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Christmas shopping in Thame is a perfect execuse to take a day off!

Robin in Thame
Strapped in London's traffic as we set off on a Friday afternoon. By the time we passed Acton, traffic was nice and clear. Our patience was rewarded because as we travelled outside London, traffic jam and urban sprawl was replaced by the mist and the beauty of the Oxfordshire countryside scenery.

We knew that we were at Thame Market Town as we could hear Barry singing. Strolling down the long street known as Buttermarket which was full of little shops selling local produce and crafts shops. Market stalls were busy ingetting ready for the late night shopping while there was Nativity rehearsal taking place. Soon our Christmas shopping came to an end as the programmes started. Crowds (thousands turned up) gathered around the stage, local jam, ostrich egg, ragdolls,etc were left behind. Children were having a good time when Snow White and Prince Richard made their appearance, Santa threw sweets into the crowds, carol singing....

Robin looking at the firework on the facade of the Town Hall
Then the long waiting (Robin was an hour late as his car was stuck in traffic after the Richard and Judy's show) came to an end as Robin jumped onto the stage, helping the brave little boy, Sam Baker, to pull the lever on the oversized box and the Christmas tree burst into lights. The tree was a special tree dedicated as a Tree of Hope by the MacMillan Cancer Research Charity. The backdrop was a spectacular firework display on the facade of the Town Hall.

Robin disappeared in the backstage ...... we went home with a big bag of local produce and happy memories recorded in my camera!

Merry Christmas to you all!!


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