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Photo report by Gail Martin
Copyright photos: Gail Martin

Gail visited Miami again in September 2006.
She paid a visit to Yvonne as well as Barry and his family.

left: Gail at the pool of Mo and Yvonne's old house   right: Yvonne and dog Shadow

left: Gail with Emmy and Inge at Mo's table of Jimmy's Diner   right: Maurice's guitar statue at the memorial park

left: Yvonne's new home   right: Gail with Steve

left: Linda and Ashley, Heidi and Linda   right: Andy's chair at Barry's home

Barry's office

left: Gail with Barry (also: Ashley and Dick Ashby)   right: Barry at his front door, bye, bye

left: Gail at Yvonne's new home. Yvonne has also bought another (smaller) home in Britain again. Specially Adam is longing for Britain now and then   right: Gail with Ashley

left: Barry at his office with some of the fans   right: The fans at Barry's front door, (including Angus, Stephen and Gloria's little boy)

left: Barry with Heidi and the other fans who visited him   right: Barry happy with his Weeners

Emmy and Inge finally got a chance to visit Barry as well and also paid a visit to Mo's table at Jimmy's Diner.

Thanks Gail for your cooperation
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