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(Franco by the way is invisible because he's the photographer)
Story written by Emmy Biasoli
photo copyright by Franco Biasoli

The BGFC fanclub has been able to help organizing a visit to the Middle Ear studio for one of their members again and this time Emmy visited the famous studio with her husband and made this very nice report for GSI with exclusive photos of Middle Ear. Please enjoy!!

(Marion: GSI).

It is since 1967 that I am a fan of the Bee Gees. Last year for my 49 th birthday I decided to become a member of the Bee Gees Fan Club. And so I did. This year we went on holidays to Florida, because one day I was surfing on the web site of Robin and I got the message that I was the 50.000 visitor. I had won a trip to Florida. What I didn't know was that it was a spam. But that does not matter because we had a very nice time overthere in Orlando ,Daytona Beach, the Bahama's. And we were already in Florida so we added a few more days in Miami. With the hope to be able to visit the studio. With help of very kind and dedicated Bee Gees Fan Club people we have been able to do, so. A dream came true. So once again Thank You very much, it meant a lot to me. But it was so overwhelming that I saw only half of it. Liz was very kind, she opened all the doors, we could go everywhere. She stood in her office because she had a lot of work. Steven was rehearsing for his European performances and had been drinking coffee and spoiling it on the floor and smoking . And I must say that his music has nothing to do with that of his father and his brothers. But just the fact of being there was great. Liz told us that Barry and Linda with Ali were in England and that Dick Ashbey was "out of the country". Any way this visit to Middle Ear was a very happy end of a nice holiday.

Thank you all again, from Emmy and Franco.

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Emmy is reading the dedication of Cliff Richard to Barry

some golden discs in the entrance

foto's from Andy hanging in the entrance

more foto's of Andy

Emmy waiting for Liz to come with the keys

Liz with the keys

Liz opens the door of "paradise"

Is this really true?

Emmy sitting at the control panel in the studio

the "heaven" in the studio over the control panel

the famous sign in the studio and their foto

some guitars

where is the owner ?

looks professional..............

Emmy rehearsing

more guitars

and even more

Emmy is trying to play the keyboard

aren't they the greatest?

more foto's and music notes covering the staircase

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