Photo copyright: Samantha Sang

Taken when Samantha spend some time in Miami working with The Gibb Brothers
Before Barry started his Mythology concerts in Australia GSI received quite a number of mails from old friends and acquaintances of Barry and his family who all wanted to meet up again in between the concert shows and asked me to get them in touch with Barry and his family. I forwarded all requests and luckily found out that indeed quite a number of people had again a chance to meet with Barry, Barbara and the Gibb family during their stay in Australia. Amongst others there was singer Samantha Sang who'd worked with Barry many years ago. In 2012 I also received am mail from friend and manager of Samantha Sang: Rhonda, telling me Samantha would really like to get in touch again with Barry as she has lovely memories of their time together, when Emotion was written for her and Love Of A Woman. She told me the boys had changed Samantha's life, at just 17 years old, she became an international star and she has always been grateful for the generous help that the Gibb brothers gave her.

Taken when Samantha spend some time in Miami working with The Gibb Brothers
After the Mythology Tour through Australia both Samantha and her friend and manager Rhonda Johnston contacted me to thank me as they really got a chance to meet with Barry and family again!! Samantha Sang told me she recently had a wonderful meeting with Barry and family in Melbourne and that it had been so good to catch up with them again and that his show was wonderful - he still knows how to "rock" the room!

Rhonda: "Some photos taken while Barry was in Melbourne for his show. Dick and I had been in contact (thanks to you for putting me in touch with him) and arranged for them to meet up prior to his show. He was only in Melbourne for 2 days so was on a very tight schedule. Samantha also made a tribute via 4BC in Brisbane radio, for the unveiling of their statue and Bee Gees walk".

Some photos of Samantha during Barry's visit to Australia early 2013.


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