Barry Gibb

'Mo's loss to us was devastating, to our whole family, four years ago, and really nothing has changed since then. We all miss him deeply, and we all wish he was here. To our friends and families who travelled so far to be with us here today, we would like to say Thank you for coming. Thank you for honoring Mo with your presence. Thank you for your support on this occasion to memorialize Mo's spirit. This is not an event for grieving but all of we will. This is a celebration of Mo's life, and those of us who knew Mo intimately will have a smile in their hearts today, for they'll know what a truly great spirit our brother living was.

Mo the dreamer; Mo the artist, Mo the musician, Mo the magician, Mo the comedian, Mo the brother and the husband and the father and the friend, Mo the gadget man.

I'm sure that if he could, and if he had the technology, he'd be watching us here today, (and he probably does). And hearing our voices in his praise this place now becomes sacred to all of us, somewhere to come to meditate, somewhere to quietly remember our brother Mo. And once again, thank you all for being here, thank you very much.'

Robin Gibb

I'd just like to say that every day is an anniversary of missing Mo, and is not just every year, is all we face every day. But as Barry said, we always miss Mo, and he's always a part of our lives, and, we just don't accept...our way of dealing with it is, we simply just don't accept, we're in total denial. And I think that's the way we treat, as we see things as closure, we just accept Mo is still living, and by doing that, we think he's on holiday somewhere, and maybe we'll see him one day, and we probably will.
Thanks for coming!'

Gibb Service International