Maurice Gibb Park Dedication (3)

In this 3rd. part of the Maurice Gibb Park Dedication reports, more photos and other material sent to us by several fans.

Holland Loves The Brothers Gibb

photos by Martin Kluitenberg.

left: Robin with Martin's wife Carla   right: Martin together with Yvonne Gibb

left: Carla and Adam Gibb   right: Martin and Barry's personal assistant Dick Ashby

left: Martin and Carla visiting the dedication plaque of Maurice   right: Fans from different countries united at the ceremony for Mo. From left to right: Martin K., Joan H. Mike H. and Guenter R. from The Netherlands, The United States and Germany

Carla K., Joan H., Mike H. and Guenter R.

With special thanks to Martin K.
Photo credits: Martin Kluitenberg

More Photos and...
The past few weeks we saw many lovely photos and reports of the gathering in the Maurice Gibb Park, March 4th.
Thanks Bonnie, Heidi, Laura, Shelly, Georgette, Martin, Becky, Kathy, Gail, Joan, Muse, Phyllis and others!!

Here a selection of the photos and material sent by Bonnie Conte
Copyright: Bonnie Conte

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Several articles
With thanks: Phyllis T. and Chuck W.
"Miami Herald" part 1
"Miami Herald" part 2
American tabloid magazine "Globe"

"I'll be seeing you in all the old
Familiar places that this heart of
Mine embraces all day through"

One Day At A Time

In Loving Memory,
Yvonne, Adam, And Sam

(text on the plaque at the park)

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