Decades 2, The Bee Gees 70ties!! (Paperback)
Will be released, April 28, 2022

Marion: GSI 01/10/22  

NEWS, March 29

  Alistair Griffin's "Forever Today - A Tribute To Robin Gibb" UPDATE
Click here to read the PDF file with update about the new release to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Robin Gibb's passing.

Marion: GSI 03/29/22  

NEWS, March 26

  Dee Gees
The drummer of the Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins passed away at the age of only 50 yrs. The band was on tour in South Africa. A while ago The Foo Fighters released a project with Bee Gees cover songs (and even one of Andy Gibb) and performed them in their shows being the Dee Gees.

  Staying Alive
Update from Manchester about the plans for the old Gaumont Theater building

  Forever Today - A Tribute To Robin Gibb
Soon GSI has for you more information about Alistair Griffin's project in memory of Robin Gibb. The album: "Forever Today - A Tribute To Robin Gibb" will be released on May 20th.
Marion / GSI Follow us daily on GSI Facebook group to keep fully updated!!

Marion: GSI 03/26/22  

NEWS, March 7

  Robin Gibb Song......
To Finally Gain An Official Release

Alistair Griffin has today announced plans to release a collection of songs on 20th May of this year, both digitally and on CD, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Robin Gibb's passing.
Read the full story in PDF
GSI will post more details soon

Marion: GSI 03/07/22  

NEWS, January 27

  Barry Gibb honoured in Order of Australia

An honorary Companion of the Order of Australia
The last surviving member of iconic pop band the Bee Gees has been honoured along with five other non-citizens who have received medals for bettering the nation. Barry Gibb, 75, was named an honorary Companion of the Order of Australia on Thursday.

  Barry Gibb receives Best-Selling Americana Album Award.

See his thank you video:
And article:
The complete live stream of Americana Awards 2022, scroll to 18.20 for the presentation:

Marion: GSI 01/27/22  

NEWS, January 12

  Remembering Maurice
Why It's Wrong To Call Maurice Gibb "The Quiet Bee Gee"
Tim Roxborogh :
"This week marks 19 years since the sudden death of Maurice Gibb brought an end to one of the biggest selling, most influential acts in popular music history, the Bee Gees. Here's what I wrote 4 years ago about why it never really sat right with me to call Maurice "the quiet Bee Gee".

  Fake accounts, profiles, blogs on social media
All of you who follow GSI on Facebook as well, have read the regular updates about the problems concerning all fake accounts which keep appearing online, in our case about people who pretend to be Barry Gibb and in some cases Steve or Michael Gibb as well. New fake profiles pop up each day, are deleted and right away these people start a new account with a slightly different name. Some fans still believe in these fake messages. Don't believe any of what they are saying and never pay them any money!!! Just report them every time!!. All these accounts are fake.
For all latest info on this, follow the updates on GSI Facebook.

Marion: GSI 01/12/22  

Gibb Service International