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Henk has asked me to thank you all by means of these words on the GSI website for the many sympathy cards, messages, and lovely flowers he received and still is receiving for his Anneke who so suddenly past away March 28th. To have heard from so many people from all over the world has given him lots of comfort. He'll treasure all your thoughts as a special memory to Anneke.

'Thank you so much' on behalf of Henk Goosens
(Marion / GSI).

She'll stay in our memory for ever but we will be going to miss her presence so much ...

The weather was beautiful when on Saturday morning (April 2nd) Gerard and myself were waiting to see the car arrive inwhich husband Henk brought his Anneke to her last ceremony and finally her last journey. Together with the people who were most important in Henk and Anneke's life and together with of course a group of Bee Gees fans we took part of this ceremony. A ceremony the way Anneke would have loved it: with lots of beautiful flowers, with wonderful Bee Gees music and touching, personal speeches of some of the best friends of Anneke and Henk as well as a beautiful speech of Henk himself inwhich he in a pleasant and informal way told us all about his whole life with Anneke from the moment they met until the last difficult period when she became ill but remained so very possitive and optimistic.

During the whole ceremony you felt Anneke's love for the music of The Bee Gees and her love for cats as during the speeches everyone talked about her admiration for her cats and the special bond she had with her good friends and their cats and next to that the ceremony was filled with lots of beautiful Bee Gees music: "Immortality" by Celine Dion, "Spirits Having Flown", "Living Eyes" and "The Only Love" There were lots of flowers another thing Anneke was so fond of. One of the flower arrangements was ordered by a long time Bee Gees fan on behalf of a group of former members of BGI, the fanclub Anneke once was board member of. After a last salute to Anneke we had an informal moment together with Henk and his friends before we left home.

Anneke we'll miss you as a person and we'll miss your good advice you so often gave us concerning The Gibb Brothers and the many fanwork matters.

Gerard and Marion (GSI).

Gibb Service International