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NEWS, January 22

  GSI announcement
Special Bee Gees Day on radio

There will be a "Bee Gees Day" with lots of music and (I believe) interviews on February 1st 2021. On the German radio station WDR 4.
Use this link to go to WDR 4 to listen to the special program:
To all fans: ENJOY

  Some articles again

Interview: Barry Gibb was 'terrified,' but made a brilliant country album in Nashville
The Bee Gees' Nashville Roots And Branches: This Is Barry Gibb Country

  The BEE GEES Story (2001)

Nice video to watch: From Dutch TV RTL5.

  REPOST: the official links.
Listen And Watch Barry Gibb

  Tim Roxborogh talks again with Barry Gibb.
Here again: article and audio and some off cuts, of my friend Tim. His interview with Barry of January 9, earlier posted on GSI Facebook group!
Thanks again for sharing Tim.

Marion: GSI 01/22/21  
For more:

NEWS, January 16

  Chat with Barry on Reddit, January 15. 2021
View the complete chat fans had with Barry on Reddit:

Marion / GSI: Here some interesting items and news facts asked by the fans and answered by Barry during the chat, which I wrote down for you. Click to open the PDF file

Marion: GSI 01/16/21  

NEWS, January 14

  Maurice Gibb, T-shirt transfers.
The winners of the T-shirt transfers are the GSI members:
Connie Engelen. & Carol Graveley.
CONGRATS to both of you!!
Thanks for the cooperation J. Pethers.

  Barry Gibb's Greenfields album trailer

  Chat of Olivia Newton-John & Barry Gibb with D. Cobb (January 7, 2021)

  Reviews and interviews: Bee Gees
music is hot

Above all that..... Greenfields: Nr. ONE!! Congrats Barry!! The Bee Gees music is very hot these days again, with the new documentary, Barry's new album and lots of earlier Bee Gees albums doing very well again too.

Some of the latest news info out of the recent chats with Barry:
Some of the many great projects in the pipeline:
The Barry Gibb book , GSI earlier mentioned about, is done by Barry and Ashley. They're working on it for about 5 years already. Barry is telling and Ashley typing it all down. It will be the whole story, the real story. At the moment they are halfway through the story, after the fever period. Still looking for a final part of the story but it will take some time.
Anyway the Bee Gees documentary will always be the most important of all.
Concerning another upcoming project: The film
Barry: "Spielberg and his company is one of the partners working on it together with Paramount, Stacy Sneider, Graham King. It couldn't have been a better team. I really have trust in them. At the moment we're just at the point as to decide who the screenplay writer is which they are going to announce themselves, I cannot tell that right now".
Barry's finds it difficult to watch The Docu. and won't do that. He only saw some parts in the very early stages of the project. "It's too difficult to see that everyone in my family has gone. I don't even care if some bits are not true in it. I stopped to worry about those things" Barry said. "Everyone has a different truth". He does think he can watch the story as told in the upcoming movie as like he said "I am very, very much involved in this project myself".
After Covid he likes to do some live performances again as well.

Countless interviews, video chats, reviews etc. you can find them all on our facebook group every day. Be sure to watch!. Here's one more of the many articles:

Marion: GSI 01/14/21  

NEWS, January 3

  Barry Gibb on CBS, This Morning Barry talked with "CBS This Morning" co-host Anthony Mason about returning to the Bee Gees catalogue and about the new documentary, which he says is too painful for him to watch.
Aired: January 3, 2021

  Best Sellers in CDs & Vinyl

"Greenfields": The Gibb Brothers' Songbook
(Vol. 1)

Marion: GSI 01/03/21  

NEWS, January 1

  Happy New Year to all visitors of GSI!!
Soon Barry's new album will be released: January 8th.
Here already the first 3 releases.
Looking forward to share with you on this website and our facebook group lots of more nice events, projects, great photos, news items and articles this coming year.
Stay tuned, Best wishes, Marion / GSI

"Words of A Fool"
Barry Gibb and Jason Isbell
Barry Gibb, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings
Barry Gibb and Dolly Parton

Marion: GSI 01/01/21  

News 2020
NEWS, January 20

  The making of "Words" with Dolly.
Barry Gibb - Words (Greenfields Studio Sessions) ft. Dolly Parton.

  Some more videos and articles
Of the many posted regularly on
GSI Facebook group.

Frank Marshall estimates he spent more than 100 hours listening to Bee Gees music over the past three years. It was "Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)" that got stuck in his head the most often.

Bee Gees fever: Barry Gibb explains why he's gone country but won't watch the acclaimed documentary

The Bee Gees' Barry Gibb And Producer Dave Cobb Talk New 'Songbook'

Barry Gibb joins country partners to bring his songs alive again. 'I just want my brothers'

Marion: GSI 01/20/21  

NEWS, January 17

  Happy to announce today
Number One In Australia Too!!

The legendary Barry Gibb takes out his first ever solo #1 on the ARIA Charts as he debuts in the top of the Albums Chart with Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers' Songbook. Gibb's third solo album and the follow-up to In The Now (#3 Oct. '16) sees him teaming up with country stars to reimagine songs from the Bee Gees' canon such as 'Words', 'Jive Talkin'', 'How Deep Is Your Love', 'Run To Me', 'Too Much Heaven' and more. Collaborators include Keith Urban, Olivia Newton-John, Jason Isbell, Dolly Parton, David Rawlings and Gillian Welch, Sheryl Crow and Alison Krauss. As one third of the Bee Gees - who were inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame in 1997 - Gibb topped the ARIA Albums Chart with Live - One Night Only 1 Mar. '99, Bee Gees Greatest 17 December 1979, Spirits March 1979, and Saturday Night Fever, April 78. At the age of 74, Gibb is the latest in a growing line of comparatively elderly men to enjoy No.1 albums in the recent years, and with the Bee Gees' first No.1 single having arrived in 1967 it means he now can claim a 53-year span of chart-topping records.

  Barry Gibb joins country partners to bring his songs alive again. 'I just want my brothers'
Album trailer / article:
More on GSI Facebookgroup

Marion: GSI 01/17/21  

NEWS, January 15

  Barry Gibb's Greenfields becomes his first solo Number 1 on the Official Albums Chart in the UK: "The greatest moment of my life!"

Celebrating the news, Barry told
"There is no such thing as too much heaven. I couldn't be more thrilled. The past is unpredictable. Today is unbelievable. The greatest moment of my life! Thank you to all of our fans in the UK and all the folks at EMI. You've changed my life.
'Thank You' video by Barry Gibb

Marion: GSI 01/15/21  

NEWS, January 11

  YES It's official
"Greenfields" the duets album of Barry Gibb & Friends Is on course for 1 in midweeks in the UK !

Wow!! Congrats,
Barry Gibb on course for first UK Number 1 solo album with "Greenfields": The Gibb Brothers' Songbook (Vol. 1)

Success for Greenfields, Barry in Times Square, New York
  One of the many interviews, a pleasant talk with Barry
Barry Gibb On Re-Creating Music, His Lasting Marriage And Those Pants

  A diminished chord - The story of the Bee Gees.

Marion: GSI 01/11/21  

NEWS, January 8

  "Greenfields" Release!
Today finally the release of the new Barry Gibb album. "Greenfields", The Gibb Brothers' Songbook Vol.1 - Barry Gibb & Friends, a wonderful country pop album. For countless reviews, comments and articles visit the GSI facebook group.

Some articles about "Greenfields"

  BBC Radio - Steve Wright in the Afternoon
With guest Barry Gibb
Starts at about 1.35:40

  The Wisdom Award For Sir Barry Gibb
Congrats!! to Sir Barry Gibb! Winner of the "Wisdom Award 2021" , It will be presented March 31. 2021 at the Dubai Marina in Dubai. An assembly where top innovators and innovative companies of the World are recognized and awarded for their knowledge and contribution to the human race.

  "The Legacy Project" Concerning: The website and all the upcoming activities of KTT/Legacy. I have posted regularly on the GSI facebook group already and will from now on publish things as well as -Reports- on the GSI website. It will tell everything about the new merchandize, (all 'official' and / or 'family endorsed') about all the news as well as everything about the new Legacy ensemble with the upcoming tours, livestreams, albums etc. Postings on the GSI website probably will start next week.

  Official Criteria merchandize
It's available again!! To get your official Criteria item:
email Trevor Fletcher at
T-Shirts, Caps and Coffee Cups available $19.95.

  Maurice Gibb, T-shirt transfers
Anyone interested in a T- shirt transfer?? I have to give away: some original late 70s t shirt transfers that belonged to Maurice. I am happy to send 2 out to fans. Just send me an email with your name and ..... why you think you should win and get one!!
Please send your email ( and only if you send by emails you will be able to participate in this raffle: and before January 12. 2021. The 2 winners will hear this by email and receive the transfer and they will also be mentioned on GSI website/facebookgroup.

  Some of the many videos / interviews posted on facebook today.
 New Zealand Exclusive: Sir Barry Gibb talks to Tim Roxborogh about his new album Greenfields

 Barry Gibb in The One Show,Jan 8,

 Barry's interview on National Public Radio this morning, January 8

Marion: GSI 01/08/21  
for much more information, videos, articles etc. follow the GSI facebookgroup.

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