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NEWS, January 21

  Legacy - Celebrating The Music Of The Bee Gees
In March the first Legacy concerts are planned: in Denmark with The Italian Bee Gees and band, Robin John Gibb and Blue Weaver.

Info and tickets Denmark concerts
March 16 / 2023 / 20.00/ Hillerød: Royal Stage
March 17/ 2023 / 20.00 / Randers: Værket
March 18 / 2023 / 20.00 / Aalborg: Kongres & Kultur Center

Magnificent hit parade with the Bee Gees' best songs!
Together with a strong team, Robin-John Gibb, son of Robin Gibb, has created the ultimate tribute to his father and uncles.

It is with good reason that Robin-John Gibb, son of Robin Gibb, calls 'Legacy' the most authentic Bee Gees tribute out there. He himself is behind the show together with the three Italian Egiziano brothers; Pascual, David and Walter.
For more info concerts Denmark 

Marion: GSI 01/21/23  

NEWS, December 8

  Newest Update - Bee Gees Movie
Lorene Scafaria (Hustlers director) will direct the still untitled Bee Gees movie. The Paramount project is being produced by GK Films, Amblin, and Sister.

In March of this year, "Sing Street" filmmaker Carney stepped in for Kenneth Branagh, who was originally attached when the project was announced in March 2021. Oscar-nominee John Logan also signed on to the project in 2021, taking over from screenwriter Ben Elton.

John Carney, has stepped down, and the director of 2019's Hustlers, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and The Meddler:..... Lorene Scafaria, will now be sitting in the director's chair and make the film for Paramount Pictures. Lorene Scafaria's Hustlers became the highest-grossing live-action stateside film for star Jennifer Lopez taking in $105 million and her highest opening with $33 million. The Bee Gees biopic film has been in development at Paramount for quite a while, John Logan has reportedly written the latest version of the screenplay. Graham King, who produced the Oscar-winning Freddie Mercury biopic The Bohemian Rhapsody will produce the Bee Gees film along with Amblin Entertainment. Barry Gibb will be heavily involved with the project as an executive producer

  Christmas and New Years wishes to the Gibb Families
Dear GSI members, Christmas is coming and also this year you have the opportunity to send personal wishes to the Gibb Family. Like earlier years I decided to give all GSI members a chance to write down their personal wishes to The Gibb Family in the comments of a special posting on our GSI Face Book group. I of course have tagged Linda, Yvonne, Dwina and Peta to give them a chance to read everything on behalf of their families, if and when they wish. Go to: GSI, Brothers Gibb and Bee Gees info at:
Enjoy your Christmas Time!!

  David English In Loving Memory
This is the title of a special photo file on our GSI Facebook group which I started and which will grow the coming time with all kinds of David English / Gibbs related photos as an honor to Dave. Go to:
There will probably also be published a photo report of David English on this website in a while.

Marion: GSI 12/08/22  

NEWS, January 8

  Decades, The Bee Gees in the 70ties book
Andrew Mon Hughes, Mark Crohan and Grant Walters are excited to share the news that the second book in the "Bee Gees Decades" series will be released on February 24 in the UK and Europe and March 31 in North America. The 1970s volume is an expansive (315 pages!) analysis of every album and every song (including solo and side project work) in the brothers' stunning catalog - including new interviews with co-producers Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson, and an excellent foreword by Spencer Gibb. You can purchase the book in advance on Amazon and other major online sellers, but many local bookstores can also preorder it for you. We can't wait for you to read this work that's been over a year-and-a-half in the making.

Marion: GSI 01/08/23  

NEWS, January 2

  New Year 2023
Today GSI received a short update again from Miami Beach. The year has started with not yet major plans confirmed, but the Love And Hope Balls (where many fans asked GSI about lately) probably won't be organized the way they have always been. It's more possible that the younger DRI committee may start a different series of annual fundraising events at some point. Of course GSI will keep you informed and updated !

At present Barry has no major plans for the coming months but at the moment is mostly busy with assisting the producers of the upcoming Bee Gees bio pic!! We'll keep you informed about the rest of the year of course.

Be aware of all the fake people on the internet who pretend to be Barry Gibb, one of his family members or any people who try to convince you they can get you in contact with Barry!! See also the warning on the GSI Facebook group!

Happy New Year and best wishes to all of you .

  Rolling Stone list

  Dionne Warwick
Dionne's CNN film: Don't Make Me Over also includes conversation with Barry Gibb Some short clips:

  Barry Gibb helps honor lifesaver

  Some clips of old videos to watch again
Bee Gees 1970's Video Collection

Marion: GSI 01/02/23  

NEWS, December 6

  Dave English
Unfortunately early last month there was the devastating news of David English. He had suffered a serious heart attack. Then on November 12 Dave died and left his family and all his friends heartbroken. This was so sudden and he left much too soon. There has been a funeral ceremony for Dave English on November 23 and GSI will soon start a special dedication on GSI for all who loved him and who have so much fond memories of him.

We will never forget.
GSI will create a special place in dedication of David English.
More info soon.

Marion: GSI 12/06/22  

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